Tips for Writing the Perfect American Dream Essay

Before writing your composition, it is advisable that you first learn the beliefs, culture, lifestyle, and social trends of the country. Thereafter, you can decide on basing your paper on the joyful American people who are pleased to inhabit this country. Alternatively, you can paint the picture that it is just a mere thought of riches to most people.

Writing an American Dream Essay

Before composing your paper, it is essential to internalize the phrase “American dream”. To others, it could mean a good life with lots of money, wellness, and power. On the other hand, it could mean a life filled with love, respect, freedom and an understanding with others. To write your paper, therefore, you should choose your side, which means stating the thesis of your paper. From there, ensure you focus on the major points so that your paper appears well-thought and logical. When composing your paper, you will need to keep some tips in mind:
  •  Internalize the meaning of “American dream”. Explain the meaning of the phrase and select the topic that will govern your paper writing. The subject you settle on ought to be captivating and appropriate for your audience.
  •  Conduct proper research on your subject so you can find the relevant content regarding the topic. This also gives you a better comprehension of the subject you are discussing, and you can address and dissect it with utmost confidence.
  •  Draft a thorough plan to serve as an outline when writing your essay. A good plan forms the guide for your essay, helping you to come up with solid points. Further, a plan helps you to address all areas without skipping essential parts of the essay. Woe unto those who think that a plan is useless as they tend to skip some components of the essay without even noticing.
  •  Writing the perfect essay will require the application your analytical skills so that you can develop a suitable thesis. It ought to be strong and clearly show your stand on the topic of discussion.
  •  Before writing your paper, write up a separate section that contains important terms and definitions used in the paper.
  •  Once you start writing your paper, recall to the plan you came up with earlier on and stick to it. By adhering to the plan, all parts of the paper are tackled without skipping any significant details.
Composing your paper should also involve joining your points or paragraphs properly with transitional words and sentences so that your paper flows logically.
  •  Where possible, use appropriate quotes to develop a more captivating and appealing essay.
  •  When concluding your essay, it is vital that you close the discussion by summing up all the major details contained in the paper’s body. Remember to mention your thesis again in the concluding paragraph.
  •  After completing the essay, don’t forget to revise it. Do this by going through each line, checking for grammatical errors and any fictitious ideas in your essay. Grammatical errors are particularly a major turn-off for readers. Therefore, ensure that the paper is free from any mistakes to maintain the confidence of your readers.

Creating an Outline for Your Essay

After deciding on the thesis and the main talking point of the essay, it’s now the perfect time to write up a plan for the paper. The paper’s outline comprises the introductory part, the body, and the last part or the paper’s conclusion. These are the parts that form the structure your paper, helping you to put across logical points when composing your essay. The points you discuss in your essay serve as the flesh that fills up the skeleton of the essay. Sticking to the plan developed earlier helps you develop a logical paper. This is where you realize the worth of a plan. A proper outline for your essay serves as a roadmap when writing. By sticking to it, you can rest assured that no major points are overlooked and no vital info in your paper is left out. Come up with your plan beforehand, clearly indicating what should be mentioned in the introduction, body and also in the paper’s conclusion. Coming up with an outline could also mean drafting a rough copy of the whole essay. This helps you note the major points of your entire essay. A draft also ensures that the components of your paper serve their intended purpose. When writing up the outline for your essay, feel free to do away with repetitive ideas or combining the parts that can be merged into one whenever you are creating an outline for your paper. Repetitive ideas in your draft may bring about an undesirable effect on the argument of the paper.

Introducing Your Essay

Thinking of the perfect way to introduce your paper? Well, you are not far off from one. It is desirable to come up with an interesting introduction. But what’s the need for acing your introduction? Readers decide whether they will read your essay or not right from the beginning of your paper. Through the introduction, you can capture the attention of your readers so that they keep reading your paper. Apart from capturing their attention, the introductory part also prepares the readers for your debate on the paper topic. Start this off with a conversation that dissects the topic on the American dream and contextualizes it. It is also critical in preparing the readers to go through your thesis, which precisely states your stand on the debate brought up in the paper. Your thesis should come in the latter section of the essay’s introduction. Below are tips for coming up with a captivating introduction and main body of your paper:
  •  Pose a question right at the start of your paper.
  •  Provide statistics relevant to the topic of chosen for your paper.
  •  Quote statements made by famous people. They should, however, be relevant to the topic of discussion.
  •  Insert an anecdote if allowed.
  •  You can also through in some facts that people know little about to attract their attention.

Writing the Perfect Content for The Paper’s Main Body

The body of the essay carries all the arguments and ideas that shape up the debate of your paper. The basic elements of the paper’s body should include:
  •  Topic sentences on each paragraph to introduce the main idea to be discussed. Every paragraph should have a distinct topic sentence to distinguish the ideas on each paragraph.
  •  Substantial evidence, such as statistics, quotes, facts, or any data that backs your statements.
  •  Concluding sentences to sum up the ideas and details in each paragraph. These sentences should also contain good transitional words for smooth transitioning to the next paragraph.

Giving Your Essay a Good Conclusion

The paper’s conclusion is normally the last section. Here’s where you sum up all the ideas previously discussed in your paper’s body. The conclusion summarizes your thoughts and gives the audience content to discuss. Here’s how you develop an outstanding conclusion for your essay:
  •  New ideas should never pop out in the closing section of your essay.
  •  Be sure to reiterate your thesis in the conclusion of your paper.
  •  Always maintain the precision of your conclusion. It should also be as short as possible.
  •  Conclude your writing by asking your readers to leave any valuable comments they may be having.
  •  Include a CTA (call to action) to get opinions from your audience.

Suitable Topics for Your Essay

Choosing the topic for this particular paper may be challenging. Below are the ten most viable topics to give you an insight on how to go about writing your paper:
  1.  Write An Essay That Explains The Meaning Of The American Dream
  2.  Discuss How Migrants Perceive The Dream
  3.  Discuss The American Dream By Stating Whether It Is Reality Or Fantasy
  4.  Discuss Whether One Can Still Realize The American Dream
  5.  Discuss Your Personal View Of The American Dream
  6.  Discuss The Various Perceptions Of The American Dream Including Riches And Power
  7.  How Do Songs And Movies Paint The Dream?
  8.  Is It Appropriate To Critic How Others Realize Their American Dream?
  9.  Write On Why The American Dream Has Been Shuttered For Many People
  10.  Discuss The Various Generations That Gave Their All To Realize The Dream

Essential Tips to Guide Your Paper Writing

You could still be wondering how to take on your paper. Well, here are more tips on how to come up with a great paper:
  •  Pick on a topic that gives you plenty of ideas regarding the American dream. Ensure that the topic you choose brings something new to the readers.
  •  Remember to begin your paper with a strong introduction that captures the readers’ attention.
  •  You can source ideas from other American dream papers to add on the ideas you have.
  •  Once you are done writing, proofread to remove errors that could have dodged your eyes when composing the paper.

Sample: The Great Gatsby American Dream

Fitzgerald’s novel ‘The Great Gatsby’ describes the American dream in various viewpoints. Gatsby, the chief character, is a man who spends most of his time chasing his vision so hard that he ends up living a life which is unreal due to his greed for money. From the beginning of the novel, the author depicts the man’s quest for wealth that results in his destruction. Gatsby has all his trust in money. He believes that though life can be lonely and empty, lots of money can grant him all the pleasure in life. His belief is that he can acquire all that he desires using his money. He goes as far as attempting to redeem his past life mistakes using his money. He also tries to “buy” Daisy’s love, a young lady infatuated with riches. Jay is infatuated with getting anything that satisfies his desires. Unlucky for him, money does not grant him happiness. As a result, he loses the true meaning of his life. And so, it turns out true—a man without happiness is empty. Jay’s fate was crushed by his chase for riches, that which he gave priority.


Having considered the initial steps to writing your American dream essay, going through some sample essay topics and reading through an essay sample, you are now fully equipped to write an A+ American dream essay. All the best!