Career Goals Essay: The Opportunities

The purpose of a career essay is to warrant your admission to places of your desire as a student and a potential employee. This article will take you through the process, and highlight the reason why you need to have such an essay.

Yes, You Need It!

Our success has been misconstrued to have been achieved as a result of a letter we received from high ranking business institutions. On the contrary, such a letter is not always the pathway to our success academically in business institutions or schools that better our career. In as much as you the administration would be interested in your accomplishments, this could be informed by the fact that they are looking into what you would achieve later or better yet, your strengths.

The administration responsible for admitting you must, therefore, have confidence that your full potential has not been explored yet but you have a foundation upon which to build your prospective fortress.

The Big Question is How Do You Do That?

A career goal essay will be a good initiative to kick-start such a journey because this is the best way to project your prospective strategies and plans for the administration of the admitting institution or the placement board. Why so? They get interested in a prospect they see and tend to be persuaded to help you get to your foreseen destination.

What you must then Answer:

How is your schedule arranged to take you to the final career destination? Remember to highlight the goals in both short and long-term.

What Informs the Question on Career Goal?

Retrospectively, one must ask if the admitting board’s interest is on the ascension of a student to the highest rank within the corporate world after they have finished their education and received their certificate. On the contrary, this would not be attainable and for that reason, they would not spend their energy on reading thousands of essays from all they have admitted. In essence, their interest in questioning you is out of the fact that getting convinced your prospect is realistic is their primary concern. Importantly, as a student, you cannot ignore the fact that your goals will be better explained via essays and for that reason, writing them will always be part of your crucial success. Such expertise will be exhibited quite often when beginning your academic journey, when looking for a job and when addressing some assignments that require you to do so. Early preparation for such tasks will save one time and shield you from unnecessary embarrassment.

Your Future is in Your Hands

If you succeeded in the past, then you must realize that you possess the requisite competencies such as expertise, gift, and know-how that will make it possible for you to succeed even more in the future. You may miss out on a chance to get admitted to University or to get a job of your dream because you underestimated the power of a well-defined career goal.

Career Goal Essay: What Is It and How Good Can It Be?

Understanding a career goal is very important when you want to creatively come up with a working formula. The item that gives a proper description to your aspirations is simply the career goal essay. Among its contents include your past memorable successes, your qualifiers to scale to the heights you desire and your projected expectations from new knowledge you want to acquire. In summary, the document is persuasive in nature and tied to your future simply because it is meant to sway the potential employer or the board responsible for carrying out admissions to one’s favor otherwise one can lose an opportunity based on the content of this document.

Writing an Amazing Career Goal Essay

Notably, some important guidelines apply when writing a career goal essay. Here are some of the most amazing guidelines that will help you overcome the fear of initiating the process of writing this document:

  • Find a fitting style that suits you and do not try any other It is imperative to realize that this document addresses none other than you in terms of who you are, your needs, and your future. Whoever comes across this document should vividly get a picture of who you are and your desires. At no point should it deviate from this fact because that will render it inconsistent. Aping others is highly discouraged because this document should be ‘you’.
  • You must create a robust claim or thesis A guiding statement that informs the reader of a given essay is very important, a claim or statement of the thesis should be the starting point so that the reader can get to know about what is in the document. More so, the claim makes clarifications of the intended achievements and the process that was used to set such targets. Additionally, this section helps one to understand the subsequent steps towards achieving the goals.
  • People must see clearly the structural arrangement of your essay A logical flow of your work is really important. The flow is always made possible through adoption of a structure. It is impossible to claim to have a good document if it is structurally disorganized. Ideas that are well flowing may as well be appealing and informative as opposed to those that hurriedly crafted.
  • Mastering the art of relevancy There is nothing as irritating as presenting an irrelevant document that is a complete departure from what the reader expects the writer to communicate. Future aspirations and ideas must be consistent with the paper and made even with expectations. Any part that communicates to the contrary must be done away with for the purposes of being in accord with the reader. Before looking at an example, the ideas below provides a possible prediction of grading career essays thus will help one to improve the quality as they create their own essays.

A career goal that scores A+ will be the one that offers an explanation of the ability to offer a solution to a problem in your area of interest. It is personal and making a lot of sense besides adding values to your social life.

Those that can be graded as B just as the A+ is aimed at addressing important issues that the writer are able to offer a solution to in their areas of interest as well as the goals which are not socially but personally making sense. This is the point of departure from A+ graded one.

A career Essay that addresses only the alignment of individual’s goals to their abilities in the areas of interest is graded as B.

Just the abilities marching the goals of once career falls in the category of C. The ambiguous and unclearly defined goals that are misleading, inconsistent and lacking in depth in terms of clearly explaining the importance, the social benefits, passion and what it means is graded as D.

Incognizant of the fact that you need more to expertly write a good essay, the example below will be helpful:


My Reasons for Pursuing a Teaching Career in Special Education

As a child, my dream was to fight crime. This I would achieve by dispensing special powers only owned by movie stars I saw in cinemas. Basically, my mind was full of fantasy because I kept on thinking that to save the world one must have nothing less than powers. I wanted just that. As an adult and being in being in a position to independently arrive at my decisions, it has clearly dawned on me that I want to become a Teacher of Special Education. There is no other better way to change the society and the world at large other than by becoming a tutor.

My rationality informing the decision to become a tutor is informed by the following.

I have a very good relationship with children. I am friendly to them and very happy being around them. My preference would be to design good activities and lessons that best suit their interest I am also passionate about understanding their way of coping with challenges that they face, their thinking and how they associate with their peers and for that reason I would lower myself to their level so that I can identify more with them. My experience with them has been nothing but fun.

Besides having served in the capacity of assistant tutor in my father’s kindergarten, my resolve to assist them grew even more and I can tell without fear that I am confident that I can successfully cope with the task this work presents.

Seating back and doing nothing to pursue my dream has never been my character. During my time with the children, I developed a strong sense of service. I generate concepts and consolidate plans besides successfully managing cooperation. My creativity enables me to create an environment that children love. Such an environment is created to aid them in learning and to make education more enjoyable. It is my intention to do just that.

Being good at carrying research, I will be helpful to the kids by giving them new ideas on how to handle a certain task that may seem difficult to them. Being a tutor in special education will help me in handling extraordinary situations and very special children. Their special abilities or what I call as them being abled differently will present me with a great moment to understand them and make sure that they enjoy education and life skills just like the ordinary children. As I appreciate that this will be a daunting task, but I am more than ready and happy to take up the task. This is why I have submitted my application to be accepted in this Institution. Upon my completion, hopefully, and after getting my certificate, my resolve to construct a special education school will be realized.

All the important parts that are contained in a good essay for a career are addressed in the essay. A strong claim is elaborate and reasons for the writer’s desire to join an institution offering special education so that the writer can learn are clearly given. This is an example of a good career goals essay. Also, the strengths that set the writer apart from other students seeking admission are explained and her plans are clearly articulated.


Writing a good career essay will greatly impact how the world perceives you. It will always give you an edge over others, you should consider it. Good students have mastered the art of writing essays explaining their careers. They do not forget to apply the basic components of an essay as well as considering the organization in terms of the structure.