Admission essays

An admission essay presents a student’s experience, personal story and life goals. Its purpose is similar to that of a job resume. It is what every admission board will want to see before admitting students to their school. Before writing any college essay, students are required to find out what they need to include in it.

Sections of a college essay

  •  Introduction

This is actually the important section of the college essay. It is where students introduce themselves. Here is where they also write everything about why they want to get admitted in the college that they are sending their applications to.

  •  Body

In every college essay body, students should adhere to a chronological style when writing their achievements, encounters and activities related to the course they are applying for. The paragraph format here may be random. The students only need to ensure that they show how narratives relate to each other. This can be achieved through identifying the things that different points share.

And before writing the conclusion, students must include other crucial details that every institution may want to see. They entail examples and explanations of various school and life activities. If you may want to add something which is related to any hobbies, never write things which are not related to the college you are sending the essay to.

  •  Conclusion

This is the final section of a college essay. Here all students are required to thank the administration board for taking time to go through their application.

The correct format for the every college essay

Actually, there is no official higher learning essay format. Students can use any suggested template. However, the students must adhere to the right words and style.

Another thing worth stating is that admission essays are not like all other examinations where formatting elements are specified. Formatting for instance margins, size or font should not bother students when composing college essays. The only thing that students should have in mind is the length of their write-up. Normally, the college write-up is expected to be around 1 or 2 pages or around five hundred to eight hundred words. The students must also ensure that the essay does not contain any errors. Below are other important tips that every students should know:
  •  Learners are not required to create a title for their admission essay. So, that step can get skipped unless that institution one is applying to specifies otherwise.
  •  Find out whether you need to give answers or create a narrative. In some institutions, questions are written and the students are supposed to answer them. But there are other institutions which require students to write about themselves without giving them any guidelines to stick to.
  •  Paragraphs should be described.
  •  It’s also recommended to avoid using fancy fonts. Fonts such as Arial, Times New Roman and Calibri are highly preferred.
  •  Also, students should adhere to formatting components like one-inch margin, single space and others.

Another important thing that students should note when writing their college essay is that these write-ups are not written to earn them good marks. The reward which an essay can bring is a chance to learn in your preferred institution. And in order to create an excellent essay, students must also ensure they use the right phrases. It is recommended to go through some well-written essays which are available online in plenty. These essays are normally free and a student doesn’t have to analyze everything he/she sees. Just find the best one which will offer you some clues of what the admission essay looks like.

Advice from the college boards

The admission boards in most institutions give advice mostly about the benefits of editing and proofreading essays before submitting them. Students must check their essays thoroughly and ensure there are no any errors. The admission board discourages using computer software to edit essays. Instead, students should get help from their teachers or anyone else who can proofread their essay. The spell-check tools often miss small errors and every mistake in the admission essay counts.

The main kinds of college admission essays

If you do not know what an admission essay looks like, there are 3 questions that describe the various kinds of admission essays. They are “you”, “why us” and “creative inquiries”. You: The admission board wants to know who you are and what value you will add to their school.

Why Us: Here a student should write the course he/she is interested in. The admission board here will also want to see a detailed resume which encompasses a learner’s commitment, skills, goals and knowledge.

Creative inquiry: Creative writing is what shows the student’s ability to come up with reasonable ideas. What students should do here is writing about a small encounter which relates to what they are applying for. The learner can even think of an issue and offer a solution.

Best tips for essays for getting admission to college

Planning for the essay

  • Know the psychology of the board of admissions

After putting together every piece of the application and sending it to the institution you want to join, all your materials are put together with those of the other applicants. After that, a certain team of admission officials will go through all the applications. The team will check your grades, your coursework and they will also analyze your application essay. The only way to be able to convince the admission board is ensuring you understand what they are interested in. Usually, they are looking for individuals who can:

  •  Perform well once they get admission
  •  Improve the learning of the other learners
  •  Make the institution proud when they complete their studies

In a college essay, students must present themselves as the learners that can meet the above expectations. Though what is considered as performing well and making an institution proud depends on an institution, most college officials possess similar objectives.

Before composing the college essay, take your time and answer questions such as:

  •  How will you convince your admission officers that you can do well in the institution?
  •  How can you show that you are enthusiastic and unstoppable; that you can never quit or perform poorly?
  •  How can you empower all other learners in that institution?
  •  What are your main objectives? Are you looking forward to win some awards, establish a company or enhance a technological activity?

The responses to all those queries can enable you know what you can present in your college essay.

Know the objective of the write-up

Besides those 3 questions mentioned above, students must determine how they want the admission board to perceive them. Once they see the essay, what can they think of your achievements and character?

Many learners seeking opportunities want the admission officers to see them as unfailing, determined and organized individuals. Such goals are great but learners must also look at the essay in terms of their coursework. If what you have learnt before already demonstrates that you are a good student, consider mentioning another feature of what you are (your personality).

Besides coming up with a picture of who you are, composing admission essays allows students to feature various aspects of their lives which cannot be shown in their previous coursework. The aspects that students should consider include:

  •  Have you done a job that is related to the course you are applying for?
  •  Are you a member of a certain organization or club?
  •  Have you been a leader or demonstrated teamwork before?
  •  Have you done any voluntary jobs before?

Don’t be like other applicants

A students needs to demonstrate his/her strengths to the College Board. You should however avoid writing too much; just one or two sentences are sufficient to capture the college officers’ attention. Consider where you come from and the experiences you have had in life. Also, consider thoroughly anything that makes you different from other learners that are seeking admission. All that together with all things learners love doing during their free time will make them stand out from all the other interested learners.

Benefiting an institution

Contributing to your preferred institution is among the objectives of the College Board. This is one of the main things they analyze when they read admission essays. They might desire to know how a student will add to the success of their colleagues.

One major goal of learning is to increase the experiences of individuals so that they can understand the extent of their knowledge and go above it. If you are from another country, you can bring cultural diversity to an institution. However, the admission board will not say that you deserve to get admission just because you come from another country.

International students also have a lot to contribute to an institution beside the culture. So, if you come from another country, take your time to find out how else you might add value to the institution you are interested in. For instance:

  •  You could be perfect at studying in a group.
  •  You might become part of a club or a sports group.
  •  You might write a school blog or magazine.

Anything which you think is likely to benefit the school, just include it in the college essay.

Read and reply the college essay prompt

By the time you get to this stage, you will have thought of many great ideas which may not fit in a single college essay. So, you should center your objectives to say 3 or 4 ideas. These few ideas must be those which make one attract the attention of the admission officials.

All you require here is to describe 3/4 ideas in an excellent manner instead of presenting all ideas that you have in a poor manner. An admission essay which is narrowly focused is the one which can grab the attention of any college board and not the one which is wide and unclear.

Students also need to spend enough time in reading the essay prompt so that they may respond to it accordingly. Students should not feel intimidated because unlike other exams, the college essay is not meant to ploy them. But, they should prove that they can read and adhere to the requirements. Do not forget that there are so many people seeking admission and the admission board is looking for something to disqualify students. Do not allow the admission board to disregard your application because you ignored what was contained in the essay prompt.

Also, the essay prompt is designed in a way that allows students to be creative. This lets students work in their 3 or 4 main ideas which they came up with. The students are also expected to use novel methods in replying the prompt provided they answer what has been asked.

Writing an admission essay

If you get to this stage of writing your admission essay, it means you have already considered the objectives and psychology of the admission officers. At this stage also, you will have prepared your ideas, details and features which the institution will love. You will also have come up with the 3 or 4 main ideas which can make you get considered for the admission. Now you will have to start writing your essay.

Write the essay using certain details

Writing specific details is what can make your essay perfect and memorable. A specific admission essay makes a strong impression to the people who analyze it. And when writing, below are the questions you should ask yourself:

  •  Have I done something that I can use as an example to demonstrate what I have written?
  •  If I include images and use colours will my essay appear more interesting?
  •  Can general nouns like “car” be replaced with specific things like “Honours Geometry”?

You must however ensure that you don’t sound arrogant. The admission board expects to see you celebrating yourself. So, highlight what you are good at. With this, they will be able to analyze and make the right judgment about you without any struggle.

Higher learning phrases

Any phrases students choose to use in their essay say a lot about their reasoning, character and knowledge. And for those from other countries, their main aim will be to show the College Board that they are good at writing English. So, students must consider replacing the low-level phrases with the higher-level ones. Also, students must never use casual words.

Tip seven has 2 purposes.

  1.  It makes one’s write-up look different from those which are presented poorly.
  2.  It shows the college officials that your English is excellent.

8. Higher learning-level format

There is a saying which says that people must dress for the type of job they are interested in. That implies that if students want to look like they are ready to join college, they must present themselves as ready-for-college students. They should write their essays with the features below in mind:

  •  Avoid compound and single sentences. Instead write complex ones.
  •  Figurative language like personification, metaphor and simile must be included.
  •  A scheme or trope must also be included. For instance anaphora, chiasmus and oxymoron.

Proofreading your content

This is in fact so crucial in any writing. Often when people write, the ideas in their heads are not presented on a write-up as they appear in their heads. This is why it is necessary to ask another individual to go through the written essay and analyze several things like:

  •  The grammar: Are all sentences correct? Are the verbs and subjects written well?
  •  The diction: Are the phrases written correctly?
  •  The organization: Are the sentences grouped in the right manner?

Adhere to specified deadlines

Any college essays entail a lot. As you write, read and proofread, ensure you do not miss the specified deadline. You must additionally adhere to all the requirements. Different institutions have different requirements. If the institution you are sending the essay to does not allow certain application formats, obey that and use the methods they specify. One perfect way of staying organized throughout the applying procedure and even after one gets admitted is through maintaining a calendar. This calendar should have the deadlines and reminders.

Never panic

This is a bonus tip. After submitting the college essay, do not panic.

Other important tips
  1.  The subject must show your education, skills and anything that is relevant to the course you are applying for. So, writing personal details with a great writing approach and expressing oneself are the main things that can make an application stand out.
  2.  If you want to show how concerned you are about higher education life, avoid writing about how badly you want be independent especially when it comes to finances. Talk about particular things such as a small story that shows that you are ready. Mention any activities that you had engaged in when you were in high school. This will demonstrate that you value community programs.
  3.  To know how to come up with the best admission essay, a student must first know its aim. Demonstrate to the admission board that you know what you can do to add value to the institution. Do not just mention the financial and intellectual benefits you will get from the institution.
  4.  Avoid using words which you are not familiar with. It is recommended to read several vocabularies before starting to write your admission essay. If you come across challenging words, ensure to get their meaning from a dictionary and know how you will use them in your essay.
  5.  Avoid lies: If you lie about things like your previous experience or your knowledge level, the admission board will unmask you later and you will lose your admission.
  6.  It is always good to perform some research about the course you desire to undertake before writing an admission essay. Think thoroughly about the course you intend to pursue and tell the college officers why you prefer the course. You must also talk about what you are hoping to gain from the institution and how you can use it to improve your life.
  7.  Ensure to stick to writing styles and voices which demonstrate to the college officers that you are a good, bright student that desires to excel in life and help others.
  8.  As stated earlier, students must never fail to revise their essays before submitting them. Submitting an essay that contains errors will only prove that one is not serious.

With all the tips described here plus your determination, you are in a good position to get admitted to the institution that you have always dreamt of.

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