Difference Between Argumentative and Persuasive Essay

Most students are unable to differentiate between argumentative and persuasive essays. This essay seeks to throw more light on to the subtle differences, as well as highlight which type of essay is used where.

An Argumentative Essay vs a Persuasive Essay

When students are asked to write essays, there are indeed several essay types to choose from. The two main types of writing that a writer has to differentiate are usually an argumentative essay and a persuasive essay. The point is, they are both so similar that certain writers are unable to tell the differences between the two of them. In some cases, they are regarded as the same work, simply because of how close both of the essays happen to be in structure and in language. Alas, they are not the same. This article seeks to bring out their similarities and their differences, arming students and potential writers with the tools to choose and pick between the two of them. The first point to note is that both essays are used depending on several factors regarding the essay writing experience. Each is to a separate target audience, resulting in a slight change in language and expression. The motivation for writing these essays are very different, and the desired effect are also different. It is of the utmost importance that people are able to tell the difference when being asked to write.

Features of an Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essays seek to convince with somewhat strong language. The information being given is usually supported by strong facts and ideas which are in fact true, forming the basis of a good argument. Statistics, facts and figures play a big role in argumentative essays. The targeted audience is provided with die hard proofs of certain points that are being discussed by the writer. This means that, research before writing is an absolute must. Not only research, but also a good understanding of the facts and information found during the said research. Argumentative essays are written with the sole purpose to debate a certain point using the information gathered. This means that, looking at both sides of the story is of utmost importance and also very necessary in choosing the final side to go with. These essays outline the various pros and cons of the topic at hand, nudging readers towards the view of the writer. The topics selected for argumentative essays are usually pros and cons questions, questions on controversial topics being discussed all over and also topics that form normal motions for debates on even less controversial issues.

Features of a Persuasive Essay

When it comes to persuasive writing, the writer he also nudging the reader in a direction but usually it is for the promotion of a particular interest or cause, or even product. It hardly needs the outlining of two opposing ideas on the same topic. The language used in persuasive writing is usually simpler, and claims and ideas can also be used in such essays but they are not always backed up with facts. In fact, persuasive essays do not need proof or facts. They are simply to tell the sentiment of the writer, nudging the reader towards this sentiments. The language used are less compelling several reasons why the topic or persuasion is good is the focus of the essay. In trying to understand both essays, one thing to bear in mind is that logic and facts belong on the argumentative route while ideas, philosophies, opinions and emotions are on the persuasive route. The more factual a discussion is, the more argumentatively it is portrayed. Both essays are needed a different times. It is the duty of the writer to be sure what exactly is needed, to do the necessary work and to come up with a great essay which fulfills the purpose for which it is written.