Case Study

The people who work in fields such as medicine, marketing, law, engineering, business, social sciences, and several others many at times are required to create reports. The reports can be about customers, a situation that they have analyzed for some time or anything else. This report is what is referred to as a case study. To produce the best case study, the writer must adhere to certain writing guidelines. And like all other kinds of assignments, a case study has a writing format.

Actually, a case study might also be in a video format. There are times when people like watching videos instead of reading written content. Presenting a case study in video format is quite useful and very convenient. The videos can be posted on social media platforms. But bear in mind that creating a video for a case study needs a lot of time. But you should never give up if you do not have enough time. There are many experts online who can help you out.

The difference between an essay and a case study

Most people already know how to write essays because they are very common assignments in schools. Unlike case studies, essays provide an answer to some questions. The answers are based on the writer’s research and what he/she knows about the topic. Besides that, the organization of essays and that of case studies is different. A case study shows and analyzes the findings of the research. It is descriptive and it presents events as actual findings or experiments of surveys. The essays, on the other hand, evaluate and discuss. But also note that the essay type depends on the topic.

Many at times the marketing case studies talk about the actual achievement of a company and the clients. The marketing case studies are presented in an educational style for the audience and so, what they contain should be easy to understand.

Case study organization


The topic must encompass the best description of what is being written about. It should be strong and effective since its role is to grab the attention of the audience and make them aware of what the case study is about. If you find it difficult to choose a powerful topic, consider getting help from professional writing companies.


This is not a scientific article. So, the abstract has no format. This means things such as the titles for the methodologies and conclusion are not necessary. Writers are only required to write the background. The background must contain an outline; for example, the advertising designs of the study being analyzed. The writer should next write more relevant information and findings of the study. A conclusion must also be included here.


Here the writers should mention the main issues that the case study talks about. They must write a brief explanation of the literature that is published. Ensure that everything you write here is relevant to the topic. Some of the recommended sources to use include review articles and the initial case mentioned in the literature. Lastly, the writer must come up with a powerful thesis statement. The thesis is actually the main thing in the case study and it will determine if the case study will be successful or not.

Case report

Writers who are writing about health services, for instance, must provide the actual information about the patients in this section. They can write about the patients’ illness, the treatment, lab results and so forth. The information here must be written in a chronological manner in figures, words or tables. Research ethics is also important here. The patient or customer should never be identified in your writing. If a writer needs to share a photo of the customer, that customer must sign a written agreement. And for your work to get published, you must first agree with the primary care physician.


This is the largest section of a case study. Here a writer is required to talk about the case and reveal the lab results. The duty of the writer here is to compare his/her findings to the past researches. If the two differ, the writer must find the reasons for the differences. The writer must also share his opinions in this section. What the writer should respond to and defend here is why his/her work is unique.


The writer here is required to summarize what he/she learnt for the findings. Never repeat the history of the study in this section. Also, do not introduce information that is not contained in the case study in this last section. Writers should only ensure they write a brief and informative summary which suits the subject.


Here the writer should mention the individuals that helped him/her in the study but did not take part in writing it.


The references should be presented on a new page. The writer should look for new and helpful resources, for instance, scholarly articles. The site where the writer got the reading should also be a reliable one. The references must be written alphabetically. Wikipedia and Facebook must never be included here. Ensure that the whole design is correct and is presented as per the specified citation styles, Havard, MLA, ASA or any other.

Figures and tables

In this section, if the writers have something that they could not include in any of the case study sections above, they should mention it here. In fact, including pictures or tables in a case study is a wonderful way of finalizing your paper. It can even make your paper stand out for those of other writers because it will appear more educational and detailed.

Completing a case study

Writing case studies is common in most schools worldwide. It is actually a kind of assignment in schools and it is very helpful since the learners can apply what they have learnt in practice.

For instance, the learners in courses like physiology and psychotherapy find themselves acting like professionals during case studies. They analyze how some methods are applied to clients and how their counseling and management skills can help others.

With case studies, learners are able to pay more attention to technical skills development. They are also able to show their approaches and strategies to certain problems.

To understand how a case study is written takes a lot of time and learners are required to be thoroughly trained because it is a complex assignment. The best guide will help learners understand the strategy of applying their analytical skills to produce the best case studies. This skill is very beneficial and can be mentioned when applying for a job after school.

The method of a case study

If you are a student who is studying law and intend to get an MBA, the University of Harvard has created several tips that will assist you in coming up with a case study. For example, the law school of Harvard demonstrates the dissimilarities between a case approach and a case study. The case study uses narratives and legal dilemma to present law principles. The case approach, on the other hand, uses court decisions for that purpose.

A case study strategy requires communication and working together of all the people involved. But the case method uses the interaction between the teacher and the student. Lastly, the case study organization looks at the dilemma in its construction but the case approach analyzes it when it has already been solved.

But case studies are not just about learners. People who are working many at times need to write case studies in order to be successful. In companies for instance in marketing, the company might identify a problem that needs to be solved. The case study here can be long or short but it must have all the required details. For instance, it can describe the company goal and how to be successful.

The marketing case study can assist a company to explain how the customers can succeed through a particular marketing approach. To begin with, the writer must come up with the topic and explain the story of customers and the challenges they are facing. After that, the writer should mention the aim of the company. What should follow next is writing the expectations of the suggested marketing approach. All these sections must be short and clear.

What follows next is the discussion. Here the writer should talk about the strategy of marketing and the things used. Obviously, the writer here should talk about the current and most used methods that make the industry and both the company and the customers prosper. The writer can then present the outcomes of the marketing methods and the feedback of the company.

After all that, the writer can now write the conclusion. In the conclusion, the writer must mention what has been learnt. He or she must also mention if that approach will be suitable for others.

There is more advice about writing a case study online. It is recommended to look at a marketing case study from the advertising angle. Imagine doubting the best marketing company or services to pick. Just assume you are a customer and design your case study creatively. Consider including a video presentation as well. And as stated earlier, if you have any challenges there are plenty of professional writing companies that can assist you. Professional writers understand that this is one of the hardest papers that exist and they are always ready to support you. Whether you need a complete paper or need help in creating the topic or conclusion, just feel free to contact them.

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