Secrets of Writing an Argumentative Essay Outline

As much as you may dislike reasoning with other people's points, you must know how to write an argumentative (also known as a polemical essay) for your own good.

If you are to score a good grade in your English test, then you must be well conversant with the polemical essay, otherwise, you might be forced to look at the blank space in your paper with shame. When faced with this essay, you must recollect your thoughts and direct them to the topic at hand. The plan for the essay is merely a plan which should aid you to put your ideas collectively and begin writing.

The Make-Up of an Argumentative Essay

The construction of your paper’s outline is similar to having the same make-up in your essay. The only difference here is that you need to add the entire information in the body text, but in the outline, you are to name only the disputes. The English essay synopsis should be taken seriously because it enables you to scheme the entire process of writing.

In this type of essay, there are 4 first paragraphs that you need to have:

  1.  The establishment paragraph.
  2.  The body which should have 3-4 strong arguments.
  3.  The paragraph with the counter of opposing arguments.
  4.  The ending paragraph.

The paragraph that is meant to counter the arguments from the opponent is meant to back up your theory statement and to show the readers that you respect everybody's opinion.

The Establishment Paragraph

Every essay should have a beginning, and an argumentative essay should not be any different.

  •  The Snare

First of all, you need to capture the attention of your reader with an opening. But always remember that people require to be approached differently. Here is an example that we would use based on the most used language in the world apart from English. We have chosen French as our subject and according to the primary research, the opening statement could be:

“Most countries during the colonial days were colonized by the French and most countries in this modern era use this language as the national language.”

  •  The Backdrop Information

In this part, do not add too much information; simply name a topic and give a clue about what you will be elaborating about in your polemical text. Explain concisely the importance of the subject, and who it may concern.

  •  Working on the Theory Statement

This is the part where the main argument has been contained. Do not ask questions in this section but state the main point without hesitating.

As you recall, every claim is to be supported with back-up information on the research. If you are to have plenty of information, make sure that it reaches to about five paragraphs in the body.

  •  An Assert

This is a statement that can be used in the polemical paragraph for your argumentative essay theory. For it to be supported, an example like this can be used.

“French is the most spoken language around the globe.”

If such an example is not supported by adequate evidence, no one will be convinced by them. You need to realize that assertation, is based on your encounter therefore as you choose your sources, choose them carefully.

  •  Searching for the Opponent’s Protests

One thing that has to be understood here regarding a particular topic is that we all have different opinions. Therefore, patience is a virtue required to check the protests of individuals who do not back up that French is the most spoken language in the world. With this information at hand, you will have all it takes to work on the third paragraph of your essay.

Pose a question as to why they disagree that French is the most spoken language in the world. You need to bear in mind that as you share your ideas and thoughts about the subject, it must be supported with facts to show how right you are.

The Interpretation of an Argumentative Essay

  •  Rewriting the Theory Statement

While you dispute with other perspectives, you also need be aware of whether you have lost your focus. Be cautious and remember to always stay on track. Ensure that your readers’ memory is refreshed by elaborating the reason why your dispute is the winning one. Show them how things would result if your idea would not have been put to use and ensure that you have shown why your research topic is significant.

  •  The Elaboration

Among many academic papers, an argumentative essay will give a position to those who seek to refute the opinions of their opponents and at the same time back up their ideas. You need to persuade people by providing information that is reasonable and well backed up by facts. If you accomplish this, you will give a chance for your readers to see how confident you are in your work. If you want to achieve all of this, devote a lot of time and energy to your research with that, be sure to rouse and persuade the audience.

Here is How the Outline is Written

The outline of an essay has consisted of four primary points, and they are:

  1.  The starting paragraph where the reader is to be the topic at hand.
  2.  The core paragraphs in the body where your arguments will be supported.
  3.  The various paragraphs which show the weakness of the disapproving protests.
  4.  A summary of the main points and the measures needed.

With these critical points at hand, your life will be made easier because you will make a desirable impact on the audience.

An Establishment for the Outline of the Disputative Essay

Here is where you begin the journey with your readers from the starting sentence. This is where they decide to keep studying your piece or if they would prefer the whole concept to be dropped.

To prevent a case of your readers not being interested in your work, we suggest that these tips should be followed to the letter.

First of all, your hook should be interesting. This begs the question, “what is a hook?” This is a piece of information that aims at drawing the readers' attention. Understand that the hook should not be long. Therefore, you must make it to be brief and unforgettable. Some intellects mention that some things are needed in a catch as you introduce. One of these things should be included in your score, and they are:

  1.  Hilarious stories
  2.  Fascinating questions
  3.  Contentious statements
  4.  Demographical data

Develop your contemplation by explaining the reason why you chose a particular subject and what you can possibly do to make a difference with it.

Finally, you must come up with a theory statement that will make your points loud and clear, especially when you are supporting and explaining the reason why this subject is essential. As these tips are followed to the letter, be sure of having a great introduction.

When we come to the writing of a body, you should know that different formats can be used in the literature of formats. Adhere to these various points for your work to stand out:

  1.  You should present arguments based on the supporting theory and ensure that there are sections, which counter the opponent’s arguments. Show the weaknesses in their beliefs and in doing so; you will stand out in your work. Lastly, always remember to back your statements with facts so that you can have a solid ground.
  2.  You can also make use of a single paragraph to refuse one big claim so that you can make a valid statement and be in a position to bring your opponent to their knees.

Remember at the end of the day; the decision lies with you, therefore, choose whichever way that may seem feat for you.

How the Essay Outline Should Be Finalized

Here, the primary point that must be followed is why the subject at hand or the claims to back up the subject chosen. Mostly, readers recall this section, despite the effort put in your article. Therefore, you need to make it excellent so that your audience can enjoy your work eventually.


When you are required to write a synopsis, it is like writing plan that is well developed. The more time spent on it, the more you can develop a good idea thus avoiding many unnecessary mistakes by having the appropriate plan.

There are various reasons as to why students do not write outlines, but for now, we will focus only on two. The first reason is that they view sketches to be useless because they do not know how much they are, lifesavers. The second reason is that they prefer not to write outlines merely because they do not know where to start, the various details and components to be added or how to finish.

With that, we hope that this article has been of great benefit to you in practice to be a competent writer.

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