Analytical Essay: How Did Renaissance Change Man’s View of Man?

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How Renaissance Changed Man’s View of Man

The Renaissance was a period of change and development, as the people started to have new understandings in different spheres of their lives. This period was really beneficial and allowed Man to study and get to know Man deeper and meaningfully. It has changed the Man’s view of Man in many spheres of human life from individualism, humanism, idealism to rationalism, secularism and to feudalism and capitalism as well. The changes touched the spheres of anatomy, science, art, literature, etc. The Renaissance, which means a “rebirth” in Latin, came in late 1400s, after The Middle Ages period when the people had not so many rights and freedoms. The period of Renaissance, which lasted for 300 years, brought considerable changes to Europe after a long period of its cultural decline. Many bright individuals received possibility to show the maximum level of their potential, which benefited greatly for the development of sculpture, architecture, different kinds of art and literature as well as science of course. Great inventions were made during this period, including paper, printing, gunpowder, and compass. The scholars and philosophers put much attention to classical learning and wisdom, bringing outstanding achievements on the basis of high standards and domination of knowledge. It all differed so much from the previous periods with high illiteracy and neglecting of education. Individualism increased greatly during the Renaissance period. It was seen nearly in all the aspects of human life. For example, in religious sphere the people started to think about the values of their existence and their personal relationships with God. The religion started to be considered from a different angle. Before it was enough simply to understand the basics of good and evil but during the period of Renaissance the people started to develop their personal qualities due to their beliefs. Humanism was also rising. Sculptors started to concentrate on human characteristics in details. The people have been merging themselves deeper into the human nature, paying attention to emotions and examining their inner world. The Renaissance was promoting idealism and it added color to human life. For example, the people started to be less concentrated on afterlife and thus were able to realize many aspects of present life and add value for them. More and more individuals became educated, rational, the ones who possessed their own point of view on the truth, issues and events. There was seen a huge growth of rationalism in people’s minds. They stopped to take everything from the point of view of faith and started to think about the issues from different perspectives. They also turned from religious studies to the classical learning. Some people started to doubt the ways that were proposed by the Church in order to lead the people in their everyday lives. The people were less frightened by the Church and it was slowly losing its fearful nature. Thus, Renaissance changed Man’s view of the religion as well. Also, it is possible to mention that the strict structure of feudalism was breaking away. Due to gaining more freedom by the people, their wish to stay focused on material objects and the ways to enjoy life, they started to look beyond the feudalistic structure. The increase of money supply was taking place. The trade was expanding. Renaissance gave possibility for the people to consider the benefits of new political structure. Due to the above mentioned issues, it is possible to conclude that the Renaissance brought changes to the Man’s view of Man in so many spheres that the importance of this period for the world’s history is really difficult to overestimate.