The Best Controversial Speech Topic Ideas

Most people tend to be overawed by speech giving. When you’re about to give a talk on a subject that will generate controversy, you end up becoming more concerned about the intuition of standing in front of people. The most essential thing to consider when planning for a controversial essay is selecting an awesome subject that matches your persona. You can tell whether a subject is a great match for you if it corresponds to the following conditions:

  •  The subject matter arouses an instant emotive feedback
  •  Ponder around 3 crucial subtopics to help you
  •  The emotive feedback isn’t so intense that there’s a possibility of you losing your cool if an individual disagrees

It does not matter what you look at or where you go, at a given point in time you will come across a contentious subject. Each individual holds a divergent viewpoint. Some tend to stick to their opinion more strongly than others. The contentious nature of a particular topic is exhibited not only by the disagreements that encircle it but also by the emotive responses as well as length of the disagreements.

Controversy draws people like vultures to a carcass. Contentious subjects are ideal for speeches due to the fact that they arouse intense views from both sides. A contentious speech encompasses choosing a contentious subject and has to be one that can last for a long time.

Selecting the Best Contentious Subject

If you desire your speech to be awesome, it's essential to choose the right subject. You ought to mull over the following:

  •  The crowd

Ponder the composition of the listeners, as well as how you mold the subject to relate with them. For instance, does the audience consist of elderly people or youth? Does the number of males exceed that of females or vice versa? Their respective social backdrop? Will the contentious topic you wish touch on be captivating to the audience?

  •  Purpose

What do you wish to do with your subject? Do you wish to notify your listeners of will the objective of your presentation be to persuade or is it going to be confrontational? Your subject probably might be a combination of the above. Determine your intent, and the thing you intend your listeners to get your speech beforehand.

  •  Interests

The ideal thing to perform is to choose a subject that you know about, as well as one that you are also enthusiastic about. Doing this will help you enormously when carrying out your research, and it assists to guarantee that your speech will be beloved. Alternatively, if your choice of a subject is one which you aren’t enthusiastic about, you’ll encounter difficulties in finishing your work.

  •  Trustworthiness

If you’re knowledgeable on a certain subject, the trust your audience will have for you will increase when talking before them. Ponder the time you’ve been fascinated in that subject matter, the knowhow you possess on it, as well as the existing information to ensure your research is going to be comprehensive. Moreover, it's also beneficial if you were involved with the subject at some point in time.

When you decide to give a speech about a contentious subject matter, you ought to familiarize yourself with the opposing arguments. This assists in developing your logical thinking skills as well as assist you to stick up for your standpoint on a particular issue better. This skill will be useful in various situations, for instance, political discussions. With the capacity to deliberate logically and comprehend each viewpoint, you will get to engage your listeners effectively.

Explore the following list of contentious discourse topics and utilize it as a motivation for your task:

Topics on Teenagers

  1.  What Must Be Done To Shield Teenagers From Drugs?
  2.  The Impact Of Hookup Culture On Teens
  3.  Teenagers Must Be Discouraged From Gambling Activities
  4.  Who Is To Blame For Teenage Suicides?
  5.  In What Manner Can We Prevent Bullying In School And Also Cyberbullying
  6.  The Causes Of Depression, Anxiety, And Mental Illness Among Teens
  7.  Pornography Ought To Be Prohibited From Community Libraries So That Adolescents Don’t Access It
  8.  The Right Age When Teens Can Begin Dating
  9.  Teenagers And Eating Disorders: Can This Problem Be Dealt With Once And For All?
  10.  At What Age Can Teens Get The Chance To Vote?

Topics on Foreign Policy

  1.  America Should Stop Playing World Policeman
  2.  The United States Warfare On Iraq Was Misguided
  3.  Conflict Within The Mid-East: Just How Can This Region Achieve Permanent Peace?
  4.  The Consequence Of Iran Having A Nuclear Program
  5.  Actual Consequences Of Warfare
  6.  Steps To Take To Win The Fight Against Terror?
  7.  Reasons Why America Ought To Increase Or Decrease Assistance
  8.  The Refugee Crisis: Does The West Have To Keep On Taking In Syrian Refugees?
  9.  Between Diplomacy And Force, Which One Will Be Effective In Dealing With North Korea?

Controversial Speech Topics on History

  1.  Lawful Abortion: The Chronicle Behind It
  2.  Failed Executions And The Death Penalty In The US
  3.  Creation Against Evolution
  4.  What Led To The First World War? What Were Its Impacts?
  5.  What Led To The Second World War? What Were Its Impacts?
  6.  The Monster That Is Genocide
  7.  Feminism And The Rights Of The Female Gender
  8.  The Lost Art Of Midwifery
  9.  Do Spirits Exist?
  10.  Legalization Of Weed

Entertainment Topics

  1.  Tattoos As A Type Of Body Art
  2.  Gambling: What Is Its Alure?
  3.  Reasons Behind Country Music Being The Best Music Genre
  4.  Video Games That Are Violent Can Lead To Video Game Addiction
  5.  Alcohol And Cigarette Advertisements Ought To Be Prohibited

Controversial Speech Topics on Sexuality

  1.  Should Polygamy Be Legalized?
  2.  Pornography: Its Consequences On A Matrimony
  3.  The Issue Of Homosexuality
  4.  Prevalence Of Adult Themed Topics In Programs And Films Intended For Kids
  5.  The Locker Rooms That LGBTQ Athletes Ought To Use
  6.  Sexual Identity: Is It Ascertained At Birth?
  7.  Prostitution Legalization: Will It Benefit The General Public?
  8.  The Bathrooms That Transgender Persons Ought To Utilize
  9.  Should Transgender Persons Be Drafted Into The Armed Forces?

Political and Economical Topics

  1.  The Worry About Security With Regards To Electronic Voting
  2.  Women And Riches: Reasons Why Women Are Less Wealthy And How To Fix This Issue
  3.  Multiculturalism: Is It Beneficial To The General Public?
  4.  Why Some Educational Institutions In The US Don’t Accept The Pledge Of Allegiance
  5.  Corruption And Journalism
  6.  A President Ought To Rule Over A Country Using Various Moral Grounds Rules
  7.  Why Reforms About Financing Of Campaigns For Public Office Should Be Carried Out
  8.  Discrimination Based On Race
  9.  The Bailouts Of Financial Institutions By Governments
  10.  Masculinity Plus Femininity: The Double Standards That Exist Between Them
  11.  The United States Should Steer Clear Of Other Nations’ Affairs
  12.  Farmers Must Be Shielded Financially Against Drought And Also Pests
  13.  The Income Of Those Who Work In The Armed Forces Against Those Of Sports Men And Women
  14.  Mudslinging: Its Misuse In Party-Political Campaigns
  15.  How Lowest Wage Impacts Operations In Various Work Places

Law and Order Topics

  1.  Prohibiting The Tests And Experiments On Animals
  2.  High Taxation Is Detrimental To A Country?
  3.  Mental Illness: Is It Just An Excuse To Avoid Justice In A Court Of Law?
  4.  Tobacco Legislation
  5.  Those Who Commit Sexual Offenses Ought To Be Given Harsher Punishments
  6.  The Prevalence Of Corruption Amongst The Police
  7.  Harsher Regulations Against Discrimination Should Be Enacted
  8.  Tougher Laws On Indecent Acts With Children Pornography Should Be Passed
  9.  The Death Sentence: The Case For It To Be Outlawed
  10.  The Rise Of The Movement Advocating For Basic Human Rights And Racial Equality For Black People
  11.  Abortion: The Pro-Life Against Pro-Choice Debate
  12.  Legislation Which Bans Firearms With Magazines That Are Of High Capacity Should Be Passed
  13.  Euthanasia Ought To Be Made Legal For Those With Incurable Disease
  14.  The Regulation Of Birth Control
  15.  Reduced Ethics In America
  16.  Medical Malpractice: People Should Be Protected Against It
  17.  Legislation Governing Seatbelts And Motorbike Helmets
  18.  Biological Parents Should Be Permitted To Communicate With Their Children Who’ve Been Adopted
  19.  Spanking As A Form Of Discipline
  20.  Adoption Records Should Be Opened
  21.  Why The Jury Should Be Abolished
  22.  Tactics Utilized In Detention Facilities
  23.  Harsher Punishments For Persons Who Commit Acts Of Cruelty To Animals
  24.  The Environment In Jails Lead To Future Crimes Committed
  25.  Compulsory Minimum Penalties: Their Effects On National Sentencing
  26.  Can LGBTQ Couples Be Joined In Holy Matrimony?

Funny Controversy Speech Topics

  1.  Foolish Feline Videos: Why They Are Destroying The Internet
  2.  A Dress Code Ought To Be Implemented By Walmart
  3.  Felines Are Better Buddies As Compared To Dogs
  4.  Can Playing Video Games Be Considered A Sporting Activity?
  5.  Reasons For Appreciating Smog
  6.  The Kardashian Family: Reasons For Them Having More Clout Than The US President
  7.  Sending And Receiving Text While Behind The Wheel: Its Advantages
  8.  Smoking Can Actually Be A Good Habit To Pick Up

Popular Topics

  1.  America Must Cease The Use Of Drone Strikes Overseas
  2.  The Suitable Age For Alcohol Intake Ought To Be Reduced To Eighteen From Twenty One
  3.  Why Politicians Must Be Barred From Turning Into Petitioners
  4.  Voting Rights: Why Convicted Felons Shouldn’t Be Given The Green Light To Vote
  5.  The United States Pledge Of Allegiance: Should The Phrase “Under God” Be Retained?
  6.  Participation In Voting: Voter Identification Regulations Victimize The Smaller Groups
  7.  The United States Balloting System: Should The Popular Vote Replace The Electoral College System
  8.  The Concerned Authorities Must Tackle This Issue Of Income Inequality
  9.  Social Security: Should It Be Privatized?

Topics on Religion

  1.  Teaching Religion In Public Educational Institutions: Is It Beneficial To Our Kids?
  2.  Should Places Of Worship Remain Exempted From Paying Tax?
  3.  Islam: Can This Religion Be Considered Peaceful?
  4.  In Historical Terms, Can The Bible Be Termed As Correct?
  5.  A Student Can Be Exempted From Compulsory School Vaccinations On Religious Grounds
  6.  The Holy Spirit: Is It Still Present In Today’s Christian Churches?
  7.  Couples Who Live Together Without Getting Married
  8.  Organized Religion: Would Doing Away It Benefit The Whole World?

Scientific, Biological, and Healthiness Speech Topics

  1.  Getting Rid Of Value Size Options At Fast Food Joints
  2.  Why We Should Care For The Mentally Disabled
  3.  Are Meat Businesses Utilizing Antibiotics?
  4.  The Negative Impacts Of Consuming Genetically Modified Products
  5.  Do Aliens Really Exist?
  6.  Welfare Applicants Ought To Be Drug Tested
  7.  Do Vaccinations Work Or Are They Hurting More?
  8.  Vaccinations Ought To Be Made Compulsory For One To Get Admitted To A Public School
  9.  Birth Control Measures: Why Men Should Also Be Participants
  10.  People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals And The Struggle Against Brutality Towards Animals As A Reason For Becoming A Vegetarian
  11.  The Fight Against Obesity In America
  12.  Chemical Weapons Should Not Exist
  13.  Renewable And Alternative Energy Use
  14.  There’s A Possibility Of Natural Resources Getting Exhausted
  15.  The Supernatural World: Are Ghost And Demons Really In Existence?
  16.  Human Population Should Be Controlled
  17.  Organ Transplantation: Is It An Ethical Practice?

Topics on the Environment

  1.  Recycling: Why It Ought To Be Promoted
  2.  Is Global Warming Real Or Is It Just Hogwash?
  3.  Limitations On Production Of Trash Per Week Must Be Put In Place
  4.  Going Green: The Merits Of Going Green For A Business
  5.  Pesticide Usage: How It Damages The Environment
  6.  Why Alternate Energy Must Be Encouraged As A Means Of Combatting Climate Change
  7.  Conserving The Already Limited Water Resources: Why It Should Be Emphasized More

Contentious Speech Topics on Education

  1.  Religious Holidays Like Easter Have To Be Celebrated In Educational Institutions
  2.  Technology In Schools: Have Tablets Replaced The Traditional Textbooks?
  3.  National Government Ought To Put Into Effect A Voucher Program For Educational Institutions
  4.  Evolution Or Creationism: Which One Ought Not To Be Taught In Public Educational Institutions?
  5.  Common Core Ought To Be Revoked
  6.  Learning More Than One Language In An Educational Institution Must Be Made Mandatory?
  7.  There Ought To Be Reforms Carried Out On Education Associated With Law
  8.  Homeschooling Impacts On Youngsters
  9.  Should Apprentices Opt For More Practical Subjects As Compared To The Arts?
  10.  The Case For Going To School The Whole Year: Merits As Well As Demerits
  11.  The Importance Of Pre-Schools
  12.  Has Supervision In Educational Institutions Gone Too Far?
  13.  Homework For Students: How Much Homework Should Kids Be Given?
  14.  The Case For Abolishing School Uniforms
  15.  Appropriate Age To Learn About Sex?
  16.  Most Educational Institutions Aren’t Imparting Adequate Life Skills
  17.  The Consequences Of School Suspensions To Students
  18.  We Should Stay Away From Products Made From Killing Animals

Controversial Speech Topics on Technology

  1.  Smartphones Have Become An Important Gadget In Our Day-To-Day Lives. Are They Really Harmful?
  2.  The Dangers Of Cell Phone And Wireless Signals To Our Health
  3.  Cloning: Are We Closer To The Initial Human Clone?
  4.  Embedded GPS Systems: Are They A Threat To Our Privacy?
  5.  Gas Efficacy Of Different Automobiles
  6.  The Right To Be Secure In This Age Of Electronic Surveillance
  7.  Privacy Concerns That Arise From Social Networking
  8.  Coming Up With Alternate Forms Of Energy
  9.  The Benefits Of Online Classes
  10.  Computers In Schools Today: Are They Doing More Harm Than Good?
  11.  The Dangers Of Plastic Surgery
  12.  Intelligent Drones: How They Are Shaping Warfare
  13.  The Problems With Public Video Surveillance
  14.  The Right To Free Speech Online

Philosophical Controversial Speech Topics

  1.  The Significance Of Our Lives
  2.  Truthfulness Against Deceit

Medical Controversial Speech Topics

  1.  All Citizens Are Entitled To The Right To Affordable Health Care
  2.  The Advantages Of Milk To Our Bodies
  3.  Life Must Be Safeguarded
  4.  Examination Of Human Genetic
  5.  Advantages Of Medical Marijuana
  6.  Rationale Behind Obesity Being Viewed As A Disease
  7.  Is Carrying Out Animal Trials Moral?
  8.  We Ought To Strive To Embrace Energy Conservation As A Lifestyle
  9.  There Should Be A Limit To The Advertising Of Prescription Drugs

Media Topics

  1.  The Legality Of Gambling Over The Internet
  2.  Can Photo-Bombing Be Considered A Problem?
  3.  Violence On TV: Does It Lead To Violence Among Kids?
  4.  Is It Acceptable To Show Sex On TV?
  5.  Ways In Which We Can Deal With Online Plagiarism
  6.  Media Beauty Standards: Are They Detrimental To Teenagers?
  7.  The Internet Is One Of The Leading Causes Of Moral Decay
  8.  Is It Right To Download Music From The Internet?


There you have it. The ideal thing to do when choosing a contentious topic is to pick one that you’re so enthusiastic about that the listeners will have the ability to spot the enthusiasm even if you don't say anything. Hopefully, the above listing of topic ideas will help you create the ideal contentious subject for your speech.

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