Writing Your Best Capstone Project

Putting together a capstone project can easily be one of the hardest essays you could write. So many things go into coming up with the best way to present your paper. Read on to find out how to kill this paper the very best way.

What is a capstone project

A capstone project can be likened to a work on the society. It is a process that takes up about two semesters during which the student has to do independent study and of course research on a particular problem that may be facing the community or society as a whole. These students do not only write essays but they form part of debates as well as other scholarly events either to argue out their points or to present their findings to a scholarly group. You could see why this would be a stressful endeavor for any student.

Luckily, they get to have help and guidance from a supervisor who is usually a mentor from the faculty in which they study. This guidance is very necessary because the amount of research needed to produce a capstone paper is enormous. Students then get the ability to research and come up with an intriguing piece that mirrors an in-depth take and understanding on the subject matter.

This project is of the utmost importance because it invariably is the main application of all the academic knowledge the student has received into societal issues that the world faces today. If anyone bashed the schooling process about being unable to produce people who are of societal relevance then they probably did not take up any of such projects.

Topic options for your capstone project

Much like choosing with whom to spend the rest of your life, finding the perfect topic to write on can definitely be the most difficult starting point in the history of essay writings. Usually a good topic dictates the tone and the flow of the writing, just like how a good starter can set the tone for the rest of your meal. Most capstone projects are gotten from a before written research essay where more in-depth study into the cause and effect as well as the solution of the problem is investigated. Finding a good topic would mean bringing down your focus, narrowing it such that it becomes undirected and then you are able to go through the multifaceted ways of solving the issue. Broader topics rather wear you out and produce a paper which does not sufficiently address any matter at hand.

The better your topic is, the easier your research and the closer you are to getting a great grade. Based on these facts, choosing a topic is usually the headache of most students and then they have to change the topic several times in order to come up with a good enough paper. Unfortunately, deadlines do not wait for anyone.

If you were wondering how to choose a good topic you might want to consider a few of these ideas:

  1.  Pick a topic that you are passionate about- This cannot be stressed enough. The more passionate about the topic you are, the easier it is to find the fuel to do the work. One thing that is good about capstone projects is that each topic is so narrowed down making it easy to pick a topic no one in your class has picked before. Settling down to finding your passion abs attacking it head on is the kind of energy you need to begin writing a capstone project.
  2.  Choose a specific theme – This point might have been mentioned earlier but is still relevant. The more specific your theme is the easier it is for your research to be done wholly. The theme has to be a real societal issue and having a broad umbrella does not offer you enough angles to be able to attack the topic sufficiently.
  3.  Choose a topic that allows you to showcase your knowledge – Passion is one thing when picking a topic but in order to get the best grades, knowledge is the other thing you need. You need to pick the topic that best allows you to express yourself as a scholar and bring forward issues that you know enough about to sound even more scholarly. Having a good topic can allow you to discover the various areas on academia’s stand on societal issues and that is the way to keep a room in awe. Passion and knowledge are indeed a deadly duo when it comes to choosing a topic.

How to come up with a good enough topic

You know you need to come up with a great topic but you are kind of stuck on the ‘how’ to go about it. This is also the problem of students. There are so many topics under the sun and you may even be at a loss with where to even begin from. Take care to look at your course outline and see which areas you were meant to improve on by the time you were done with your course. This helps you to narrow down your many ideas much further. If you undertook a research earlier and you have found that the topic of the research tickles your fancy, taking out one of the major points in that research can be a great way to begin searching for topics.

A lot of brainstorming needs to be done in order for you to conquer the difficult work of choosing a topic. You can also read a lot on the news or expose yourself to enough satirical ideas. Something has got to click among all the things that interest you.

While you brainstorm, come up with some topics that you would like to explore. As you gather these topics, pick the one that you feel you are most passionate about and that will give you the most leeway to express yourself scholarly. Choose an idea that is engaging and complex, if you may, with several sides to the story. This helps you to produce a rich paper full of various angles.

Finally, speak to your supervisor. You need to come up with a capstone proposal that you would give to your supervisor. Based on this proposal, your tutor would either tel, you if you are on the right path in your writing or not. Your proposal has to contain the following:

  •  The topic you wish to write on and the reason behind your choosing this particular topic.
  •  Any experience you have with the subject matter or the background on the particular subject.
  •  Show all of your research and reference sources
  •  Describe how you hope to put together the 40 paged essay on the topic.
  •  Write down your aims and objectives for undertaking this project.

You should put your heads together to be able to come up with a good enough topic that showcases your knowledge as well as makes it applicable in modern times. Your paper should be informative and engaging, and not in the least bit boring.

Your capstone presentation

Unfortunately with capstone projects, you simply cannot pick a topic and then write a paper hoping that is it. You definitely have to sit in and conduct scholarly debates, presentations as well as probably lectures on the same topic. The project is built such that at the end of the day, you have sufficiently schooled your professors on the chosen topic.

When writing a paper, be careful to follow all the intended organization steps for your paper. Go with the writing style that has been chosen and dictated by your professor to keep you on his good side. Carefully plan out your work so that you are never all over the place with your ideas. Basic good essay writing skills come into play here. The all time ‘Introduction, body and conclusion’ should be your mantra when writing your paper.

Here are a few other points you have to consider when putting together your structure:

  •  A literature review
  •  The methods you used in investigation and solving the issue at hand
  •  The results you obtained
  •  Your recommendations

Putting down your work in an organized manner always makes it easier to read and allows you to impress your professor because everyone prefers organized work.

Tons of research work has to be done in order to give you a good enough paper. It would be wise to go down to the area you happen to be studying and interact with the people in question. This then gives you a more human point of view, allowing your academic work to be even more relevant in today’s world and in the lives of the people under study. Seeking out these people and interacting with them makes it that much easier to be able to see all the different facets to the problem and begin your tackling from there.

Capstone papers usually involve a lot therefore setting up a timetable and adhering to it is of great benefit if you want to be able to finish your capstone paper in good time. These papers can be up to 40 pages long and therefore you definitely cannot sit down in one night and hope to finish the writing process. Most of the time, you are given a lot of time to complete the work but if you do not start on time and structure your timing to incorporate full research and a good enough time for writing, you may find yourself behind schedule.

Proofread your work to ensure that all grammatical errors are absent from your text. While writing you might want to come up with more than a few drafts to be able to put your work together, give them to your supervisor and take his or her input seriously. That way, your ideas are well checked before you put the final pen to the paper. Your final proofreading would simply check if you have all your grammar and expressions in check.

Get ready for your presentation once you have sent in the paper. You need to come up with a defense of the paper. It is all the more better if you have a defense already worked on complete with images points in order for you to sort of summarize your 40 plus paged work. This is why knowing the content of your work is so relevant. Your defense will either increase the interest in your work or reduce all of your year’s work into ashes.

Even with all these points, some people still find it difficult to write a capstone essay and they cannot be blamed. So many factors come into play with regards to capstone essays gone wrong. Take some time to look at a few samples and summaries or contact a professional writing firm to help you come up with the best capstone essay you could ever write.

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