Top 72 Definition Paper Topics

A definition paper is a type of writing whereby you compose your own meaning of a term. This meaning must be researched well and backed by evidence (may include examples from personal experiences). In addition, it may be a description of what a particular term signifies.

Some words possess literal, certain meanings, while some are abstract, and are dependent upon an individual’s viewpoint. Moreover, whereas dictionaries offer concise explanations of terms, a definition essay makes them lengthier.

It’s recommended not to compose definition essays on words that possess narrow, exact meanings. Rather, attempt something broad. Select words such as ‘beauty’ to write about. Give all probable descriptions of these phrases. The initial factor to incorporate is a description from an approved dictionary. Choose the subjects for your essay which undoubtedly exist.

Normally, this sort of essay isn’t complex to compose. It has less content when you compare it to other kinds of composing tasks. It has one objective; to elucidate what the phrase denotes, and it doesn’t need any arguments to sway the reader to side with the author’s opinion (except when the author attempts to convince his or her description of a phrase is the correct one). The author may incorporate the official meaning in addition to his or her own notions concerning a particular term. As a result of doing this, the paper ends up occupying a whole page.

Stages of Composing a Definition Essay

Start by picking a suitable subject matter. For learners, their instructors might provide different terms to hash out so that the paper may be lengthier. A learner won’t obtain a higher score for a phrase that necessitates some sentences to delineate it.

The ideal thing to do is to choose complicated words with broad definitions. They ought to have a long history and fascinating origins. Most times, a complex word with various meanings can’t be elucidated in one sentence or two in the absence of clear examples. Profound terms might necessitate many words or phrases to delineate them.

The subject the author chooses doesn’t matter. It works in this manner:

  •  Pick a term to elucidate (keep away from the terms you don’t entirely comprehend), present it to your readers. The key reason is to kickoff the content of your paper.
  •  Use several primary sources, for instance, encyclopedias and dictionaries to find out exactly how most people like to elucidate the selected word. Bring together the presented descriptions on one paper.
  •  Disclose the chosen term in the beginning.
  •  Provide the comprehensive information on the selected word in the body paragraphs, rationally connected using different transition terms.
  •  Choose the perfect examples to describe and decipher your own elucidation.

Edifice of a Definition Paper

Although this kind of paper has less content than other kinds of papers, it also has an outline. The amount of terms you compose relies on how complicated the selected phrase is. Select a whole phase to talk about in your essay.

Keep in mind that some terms are rational and easy to elucidate. Conversely, some require thorough research to find the precise depiction of their denotation.

Each academic essay ought to follow the following format: introduction, thesis statement (although it’s part of the beginning), main body, conclusion (ending), and the relevant citations.


It ought to have an approved (dictionary) connotation of the chosen phrase, which the writer can locate in various English dictionaries (you can also go online).

When you arrive at the accurate description, ensure it is brief and lucid before its implementation in the beginning. Pick the most suitable delineation regarding your context. Choose the manner in which you’d wish to hash out about the selected word.

In case you don’t want to commence the essay with the straightforward meaning, a hook might be useful (it’s simply a captivating sentence included to grab the attention of the reader). It may be a famous quote, fact, anecdote, joke, metaphor, or a statistic.

A word like ‘love’ might be a perfect selection it cannot be defined briefly. There’s no definite depiction of these types of terms. When defining one of these words, you can incorporate its universal elucidation the dictionary meaning, and also include some phrases depicting the individual comprehension of that term. You won’t require a normal thesis for this type of composing.

Thesis Statement

One thing you have to take into account that makes this kind of paper different is whether you handle the standard or thesis definition. Consistent with a thesis definition essay, it’s the primary argument of your paper. It appears in the final sentences of the introduction.

The initial type of definition is the one borrowed from official sources such as dictionaries. With regards to a thesis definition, this sentence entails the complete version of what the term means. Combine the normal definition with your own experience together with the utilization of the term; it’s all about composing a proper introduction.

This kind of essay doesn’t require a standard definition essay thesis statement since there’s nothing a writer ought to prove concerning the subject. The key idea is to simply elucidate the word. Choose the most precise meaning from the dictionaries.

If you create a thesis statement while working on your essay elucidating the meanings of words, remember that it ought to be clear, concise, as well as straight to the point. Moreover, it shouldn’t exceed two sentences.

The Main Body

This segment has a unique edifice when equated with convincing essays. You ought to share various points that make up the picked term’s explanation. Historical background isn’t a must; simply check whether each separate notion has its own paragraph, and adhere to the following edifice:

  •  Incorporate the initial component of an elucidation. Give a comprehensive scrutiny of the manner in which the given example validates the connotation of the term.
  •  It’s going to be the subsequent facet of the phrase plus supporting examples.
  •  If the phrase possesses over two meanings, include one more description (it’s going to result in a standard five-paragraph piece of writing).

In addition, this segment ought to have history and basis, dictionary elucidation and use, and individual clarification.

The Conclusion

In this section, recap the various connotations of the term utilized, or remind of the connotations of various simple terms talked about in the paper. The ending ought to possess a synopsis and scrutiny of the cited points.

The ideal thing to do is to depict the manner in which a specific term impacts the life of a writer, revert the hook sentence and thesis statement from the beginning to conclude your paper; however, remember to rewrite both sentences.

Now that the information on the denotation and edifice of a definition paper is in place, the next thing is to look at various examples of delineation essay subjects. Use the following topics list to help you get started on your essay.

Definition Essay Topics

  1.  Smartphone Applications Use In Schools To Accelerate The Studying Process
  2.  Reasons For The Probable Introduction Of Creationism Into The School Curriculum
  3.  Importance Of A Second Lingo (For Instance Spanish Or French).
  4.  Punishment Techniques Linked To Caring Parents
  5.  Worthwhile Job: Aspects That Affect The Satisfaction Of Employees
  6.  Things Every Worker Ought To Chip In To The Advancement Of Corporate Citizenship
  7.  Medical Practitioners Definition Of Smoking Of Tobacco
  8.  Aspects Which Predestine A Joyful Matrimony That Will Endure Forever
  9.  Examination Cheating: Is It Something Which Has Become Uncontrollable?
  10.  What’s The Common Thing Between Confidence And Discipline?
  11.  Awful Coaching And The Undesirable Outcomes Of Unsuitable Work Outs
  12.  Issues Which Contributed To Discrimination Based On Race In America
  13.  The Denotation Of ‘Frenemy’: Genuine Friendship Against Unfriendliness
  14.  Mass Killings: Origin, Results, As Well As Preventive Methods
  15.  Do Americans Know The Denotation Of Freedom?
  16.  Democracy And Additional Terms Linked To The Right To Choice
  17.  Adhering To A Healthy Lifestyle: The Distinction Between Virtuous And Unhealthy Practices
  18.  A Successful University Application: The Magical Terms To Leave A Lasting Impression On Admission Officials
  19.  Proof That The FBI And Government, In General, Has Been Violating Our Privacy Rights
  20.  How A Degree From A University Is Significant In The Existence Of A Learner
  21.  Denotation Of Sluggishness: Useful Methods Of Conquering This Unhealthy Practice
  22.  Denotation Of Generosity: Who May Be Viewed As Big-Hearted In Modern Times?
  23.  Mobile Phone And Additional Electrical Gadgets Usage In The Classroom: The Virtuous And The Bad
  24.  Three Aspects That Can Ascertain Whether An Individual May Be Referred To Being Modest
  25.  A Competent University Instructor: Proficiencies And Knowhow He Or She Has To Possess
  26.  Depiction Of Non-Sexual Love Among Modern Teens
  27.  Capital Punishment: Outline The Merits And Demerits After Explaining It
  28.  Health Indicators Of A Wholesome Appetite
  29.  What Valor Signifies To Various Kinds Of Individuals
  30.  Qualities Which A Genuine Acquaintance Ought To Possess To Bank On Him Or Her
  31.  Can Distant Kinfolks Be Regarded As Part Of The Family Unit?
  32.  The Official Meanings Of Family From Diverse Dictionaries
  33.  Coordination Of Personality Via Shared Love And Admiration
  34.  Adulation, Admiration, And Craving; The Attributes Of Love
  35.  Family Is A Collection Of Individuals Which Comprises Of Parents, Children, And Relatives: Do You Support Or Oppose This Notion?
  36.  Hatred: Is It Safe To Term It As The Utmost Damaging Sensation?
  37.  Same-Sex Associations: Are They Damaging The Notion Of Love
  38.  Why Most People Who Are Poor Feel Like They Are Comfortable
  39.  Divergent Meanings Of Attractiveness Against Unattractiveness
  40.  The Characters Of A Superhero: Examining Batman, Green Lantern, Hulk, Wonder Woman, Among Others.
  41.  Defining Success With Reference To Jeff Bezos Or Warren Buffet
  42.  Aspects Which Can Lead To A Stranger Becoming The Best Parent Unlike Your Biological One
  43.  Reflective Paper Regarding The Function Of Family In A Learner’s Life
  44.  Family Is A Crucial Unit Within The Society; Therefore It Renders It Precious
  45.  Denotation Of Love In Connection With The Oxford Dictionary
  46.  Love Between Opposite Genders Against Same-Sex Love
  47.  Loving More Than One Person From The Opposite Sex: Is It Conceivable?
  48.  Are Those Who Are 16 Years And Below Able To Fall In Love And Save This Feeling Forever?
  49.  The Manner In Which Our Parents Describe Love (Include The Distinction Between Passion And Love)
  50.  Love Isn’t Another Fairy Fable With No Unfavorable Expressions
  51.  Love: The Sturdiest And Most Uncharted Feeling In The Whole World
  52.  Spending Quality Summer Time With Loved Ones; A Detailed Explanation
  53.  Family Units Made Up Of Parents From Similar Gender: Are They Damaging The Foundation Of Matrimony?
  54.  The Formidable, Everlasting Sentiment Of Affection
  55.  Delineation Of Respect That Was Given To You By Your Grandparent
  56.  Delineation Of Loyalty With Reference To Tales From Burger King Clientele
  57.  Can A Solo Parent Be Regarded As A Complete Family Unit?
  58.  Fulfilling The Dream Of Making It In America: An Exercise In Futility?
  59.  Delineation Of An Ideal Friend
  60.  Aspects That Comprise Virtuous Leadership?
  61.  Significance Of Managing Time Properly While In School And At Work
  62.  Dream Jobs: Remuneration, Working Times, And Career Objectives
  63.  Ways Of Accomplishing Career Objectives In Your Selected Field
  64.  Merits And Demerits Of Having A Sense Of Humor In Different Life Situations
  65.  Aspects That Might Cause Depression In Young People
  66.  Definition Of A Good Person
  67.  Features That Make A College Professor An Expert In His Or Her Field
  68.  Describing Various Movements In Modern-Day Art
  69.  Issues That Predestine Exceptional Emotional Well-Being
  70.  The Manner In Which Females Discern The Phrase Male Chauvinism
  71.  Traits That Can Make An Individual A Good Roommate While At The University
  72.  Aspects In Our Lives That Can Be Categorized As Kindhearted


Utilize the above subject examples to produce your own delineation paper. Choosing the suitable topic might be difficult; nonetheless, you could enjoy composing the paper if you pick a subject matter that you’re interested in and also familiar with.

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