How to Write an Essay on Bullying

Bullying has become a very common issue in the 21st century, and this issue has turned it into a huge topic for a discussion. This phenomenon mostly affects children or teenagers and has made parents and teachers desperate for solutions. That's why bullying also draws interest in the academic world, with professors asking students for assignments related to it.

Probably, you ended up here as a result of one of those assignments. There are numerous ways in which the subject of bullying can be approached in an essay. We advise sticking to a particular structure, as organizing your work properly can prove significantly helpful. Show readers why this topic is important, give arguments to prove how it can affect one's life, and discuss ways of diminishing its negative outcomes.

What is Bullying?

Before getting started, knowing your topic well enough is important. Bullying is the act of repeatedly harming another person, either through physical or psychological means. In schools, it is usually represented by all sorts of aggressive treatments applied by one or more students to a few of their peers, considered victims.

Bullying takes two forms. In its direct form, the aggressor might hit or threaten his victims, steal from them or tease them in the offensive, emotionally exhausting ways. The indirect version of bullying implies rumors and socially isolating the victim.

Simple Tips for Writing a Great Bullying Essay

Essays are short forms of academic writing, and you should certainly adapt them according to your teacher's expectations. Of course, there are a few tips which could help anyone get started on their successful assignment:

  • Choose a specific approach, don't get too general with your topic. It might help if you know a bully or a victim, or if you've been either yourself, as this can give an interesting start to the story. Otherwise, choose something that sounds interesting to you.
  • Start your essay with a mind-blowing statement, one that you truly believe in. This means showing the value of your research in just a couple of sentences.
  • Your introduction should really catch your readers' eye. Provide them with a few shocking or unknown facts, while giving hints as to questions your essay will answer in the end.
  • The main body of your essay should have around several paragraphs containing your arguments on the importance of the discussed theme. You can add facts and other types of evidence supporting your statements.
  • A great conclusion is what sticks to readers, including teachers, so make sure you leave a good impression. Clear any confusion and share your final opinion.
  • Do not submit your assignments unedited. It's better not to do it right away, but come back to your work a day after you've finished writing. Ask your friends or professional editors for help if you need it.

Start with An Outline

Before doing the actual essay writing, it's better to prepare an outline, as a guide through this assignment. Make a detailed plan, including all the headings you consider relevant, as this can help you better organize ideas. Numbers and bullet points can be used, too. Keep it short and include the sections you want to appear in your final essay.

Write a Catchy Introduction

Getting started can be the hardest thing to do. But the introduction is key to attracting readers and keeping them tied to your essay until its end.

Have a simple approach, begin by building a clear image on what bullying means. Stress how important it is to study it by giving away some numbers, statistics on the frequency of this phenomenon. Shortly describe the big picture on how it negatively affects young people.

End with a Memorable Conclusion

In conclusion, put an emphasis on the value your essay has brought to understanding bullying. Don't just summarize previous content, but give it a comprehensive meaning. This is not a good moment to provide your readers with some extra information. Simply add your personal opinion on how to better find and approach solutions for the bullying problem. As a researcher on the topic, you can provide an informed statement.

Topics to Approach in a Bullying Essay

There are various angles in which one can approach bullying, with targeted topics to suit all tastes. Some are popular, and that can make it easier for you to find relevant data. Others can help you offer a fresh view. Regardless of the type of bullying essay you choose to do, keep to the proper structure to send a clear message. Here are a few ideas for your main content that could make things interesting:

  • Bullying prevention, ways of getting it done
  • The effects of bullying and how exactly it impacts children's lives
  • How to stop bullying in schools
  • Who should decide on acting against bullying?
  • What should class teachers do in regard to bullying?
  • What kind of action should parents take?
  • Who should the children go to for help? Family, friends, etc.
  • What can the police do to improve this situation?
  • What about the government? Does bullying represent a social problem?
  • Describe the reasons why bullies choose these aggressive ways of action
  • Measures that can be taken to discipline bullies
  • Who are usually the victims of bullying?

If you've been a victim or bully yourself, sharing this story could power up the essay.

The Importance of Discussing Bullying

One of the themes you could approach in your essay is related to the consequences of bullying. Use this opportunity to convince your readers that bullying is a social issue which shouldn't be ignored. This phenomenon describes serious psychological or physical damage caused by a person (or a group) to someone who appears weaker than the aggressor.

Nowadays, around 25% of children or teenagers become bullying victims, and this percentage can go much higher, depending on age, school, or cultural background. Some statistics show that up to 55% of students have suffered at least once as a result of these violent acts; 10% go through these experiences every week.

Bullying seems more common among boys, who become its victims more often than girls. But these things can happen in any school, kindergarten or higher education, sometimes throughout adult life. Bullies continue being aggressive even after growing up, which might lead them to commit serious felonies.

Strongly negative outcomes affect the lives of victims. They remain fearful or, the exact opposite, dream about getting revenge. This often leads to psychological disorders and irreversible physical deformities. One of the most serious consequences they could suffer is turning to suicide.

In your essay, stress the fact that victims feel uncomfortable or terrified of going to school. They perceive that the educational world is controlled by more powerful peers, who become leaders through violence. This can take any form, including humiliation, beatings, insults, gossip, or social isolation.

Identifying Bullies and Victims

Another essay topic could focus on differentiating bullies and victims, in order to help both teachers and parents deal with their children's situation.

Bullies are those who enjoy feeling powerful, regardless of other people's needs, and usually show a higher level of self-esteem or confidence. They don't care too much about a teacher's or parent's authority and often break the rules. These kids might come from families where physical punishment is considered normal, so they know how to hurt others.

Victims, on the other hand, are sensitive or anxious children, with lower self-esteem, who can have a hard time in social situations. They are perceived as weak, both mentally and physically, and find themselves incapable of self-defense. Those who are smaller, ill or different in general, will likely be chosen as targets since they have no one supporting them. Also, kids who are seen as nerds or teacher's pets might become victims too.

In some cases, social or economic factors, such as different ethnical backgrounds or differences between the rich and the poor can cause conflict. No one is completely uninvolved. If not bullies or victims, children are at least direct witnesses.

How to Prevent Bullying

What else could make a bullying essay great, if not offering ideas to fight and prevent it? There are no magic cures, but it's important for everyone to get involved. Although teachers don't always have the time or patience, they ought to act as role models for the students they spend so much time with. If any signs look alarming, teachers should intervene.

Parents aren't supposed to ignore these issues either. They must pay attention and notice sudden changes in their children's behavior, closely collaborate, and communicate with teachers to properly take necessary action.

School rules are not enough. Bullies often won't care about them and won't obey them. Norms won't change their violent ways, but building new skills might. Some of those skills could help them show more positive behavior towards their classmates and adults while getting them to perform better in school.

Conflicts cannot be completely stopped; we all become part of them, in different contexts. They can be useful in building new relationships, ideas, and social skills. The way to success comes through developing problem-solving skills. When disagreeing, kids should be able to talk things through while still respecting the other person's needs, feelings, or opinions. Building self-confidence in social situations can really do a lot of good.

The Modern Version — Cyberbullying

Our last suggestion for a bullying essay is approaching the current issue of cyber-bullying. This is mostly focused on causing emotional distress, by using the Internet as a means of carrying out these negative acts.

In North American or European countries especially, most young people have unlimited access to the Internet. As a result, about 20% of secondary students become victims of cyber-bullying. Those who are most often attacked are in their early teenage years and spend a lot of time online.

The explanation: adolescents like re-affirming their social status by humiliating others. And the Internet allows them to do it, often without being exposed as aggressors. Their victims sometimes become so unhappy or depressed that they could even commit suicide.

Although teenagers can be difficult, parents should take action when they notice something wrong is happening. They should pay close attention to the social networks their children are using, and whether they are subjected to online harassment.

Our Conclusion on Bullying Essays

No matter your paper perspective, bullying is an acute subject of discussion. It can harm children or adults long-term while making the school environment feel unsafe. Give informed arguments regarding its consequences or ways of prevention, and you'll surely finish the assignment successfully.

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