130 Biology Project Themes for Students

The success of a scientific project highly depends on the choice of a striking topic. No wonder the students often find it difficult to choose a proper theme for their study. The subject of the research has to be useful, thought-provoking and relevant. A study can make a contribution to further science development only if it is dedicated to something valuable and problem-solving. All of these requirements make the choice of the topic crucial. It also explains why most scholars feel lost and confused while picking the theme for their project. This list of one hundred and thirty research paper themes can help the biology students to get the assistance they so desperately need. You can just use one of them or find the inspiration for your own ideas.

Examples of Captivating Themes for Biology Papers

Biology essays can be dedicated to studying hormone functioning and its influence on human’s body. The research paper may tell about the reaction of human’s organism to hormone changes and disorders. The students might want to show the connection between hormones functioning and behavior.

Hormone Functioning and Human Behavior Biology Paper Topics:

  1. Disorders Caused by Endocrine
  2. How Do Steroid Hormones Get into Cells?
  3. How Do Hormones Change During Pregnancy?
  4. The Impact of Cardio Workout on Hormones
  5. The Connection between Cell Structure and Resistance to Antibiotics
  6. What Impact Hormones Have on Mind and Actions?
  7. Treatment with the Help of Melatonin
  8. The Importance of Certain Hormones for Body’s Well-Being
  9. The Role of Oxytocin in Psychopathic Diseases Therapy
  10. Hormones and The Mental Well-Being of Women
  11. How Gender Specifics Associate with Mental Health
  12. The Biological Background of Psychological Diseases
  13. How the Hormones of the Reproductive System are Controlled?
  14. The Biological Causes of Bipolar Disorder
  15. Modern Oxytocin Studies
  16. Psychopathic Dysfunctions Influenced by Hormones
  17. How Hormonal Changes Can Lead to Depression?
  18. How Hormonal Therapy Can Influence a Human’s Organism?
  19. Testosterone and Cortisol Have Impact on Taking Risks
  20. What Impact Endocrinology Has on Metabolism?
  21. The Connection between Hormones and Human Behavior

Creating of Human Clones, Abortion, and Genetic Testing Biology Themes:

This section of the list offers the biology students the topics that cover morals and sociology problems. Genetic testing, abortion, and human cloning remain the most disputable matters. The science needs to find the balance between ethics and innovation to resolve these problems.
  1. Should Cloning People be allowed by Law?
  2. The Actual Facts about Genetically-Modified Organisms
  3. The Connection between Abortion and Feminists Movement Ideas
  4. The Benefits of Genetically-Modified Crops
  5. The Possible Influence of Cloning on the Medicine
  6. Genetic Diseases, the DNA code, and Innovative Technologies
  7. The Past Times and Development of Human Cloning Studies
  8. Various Ways of Cloning
  9. Can DNA Modification Affect the Aging Process?
  10. What Influence Addictive Substances Have on Our Genes?
  11. What Causes Genetic Mutations?
  12. Is Donor’s Agreement a Must for Performing Organ Transplantation?
  13. The Moral Factor of Cloning
  14. The Ethics Issues of Organ Transplantation
  15. How Society’s Opinion Represses the Development of the Science
  16. Human Cloning as a Possibility for Organ Transplantation
  17. Human Genetic Modifications
  18. The USA Law About Abortions and Society’s Attitude Towards It
  19. Are Genetically Modified Products Dangerous?
  20. Genetics’ Impact on Obesity
  21. Is Homosexuality Determined by Genetics?
  22. The Biological Comprehension of Abortions
  23. Genetic Code and Depression

Biology Essay Themes that present the Immune System:

This list of biology project topics would not be complete without themes related to the immune system. This important system in the human organism provides protection from various viruses and diseases. That is why the paper dedicated to this topic will always be relevant and useful.
  1. Immune System of Humans and its Resistance Power
  2. Immune Tolerance and Autoimmunity
  3. The Connection between Stress and Immunity
  4. How Immunology Is Related to Transplantation?
  5. Allergies and Asthma
  6. Finding the Disorders Caused by Poor Functioning of Immune System
  7. How to Prevent Transplant Rejection?
  8. The Public Opinion About Vaccination
  9. The Work of Immune System Agents
  10. What Are the Actual Advantages of Vaccination?
  11. What Impact Immunotherapy Has on Human’s Body?

Phytopathology Essay Themes for Biology Learners:

Covering the issues of plant pathology can also become a decent subject of the student’s project. Here are some biology research themes related to phytopathology.
  1. Innovative Plant Genetics
  2. Weedy And Invasive Plant Species
  3. How to Prevent Phytopathology Diseases
  4. Literature Analysis of Microbial Ecology and Evolutionary Process
  5. How Modern Technology Improves Plant Diseases Control
  6. Study of Modern Genomic Technologies and Plant-Related Microbes
  7. How Fertilizers Affect Plants
  8. The Photosynthesis Phenomenon and Its Functions
  9. Plants ‘Authentic Ability to Resist Diseases

Ecology-Related Topics for Biology Papers:

The planet faces plenty of difficulties caused by the results of human actions. It makes the topics related to ecology very important for society. Any project dedicated to ecology concerns can bring useful suggestions on solving environmental issues.
  1. How to Protect Wildlife?
  2. Where Rain Forest Extinction Will Lead Us?
  3. The Research on Extinction Phenomenon
  4. How Biodiversity Is Related to Climate Changes?
  5. The Phenomenon of Sustainability in Biological Science
  6. How the Consequences of Human Actions Influence Animals in the US
  7. The Reasons of Species Extinction that Are not Related to Human
  8. The Advantages of Ecotourism
  9. How Animal Behavior Is Influenced by Ecological and Evolutionary Processes
  10. The Environment’s Impact on Living Forms
  11. Present-Day Kinds of Pollutions
  12. How Resistance Develops in Animals
  13. The Role of Environmental Changes in Species Diversity Growth
  14. The Connection between Fast Food Production and Tropic Forests Extinction
  15. Environmental Psychology Studies
  16. The Pollution of the Environment and Production of Renewable Energy
  17. Are Bees really in Danger of Extinction?
  18. How to Save Rare Species?
  19. Is Global Warming As Dangerous As We Think?
  20. How Plants and Animals React to Environmental Changes
  21. The Impact of Oil Spills on Wildlife of the Ocean
  22. The Pros of Organic Farming

Research Themes Related to Neurobiology:

  1. Genetic Dysfunctions That Lead to Schizophrenia
  2. Can Depression Be Caused by Gut Bacteria?
  3. The Contribution of Neuroscience into Problem-Solving
  4. How does the Visual-Motor Coordination Function?
  5. How Neuroscience Is Used in Robotic Technologies?
  6. How Gut Bacteria and Anxiety Are Related?
  7. Disorders Caused by Brain Injuries
  8. The Possible Reasons for Migraine
  9. How Music Influences Our Brains
  10. How Brain Can Repair Itself?
  11. Mechanisms of Orientation in Visual Cortex
  12. What Genes and Proteins Help Neurons to Function
  13. The Connection Between Brain and Memory

Paper Themes Dedicated to the History of Biology:

If you are interested in a particular period of biology development, you can choose the topic dedicated to this time. Here are some themes concerning biology history that can make your project exciting.
  1. The Consequences of Whale Hunting
  2. The Analysis of Evolution Factors
  3. Dead Part of Evolutionary Tree
  4. The Contribution of Antonie van Leeuwenhoek
  5. Genetics History
  6. The Influence of Natural Selection Theory
  7. Darwin’s Theory in Biology
  8. Edward Jenner’s Impact on the History of Vaccination
  9. The Connection focused between Archeology and Animal Biology

Animals Biology Project Topics:

The students often choose research topics that are on animals research. Here are some engaging themes for essays dedicated to animals.
  1. How Animal Science and Food Sustainability Are Connected?
  2. The Problem of Home Animals Obesity
  3. The Research of Wild Animals Life
  4. The Peculiarities of Primate Language
  5. How the Fashion Industry Abuses Animals
  6. The Research of Birds Behavior
  7. Color Change Mechanism Used by Sea Animals
  8. The Cases of Animals Male Pregnancy