Our 50 Remarkable Cause and Effect Essay Topics for All Writers!

Are you struggling to write your cause and effect essay? Well, relax, because this is maybe the easiest educational project that you’ll come across. The first and arguably the most important step is picking out an interesting topic. Of course, this is not always easy, but luckily, after extensive research, we have put together a robust list of ideas to nurture your writing.

However, before exploring this list, let’s go through some of the things that make up a catchy cause and effect paper. These tips will further guide you in choosing the most suitable subject for your essay.

Things Every Strong Cause and Effect Paper Needs to Have

Here are the principles you need to remember as you go through our fantastic collection of cause and effect essays:

  1.  Clearly, define all causes and their consequences
  2.  Decide on how you intend to express your ideas and thoughts
  3.  Pick out those ideas which make sense only!
  4.  Find inspiration by getting your hands on strong references!

Our Stunning Topics for Your Cause and Effect Essay for Learners of All Levels

If you’re still asking yourself what a remarkable cause and effect essay requires, you will be pleased and satisfied with what you see in this detailed list below. Pick the theme with the best chance of triggering the strongest emotions and views from your audience.

Cause and Effect Essay Themes for All College Student

Are you a college student looking to take your paper writing to the next level? These ideas will give you the best chance of expressing your feelings and concerns regarding a particular issue. They include:

  1.  Non-Profit Corporations And Their Effect On Local Communities
  2.  Poor Quality Or Water And Its Effect On Our Healthcare Sector
  3.  Effects Of Drugs And Substance Abuse On College Students
  4.  People Living With Disabilities: Cause And Consequences Of Unemployment
  5.  The Impact Of Poor Sanitation In Our Growing Societies
  6.  Impact Of Mobile Devices On The Business Industry
  7.  The Relation Between Engaging In Video Games And Increase In Violent Behavior
  8.  Effects Of Serious Birth Control On The Growth Of Our Society
  9.  Causes And Consequences Of Obesity In Teens Living In The U.S.A
  10.  Things Which Are Causing Anorexia Nervosa In Young Girls

Fun Cause and Effect Essay Ideas

It’s always good to excite your readers whenever you write a cause and effect essay. While this may seem pretty straightforward, it’s usually one of the toughest things which writers go through. What many of them don’t know is that all they need to do is to get a subject that can create an intriguing and fun final document like these ideas below:

  1.  Causes And Effects Of Laughing At Your School Band’s Drummers
  2.  The Impact Of Making Your Pet Famous On The Internet
  3.  Things Which Would Happen If You Were To Post A Hateful Message On Facebook
  4.  Causes Of ‘Vikings’ Replacing ‘Game Of Thrones’ On HBO And The Effects Of Such A Drastic Change
  5.  Effects Of Watching Every Game Online
  6.  Benefits Of Improved Internet Connection
  7.  Will Having Many Friends On Social Media Make You Famous?
  8.  Things Which Will Assist You In Saving Power On Your Phone When Away From Home
  9.  How To Become A Successful Businessman Or Woman By Selling Fun Stuff
  10.  How Is Music Affecting Our Young Generation

Cause and Effect Paper Topics on Our History

We need to understand past events if we are to appreciate our present. Sadly though, not many people find time to learn crucial events which happened a century ago. Hence, as the writer, you must inform and educate them using the following themes for your cause and effect essay:

  1.  Colonialism And How It Affected Human History
  2.  Causes And Consequences Of The 2nd World War
  3.  Ways In Which The War Changed The Mind Of War Veterans
  4.  The Bill To Provide Education To All Soldiers And How It Will Improve The United State’s Universities
  5.  Long-Term Impact Of Slavery In The U.S.A
  6.  Things Which Caused The Collapse Of The Roman Empire
  7.  The Jewish Population And How They Changed Events During World War II
  8.  Impact Of The Arab Spring
  9.  Causes And Effects Of Continues Mexican Immigration Into The United States
  10.  The Impact Of The Powerful Woman Liberation Movement In The U.S.A

Simple Topics for Your Cause and Effect Essay

If you have not yet honed your skills as a writer, getting a simple cause and effect essay topic is the wisest thing to do. These could be topics about children, health, or even social media. Take a look at a couple of our unusual ideas:

  1.  Critical Things Which Make Every Patient Burn Out
  2.  Interesting Things Which Make Every Kid Successful
  3.  Advantages And Disadvantages Of Open Campus
  4.  What You Need To Do To Become A Successful Blogger From Just An Average Student
  5.  Reasons Why Google More Popular Than Yahoo And Other Search Engines
  6.  Factors Which Make Many Buyers Spend Tons Of Money Just On Shopping
  7.  Things That You Should Do To Make Your Mobile App Popular In Only One Week
  8.  How Are Coke And Pepsi Soft Drinks Influencing Your Health?
  9.  Effects Of College Students Not Taking A Rest During Summer Breaks
  10.  Reasons Behind The Increased Levels Of Teenage Pregnancies Today!

Cause and Effect High School Paper Topics

Just like college, if you are a high school student, a cause and effect essay is one of papers that your lecturers or teachers will require you to write. To ensure that you are adequately prepared to face this task, these are the most common themes that you’ll find:

  1.  How Does Food Insecurity Affect The Lives Of Growing Children
  2.  Causes And Consequences Of Increased Racism And Discrimination In Schools
  3.  The Role Of Sexism In Our Modern Society
  4.  How To Gain Popularity While In College Or University
  5.  Role Of Charter Schools In Our Educational System
  6.  The Effects Of High School Students Watching ‘Pretty Little Liars’ When It Comes To Character And Integrity Building
  7.  Things Which Children Living With ADHD Normally Go Through Once They Attend Regular Public Schools
  8.  Causes And Consequences Of Homeschooling Children Instead Of Taking Them To School
  9.  Drawbacks And Benefits Of Sex Education
  10.  The Pros And Cons Of Parents Being Involved In Their Kid’s Education!

The Outline of a Brilliant Compare and Contrast Essay

Now that we have already mentioned the compare and contrast topics you need to write to engage as well as excite your readers, let us now briefly mention the outline of such projects. These typically take the multiple causal chains where one factor causes several different effects. The essay’s structure will, therefore, take this shape:

  1.  An Introduction
  2.  1st Effect
  3.  2nd Effect
  4.  3rd Effect
  5.  Conclusion


With all these ideas already at your disposal, you’ll no longer have to worry about when it comes to writing such a project. Although you may not get the chance to write all above topics, make sure you go for the one which you feel is most important. Once you’ve done so, speak from your mind and heart instead of merely listing vague ideas just to finish the paper. All the best!

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