Best Writing Application software for Mobile Devices

Over the years, following the advance in technology many areas of our private and professional life have been affected including the way we write and take down notes. Today you can always take down notes on the go without necessarily making use of a paper and pen. Some technology-based companies have released a lot of writing application software with some benefits which include:

  •  Spelling and grammar check through an embedded dictionary.
  •  Autocorrect formatting features which automatically detects and correct mistakes at improved writing speed.

Some of the features that make writing apps very effective are: design, workflow ability, export options, ability to sync, ability to update, ease of use and cost of the application software.

Here we will provide you some great Writing Apps for Writers which will increase your productivity as a student, blogger, freelance writer, journalist or an individual with the need to write with your mobile phone. So have a look at some of the best writing Apps for mobiles devices.

Microsoft Word mobile, OneDrive/OneNote

Smartphone users can now download and use full versions of Microsoft’s Word, Excel, and PowerPoint office apps. After a period of beta testing the updated Android version is now available in the Google Play Store. Microsoft Word is a well-known text writing software. Now, the complete office suite comes with: Microsoft word that enables you to type and edit your text works. The Microsoft OneDrive allows you to sync your document between different devices. You can also make use of the OneNote app for note taking even on the go. The features in the Microsoft word mobile is similar to that for the windows personal computers, making it easier for users who are already used to the Microsoft office word tools to navigate through with their mobile devices easily.


JotterPad is a special plain text editor that creative writers will find very useful. The app is very much suitable for bloggers, screenplay artists. It comes with an in-app dictionary, snapshots, phrase search, typewriter scrolling. Works done with this writing app can also be synced with cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive. It has features that make the conversion of files to different formats like word, PDF, etc very much possible. JotterPad can either be in a free or paid version mode. The free version lacks the presence of some of these features but upgrading to a paid version unlocks all the features.


Though this app is not a full-text program, the flexibility and simplicity it gives when writing is welcoming. It has so many features like note background colors, ability to set reminders and write emails as well as allowing you to change fonts.

Ginger Grammar Checker Software

If you are a writer that does not use English as a primary language. This app will be very useful for you as you can use it to translate written documents in other languages like German, French, Spanish and more into the English language. It functions in the same category as ‘Grammarly app’.

Google Docs.

This application software is part of the Google suite package developed by Google. This writing app enables multiple users to work and make a contribution to a document inasmuch as they have access to it. The Google suite also has a special storage space known as Google drive making it possible for you to save your work on the cloud and retrieve it anywhere else with an internet connection. In this Google suite, you can also find Google keep which enables you to take notes easily and on the go.

Scrivener (iPhone)

Scrivener is a tool for writers focused on supporting the task of writing long-form pieces and built-in tool for research while writing. Though the Android platform version is envisaged in the future, it runs on the iPhone platform presently. Scrivener is very good for content creation and organization, especially for iOS users.


This is one of the best writing apps with highly rated tools which functions very well on Android as well as iPhones. Iwritter has a clean, simple and no-distraction writing environment. It is especially pleasant for iOS usage. Other features of iWriter are syntax stressing ability that enables you to find noun, adjectives and many other parts of the writing language with ease. You can also work on different screens at the same time by utilizing the split screen feature of iwriter.

iA Writer

This is a very nice writing app that simplifies so much in the writing process. It allows synchronization of your writing work to Google Drive and Dropbox. An interesting fact about it is that it works across different platform. It can be downloaded from the Google play store for Android devices free. Another special feature that comes with the iA writer app includes the ability to hide sentences you are not working on currently with the aid of its focus mode. It also has a night mode feature as well as enabling one to publish your work in any format.


This app is very great as it enables you to easily take down notes. You can easily jot down any idea that comes through you instantly. It has a feature that enables you to transcribe your voice note into texts easily. It also provides the ability to collaborate on a particular work.


This writing app works on ipad only. Ulysses gives a very nice writing experience. It has some great customization tools. It helps one to easily export a write up to any format including PDFs, web pages, ebooks.

Writing either as creative art or even note-taking is a task that requires great skills. So having a handy app that incorporates all these features as a readily accessible tool makes it easier and more interesting to engage in writing even on the go.

If you have made use of any of these mobile apps, use the comment box to tell us how rewarding it was using them.

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