Here Are More Than 100 Demonstration Speech Topics for Students

Might you be searching for some catchy demonstration speech topics? Well, relax because we’ve got at least 100 ideas that will inspire and motivate you to deliver an exciting and memorable speech for your audience! Wondering how to come up with the most amazing topics for a demonstrative speech? Well, while we know that the objectives of different papers may differ, each should give its audience the right information. Yes, it could be to show them how something is done, or how it works. Another critical point is to pick out the topic which you’re most knowledgeable about. This helps to keep your speech as productive as possible. So, if looking for such issues is proving to be a tough challenge, then here are some common ideas and fantastic tips to get you started. What Should You Do Before Choosing the Best Demonstrative Topics for Your Speech? There may be things or issues which people need to know. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that every topic will suit the needs and interests of your audience. You should consider the severity of your speech and whether or not your audience easily understands it during the presentation. That being said, below are a couple of things to keep in mind if you wish to pick out the most captivating topics for your demonstration speech.
  • Interests – It’s crucial that you put your interests as well as those of your audience into consideration before picking out any theme for your demonstrative speech presentation. Your subject needs to be one that grabs your enthusiasm and inspires excitement in your writing. Most importantly, it needs to be one which you’re confident in tackling.
  • Your reader demographics – This is one of the critical questions that you should be asking yourself if you intend on delivering a powerful speech. Here, you’re required to carefully select topics that are appropriate for the kind of group you’ll be addressing.
  • Setting – Do you wish to create a long or short speech? Such details will assist you in understanding the topics which are most appropriate for your group of audience.
  • Time – Given the amount of time you have to deliver your demonstrative speech, what do you think you can teach? Yes, while you may find a topic which is unique and captivating, you might not get the chance to cover it entirely if you’ve only been allocated 5 minutes of presentation.
  • Some Visual aids – What type of technology do you want to support your presentation. Some suitable examples include handouts, slideshows in PowerPoint or even videos.

Our Definitive List of the Most Interesting Demonstrative Speech Topics

Demonstration speech topics can at times be quite broad. They usually use verbs like fix, do, integrate, design, structure, produce among many more. Below are examples of such themes, grouped in separate categories to improve your search and understanding. Take a look!

Demonstration Speech Themes on Different Processes

Like we’ve previously mentioned, there are many things which different people need to know. Some good examples include: how to pick out a perfect evening or dinner dress, how to live harmoniously with a college roommate, or even how to save money while in school. If you’re looking for other suitable ideas, here are other unusual topics for your demonstrative speech:
  1. How To Repair The Black Box Of Any Aircraft
  2. Implementing The Right Table Manners In Your Home
  3. How To Pick Out The Most Intriguing Jewelry To Go With A Beautiful Wedding Dress
  4. Things You Should Keep In Mind When Choosing The Best French Drinks
  5. How To Make The Most Captivating Speech
  6. Things You Should Do To Organize A Memorable Prom Night
  7. Simple Steps For Making Tasty Doughnuts
  8. Factors To Consider When Selecting A College Lab Partner
  9. How To File For A Complaint In Case You Get A Product That’s Expired From The Retail Store
  10. 10 Steps That You Should Do To Protect Your Home From Malicious Criminals
  11. Fix Your Satellite Television Using These Basic Techniques
  12. 5 Things You Should Be Doing To Protect The Endangered Species In The World
  13. Use These Simple Techniques To Build A Recycling Compost Structure In Your Home Garden
  14. How To Plan For Your First Job Interview
  15. How To Establish Your Company’s Legal Brand Or Trademark
  16. Here’s What You Should Do To Overcome Your Fear Of People Before Delivering Your Speech To The Public
  17. 5 Simple Steps To Plan For A Romantic Evening Dinner
  18. How To Catch A Bunch Of Rodents Hiding In Your Backyard
  19. Fix Your Leaking Garage Roof Using These Locally Available Materials
  20. Things To Remember When Planning Your Business’s Quarterly Budget

Business Ideas for Any Demonstrative Speech

Here is another field which contains a host of remarkable speech ideas. After all, we are all looking for ways to excel in the harsh and unpredictable world of business. While watching ‘Ted’ talks is a good way of getting captivating ideas in business, here are other interesting ideas that will guide you too:
  1. Things That You Need To Consider Before Writing Any Business EBook
  2. How To Attract And Close In On A Potential Client
  3. Fix Your Company’s Employee Wage Demands Using These Basic Steps
  4. How To Develop Strong Communication Channels In The Workplace
  5. A Step By Step Guide When Drafting Your Company’s Annual Budget
  6. How To Extract And Produce Crude Oil For Business And Commercial Use
  7. Do You Know That There Are Easy Networking Methods That You Could Be Using?
  8. How To Carry Out Thorough Research On A Given Product
  9. Organize Your Business Proposal Or Presentation By Following These Techniques
  10. How Should Business Owners File Their Tax Returns
  11. How To Use Social Media To Improve The Sales Of Your Business
  12. 5 Steps That You Should Remember Before Choosing An Insurance Company
  13. Fix The Irregular Books Of Accounts In Your Business By Doing The Following
  14. How To Become A Top Business Salesman Or Woman
  15. Structure Your Business Using These Techniques To Keep It Competitive In This Growing Market
  16. Things Which Prove That A Good Life Assurance Cover Works
  17. How To Make A Brilliant And Beautiful Board Room Space For All Your V.I.P Clients
  18. What You Should Do To Survive The Harsh World Of Business As A Sole Proprietor
  19. Keep Employees Feeling Happy And Satisfied While At Work By Following These Steps
  20. Five Steps That You Need To Consider Before Taking On Any New Business Partnerships

Demonstration Speech Ideas for College Students

This is one area which continues to trouble students in our institutions of higher learning. While standing before a group of eager classmates and peers is not always easy, the situation could be far worse if you chose the wrong topic. Luckily, with these topics for your demonstration speech, you’ll have all the confidence you need to stand before them:
  1. How To Pass In Your Final Semester Exams
  2. Organizational Time Management Tips For All College Students
  3. How To Fix A Fantastic Place For Studying
  4. How To Integrate Personal Relationships And Study Obligations To Survive College
  5. 5 Simple Things That You Should Do To Make Your Lecturers Like You
  6. A Guide On How You Can Make As Many Friends As Possible While In College
  7. How To Earn Money While Still Studying In College
  8. Structure Of A Well Laid Out Study Plan
  9. Fix Your Poor Grades Using These Proven Study Tips
  10. Create A Powerful, Persuasive Speech Using These Amazing Tips
  11. Use These Basic Techniques To Excel In All Your College Assignments
  12. Structure Of A Captivating, Informative Essay
  13. Methods Of Improving Your College Academic Writing Skills
  14. Accessible Ways Of Studying For Your SATs
  15. How To Write A Catchy College Application Letter
  16. Plan Your Semester Using These Crucial Steps To Have An Easy Time In College
  17. How To Keep Your Personal Items Safe While In School
  18. How To Protect Yourself From Malicious College Frat Groups
  19. How Is Learning Being Done In Most Colleges Today?
  20. Things Which Are Working In The Current School Curriculum

Health and Fitness Topics for Your Demonstrative Speech

The desire to keep our bodies looking healthy and fit has been growing over the past couple of years. People are now looking for ways to lose weight, cut down their diet intake or increase in size. Therefore, here, there are a lot of things left for you to talk about. Good examples include:
  1. How To Meditate And Get The Right Results
  2. Fix High Blood Sugar Levels Using These Healthy Techniques
  3. How To Plan For A Long Distance Marathon
  4. Organize Your Gym Training Routine Using These Effective Methods
  5. How To Execute A ‘Pele’ Kick In Soccer
  6. Simple Skateboarding Lessons
  7. At Least Five Surfing Techniques For Beginners
  8. How To Wax Your Surfboard
  9. How To Collect Maximum Points Over Your Opponent In Tennis
  10. How To Plan For A Fishing Trip
  11. What You Need To Do To Beat Your Challengers In Poker
  12. Fix A Bicycle Puncture Using These Proven Methods
  13. How To Fly Your Kit With Ease
  14. Do You Know What You Need To Do While Oiling Your Bike?
  15. How To Teach A Child To Ride A Bike
  16. 5 Steps That Footballers Should Do To Stay Fit During The Season
  17. A Step By Step Guide Into Becoming A Professional Wrestling Athlete
  18. Integrating Sports Into The Learning Curriculum
  19. How To Plan For A High School Football Game
  20. Fix A Run Of Losses And Poor Results By Introducing These Motivational Tips Into The Team

Demonstrative Topics for a Speech on Life and Hobbies

We live pretty different lives and share separate interests. Sadly though, there is a sizeable number of people who have still not mastered their hobbies. Similarly, there’s another group of individuals who don’t know how to do a few essential things in life. To inform and educate them, start with these brilliant speech themes:
  1. Learn How To Store Wine In Your Home Cellar
  2. How To Properly Carve A Watermelon
  3. Five Things That Should Help You Decorate Your Birthday Cake
  4. Plan And Grow A Fantastic Vegetable Garden By Implementing These Helpful Methods
  5. How To Make A Tasty Can Of Peanut Butter
  6. Simple Steps To Follow When Knitting Any Sweater
  7. How To Do The Simplest Magic Tricks
  8. Do You Know How To Swing Your Golf Club?
  9. Intriguing Card Tricks That Will Impress And Excite Your Friends
  10. Fix Your Songwriting Skills By Using These Simple Steps
  11. Simplest Methods When Packing Your Suitcase
  12. Do You Know How To Change Your Baby’s Soiled Diaper
  13. Remember These Techniques Whenever You Need To Change Any Flat Tire
  14. Arrange Your Closet Space Using These Fundamental Methods
  15. How To Clean The Living Room In Your Home
  16. Do You Know How To Fold Napkins?
  17. 5 Modes Of Using Your Curling Iron
  18. How To Integrate Your Social Media Accounts
  19. Easy Ways Of Tying A Tie
  20. Things That You Should Be Doing To Save Money

Demonstration Topics for Your Tech Speech

While this is one of the most challenging fields of research, it also has one of the most exciting themes for your demonstrative speech. It’s a perfect platform to educate your audience on the new processes required in the advanced pieces of tech. For instance:
  1. Learn To Use STM Images
  2. How To Choose The Most Fantastic Website Font
  3. A Guide To Picking Out The Most Fantastic Smartphone
  4. How To Keep Your Online Identity Safe Using Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
  5. Fix A Broken Windows Operating System Using These Simple Tips
  6. How To Improve The Speed Of Your Internet Connection
  7. Things Which Show How Technology Has Changed The World
  8. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Mobile Phones While In School
  9. How Have Computers Changed The World Of Business?
  10. Things Which Prove The Existence Of Terrestrial Life On Mars
  11. How Can We Improve Space Travel In The Future?
  12. Do You Know How To Remove A Trojan Horse Virus From Your Device?
  13. How To Develop The Lighting System In Your Home Using LED Lights
  14. Easiest Methods Of Breaking The Most Robust Firewalls In The World
  15. How To Make A Robust 21st-Century Laptop
  16. Electrical Devices That You Need To Buy In 2019
  17. How To Watch Or Stream Shows And Videos Safely Using Netflix
  18. Technological Equipment That Will Ease Deep Sea Diving
  19. How To Solve The Threat Posed By Malicious Web Hackers
  20. How To Make Better Technical Channels Of Communication In The Workplace

Some Speech Demonstrative Topics on Food

While this is an area that may trigger the pangs of hanger in any audience, it’s one of the most intriguing places to get ideas for a demonstrative speech. It doesn’t matter if you’re a foodie or not, but once you pick the most suitable topic, you won’t have any problem when it comes to articulating your ideas.
  1. How To Make A Tasty Piece Of Pizza
  2. Things You Should Avoid While Cooking In The Kitchen
  3. A Simple Step By Step Process On How To Bake A Cake
  4. Foods That You Need To Be Eating To Live A Long, Happy And Healthy Life
  5. How To Make A Hot And Tasty Cup Of Coffee
  6. Outdoor Camping Cooking Tips
  7. Different Types Of Chili We Have Today!
  8. How To Make Delicious Scrambled Eggs
  9. How To Safely Bake A Homemade Cake
  10. Creating A Proper Blend Of Cocktail Juice Using These Simple Steps
  11. Best Foods For Vegetarians In The World Today
  12. How To Cook An Incredible Caesar Salad
  13. Prepare A Brilliant And Romantic Getaway Or Picnic Using These Foods
  14. Best French Cuisine Recipes
  15. Interesting Facts About Eating Meat
  16. Best Traditional Soups That You Need To Try Out
  17. The Basic Techniques Of Wine Tasting That You Need To Keep In Mind
  18. How To Produce And Store Wine
  19. Reasons Which Show Why Breakfast Is Considered To Be The Most Crucial Meal Of The Day
  20. Some Advantages And Disadvantages Of Consuming Garlic!

Funny Demonstration Speech Themes

If you wish to keep your audience laughing during and after your speech, then you will need to get your hands on some funny demonstrative ideas. While there are many topics that you could use, we’ve found these to be the most humorous themes:
  1. Did You Know That Boys Tend To Gossip More Than Girls?
  2. Reasons Why You Need To Avoid Taking On Food Challenges
  3. A Breakup Insurance Cover Is The Best Thing For Young Adults And Teens
  4. Reasons Why Men Should Not Be Allowed To Put On Skinny Jeans
  5. The Fun And Awful Side Of Forest Camping Trips
  6. How To Crack The Funniest Jokes In Class
  7. Factors Which Show Why Good Liars As The Most Successful People Of Today
  8. How To Make Even The Most Celebrities Fall In Love With You
  9. The Dangers Of Not Getting Some Chocolate For Your Girlfriend
  10. Life Needs Some Background Music To Give It Meaning
  11. The Most Cunning Animals Are The Women Of Today
  12. How To Take A Nap During The Day
  13. Do You Need To Make Mistakes At Least Two Times To Be Sure Of Yourself?
  14. Reasons Which Show That Being Happy Might Drive You Crazy!
  15. Why Some People Above 30 Still Live With Their Parents
  16. How Can We Stop Women From Treating Their Faces Like Coloring Books?
  17. How To Make Your Dog Or Cat Fall In Love With You
  18. Reasons Why Some People Are Afraid Of Clowns
  19. This Is How The Auto Correct Messaging Feature Is Ruining Your Life
  20. Integrate Your Reading And Movie Watching Desires Using These Amazing Techniques

Demonstrative Speech Topics on Random Things

Here are some short demonstrative ideas for your speech on general things or issues happening in and around us:
  1. How To Create A Dinosaur From Only Ashes And Tarts
  2. Ways In Which You Can Use The Three Most Unforgivable Wizard Spells From Harry Potter
  3. How To Beat A Lion In A Cage Match
  4. What You Need To Do To Tame A Dragon If You’re Living In The Medieval Times
  5. How To Make Low Cholesterol Peanut Butter

Additional Tips When Delivering Your Speech

Now, selecting a demonstrative speech does not stop once you’ve identified a suitable subject. There are a couple of things which you’ll also have to keep in mind if you wish to deliver the most intriguing, informative and exciting talk. They include:
  • What’s The Primary Purpose of Your Speech? In one sentence, state the objective and focus of your talk. The statement should be accurate and factual as possible. Here, feel free to use pictures and spreadsheets to explain and support your ideas.
  • A Catchy Introduction After selecting your topic for a demonstration, you’ll then have to develop a compelling, captivating, and highly interactive introductory paragraph. Some of the things that should appear here include:
  • Let your audience know all that you will be teaching them
  • What do you hope to achieve after your demonstration
  • Give the audience a brief look into what you’ll be discussing
  • Highlight the fact that they should adhere to the instructions your present to them if they are to succeed in the venture
  • Have a Clear Outline
Explain the procedure using a couple of tactical moves to guide your audience in understanding your speech. Create a platform for applying as well as arguing different facts logically and chronologically. Of course, your audience may not understand the issue being demonstrated immediately. That’s why it’s essential for you to allow them to ask questions as you proceed with your speech. Lastly, conclude every step using a simple statement. Take a look at this example below:

Topic: A Step By Step Process When Subscribing for an Internet Newsletter

  • Step 1: Enter the essential detail in the blank spaces provided
  • Step 2: Submit all your requests
  • Step 3: You’ll get a confirmation message in your email mailbox
  • Step 4: Do the task that the mail message recommends

Wrap Up!

From the above topics, tips and additional ideas, you will have one of the most enjoyable times when delivering your demonstrative speech. Even so, remember one critical rule: the requirements of the assignment and its time limit. Lastly, close your speech using a clear and sharp call to action. Good luck!