Bullying in college

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Racial Bullying in College

The multiracial population is growing three times faster than the rate of the total US population growth. Though, the growing mixed-race population is something being seen not just in the United States, but across the world. This has created greater interest in mixed-race individuals and their living experiences. The biggest question is if they are treated well in the communities they live regardless of their personal attitudes, experiences, and demographic characteristics.

From one side multiracial adults, teens and children bring diversity of backgrounds which benefit for the cultural heritage of any country in the frame of its development. It makes national population to be more open-minded and interested in the other cultures. On the other hand, there is the problem of perception of the ethnical origins of the people, and it is especially relates to racial bullying in colleges. It was discovered that about half of multiracial college students said that they have been the subjects of racial slurs or jokes and approximately one fourth of students have felt disappointed because people have made comments about their racial background.

Moreover, sometimes the situation goes further and the students can be beaten because of their origin. Blending the research of mixed race identity with peer victimization, such as bullying and harassment, is still relatively new and underrepresented. However, in the report of Pew in 2015 it is mentioned that more than half of mixed race Americans are facing racial discrimination and harassment and many of them are students. It is a real social challenge when a college student with a mixed-race identity faces with experiences related to racial bullying and harassment as not every multiracial adult can cope with it.

Historically, there was a focus on black/white origins that caused the conflicts and aggressive behavior anywhere and in colleges as well. Though, nowadays it is clearly seen that the bullying can occur towards multiracial Asian, American Indian and even white students.

The situations when the mixed race individuals experience racial bullying as a result of direct and indirect discrimination and micro-aggressions in colleges are rather often. They appear through various social interactions with others during both undergraduate and graduate years of study.

There are the concerns about racial bullying in colleges and some measures to prevent that are being implemented by college administration and some activists. Though, in order for this issues to disappear completely there is a need of all-encompassing approach to exist, including the changes in cultural perceptions on family, community, national and international levels. It can be done though media influence on the understandings of people, the work of social organizations, etc.

The issue of bullying in colleges is not limited to the racial conflicts. One of the greatest problems is the teenagers’ addiction to aggressive computer games that causes aggression in real life as well. It is especially important to take controlling measures as bullying at colleges can bring to more serious problems with shouting involved and people killed. Such situations already occurred at some schools and colleges. Thus, this problem should find its solution on governmental level as well.

For now, it is hardly possible to imagine that the problem of bullying in colleges will be completely resolved. Though, the necessary measures on different levels should be implemented continuously. Hopefully, soon the situation can change to a positive side.

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