Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay entails summarizing the subject being written about. This kind of essay does not require collecting responses from various individuals like in the argumentative essays. Also, descriptive essays are normally very short compared to all other kinds of essays. So, students will only need some little time to complete them. Besides that, there are a good number of distinguished writing companies where anyone can hire a professional writer to write the essay.

Descriptive essays do not required so much detailed information, evidence or too much effort. They are actually the simplest assignment in school. Generally, the learners are required to illustrate the essay using words and not images. Write a description of the things you have seen, felt, touched, tested or heard about the subject you have been assigned.

For example, if you are required to compose an essay about a region, you must give your impression from visiting that region. Also, if you are asked to write about a holiday, make your essay lively and avoid being formal. The language you use must also be easy to understand and interesting to the readers. Make the audience feel how the holiday was fun, memorable and all that. A descriptive essay can only be successful if the audience feels like they were at that place where the holiday was spent. This is all about telling a story using more clear details. That is the feature which makes this kind of assignment unique from all other types of essays. Also, students will notice that contrary to storytelling, a descriptive paper contains less movement. There is actually zero action at times. The write-up might have few verbs and many adverbs and adjectives.

Composing the description essays: Some various kinds of essays to consider

It is recommended to analyze the best descriptive essay samples available online to get an idea of how they are written. Below are the various kinds of descriptive essays that students may be asked to compose:

Human: Normally, it is really difficult to write about a person. But in general, a human topic requires a writer to write about the look, activities, character, skills and the mood of an individual.

Place: The first thing that students need to do when they are required to write an essay about a place is understand the focus of the essay. Pay attention in talking about places that are very interesting. Make the audience feel the goodness in that place you are describing.

Event: Here students can talk about things such vacations, festivals, graduation, trip and others.

Animal: There are many amazing things in nature. A student here should pick any animal he/she prefers.

Occupation: Composing an essay about the occupation that you admire most is the best way to get ready for your future job.

Behaviour: In this essay, students may be asked to describe the behaviour of someone. Here the students should talk about how the person behaves in different environments. Ensure to write in detail and you must sound official and artistic.

Things that must be done whenever students are writing descriptive essays

Once you are asked by a tutor to compose a description essay, do not start writing immediately. There are stages that you must follow if you desire to produce an outstanding paper that can earn you good marks. Below are the steps followed after being assigned the essay:

  1.  Spare some time to interpret the meaning of the topic. After that, think of meaningful ideas and gather resources relevant to that subject from several resources.
  2.  Prepare an outline for the paper.
  3.  Breakdown the assignment into clear sections. The actual composition normally entails analyzing, contrasting and illustrating. For instance, if you are asked to talk about a certain aspect or action, then analyzing will not be necessary. This is because such an essay has an objective to offer so much useful information.
  4.  Make the paper fun. This can make the audience feel what you are describing.

Description paper writing tips

Before you begin writing, consider the following:

Selecting materials must be done systematically. This simply means that students do not need to search for everything that is relevant to the subject. Just focus on the details that are relevant to the problem of the assignment. Also, determine the best online sources to use and whether you should use video or audio resources. Also, you should begin by grouping the resources into two groups, secondary and basic.

Normally, tutors give their learners the topic literature. Also, every book contains bibliographies to look for literary sources. Familiarize yourself with the book annotation and go through excerpts from the content. After doing that, you will be able to tell if you should read the entire book or not. Electronic media can also help students in keeping abreast of recent occurrences and choose great examples to explain their understanding.

  •  If the material you have gathered is enough to complete your essay, process it.
  •  Think of the ideas and themes which can be contained in your paper. Focus more on the descriptive resources and an example of a description narrative that could make the essay more fun and original.
  •  Keep the format in mind. The essay must contain an introduction, a body and a conclusion. The body must have several paragraphs. Normally, each new idea should be described in its own paragraph.

Writing an introduction

The starting of a description paper must be:

  1.  Informative: Make anyone who reads find out what your essay is about.
  2.  Able to capture the attention of anyone reading: Hook your readers and try everything possible to grab their attention.

Come up with the best statement which summarizes the points that you will talk about in the essay. Also, introduce a few fascinating citations or quotes which can make your introduction catch the reader’s attention.

Writing the thesis

Requirements of the thesis:

  •  Should not be long and should be informative.
  •  Should make the readers understand the main idea.
  •  Should be easy to understand.

Writing the conclusion

In the conclusion:

  •  The writer must explain what role it plays for him/her.
  •  The writer must summarize everything that is covered in the paper.
  •  The writer must mention why the audience must care about the idea presented in the paper.

Writing the outline

Steps followed:

  •  Collect the information related to the subject.
  •  Gather the kind of points which can make it appear like a single entity.
  •  Go through the write-up and see if it the flow between your introduction, your body and your ending is logical.

For instance, if you are asked to talk about a location, adhere to the structure below:

  •  The first sentence should reveal the idea of the topic.
  •  Mention the place that you will write about.
  •  Write about what you feel whenever you are in that place.
  •  Say something about where that place is located.
  •  Give more information that is related to the subject.
  •  Compose a statement that summarizes the entire paper.

If you choose to talk about other locations, your essay will have more paragraphs. Most students at times find it hard to plan their thoughts when writing the essay or creating an outline. If you are one of them, try getting assistance from online experienced writers who know how to do it perfectly and fast.

Experts’ recommendations

A good descriptive essay must be written in a clear language that can make the audience see the actual picture. Students must ensure to add several illustrative examples. A student can only be in a position to explain how to compose a descriptive essay after knowing tips for the best descriptive essays.

And if you want to be an excellent writer, be like fishermen who don’t mind waiting for so long to get fish. This is because in writing you must be patient because it entails reading several materials and doing everything possible to hook the audience.

Professional writing assistance

No matter how smart one is in class, he/she is likely to find it hard to compose a description paper. The common reason for this normally is because of insufficient practical knowledge. Not having enough time can also prevent a bright student from finishing the assignment successfully. If any of these or any other things prevent you from writing a descriptive essay as required, seek help from professional writers.

There are a variety of online writing services with experienced writers in every discipline. So, no matter your subject or length of your essay, rest assured you will find a writer who will write it exactly as specified by your teacher. Also, the essay that you will get from a professional writer will be of high quality, free from any errors and it will be delivered on time making you meet your deadline. Besides that, the professional writers write essays at a very affordable price.

Examples of subjects for description narratives

Below are some of the leading subjects for description narratives. You can use them to design or create your own topic by rephrasing or replacing a few words. Note that there are some topics that require describing in detail. To avoid missing the point, it is recommended to focus on one place/one individual/one event/one object. Also, this kind of essay is more about showing than narrating. So, students must present their ideas using images of what they are describing.

Essay about people

  1.  Describe your family.
  2.  Describe your favourite musician.
  3.  What are the features of the person you look up to?
  4.  Why do government leaders deserve respect?
  5.  Pick a popular wrestler and describe his character.
  6.  What makes people value their spouses a lot?
  7.  Describe your favourite teacher.
  8.  Explain why people behave strange at times.
  9.  Describe the movie that you liked most.
  10.  Do psychological factors affect how youths behave?
  11.  Describe the type of people that you really like.
  12.  Describe the horror film character that scares you most.
  13.  Characteristics of a good friend?
  14.  Describe the best business owner.
  15.  Describe how the best fashion models look.
  16.  What do you love about your mother?
  17.  What do you love about your father?

Essay about a place

  1.  Describe your city. Are there any changes that you wish could be made to it?
  2.  Describe what you love about the place where you live in.
  3.  Where will you spend your summer and why?
  4.  Describe the features of the best summer location.
  5.  Which is the best place in your home country?
  6.  Describe your campus room. What do you think the school should do to make it better?
  7.  Which is the best place to hold a wedding party?
  8.  At which place can people view bright stars?
  9.  Which places will you like to visit before the year ends?
  10.  Which is the best place to hold a music contest?
  11.  What is good about Canada?
  12.  Which is the noisiest place that you have ever been to?
  13.  Which places have you visited together with your family?
  14.  Which is the most amazing country?
  15.  Which are the amazing things in the world?
  16.  Describe the place where you grew up.
  17.  What do you love about your country?
  18.  Which is the perfect place to hold school parties?

Essay about memory

  1.  Describe your best experience ever.
  2.  What did you like about your last vacation?
  3.  What do you remember about your eighteenth birthday?
  4.  Which is the best party that you have ever attended?
  5.  Describe your first day in school.
  6.  Describe your worst encounter.
  7.  Describe your first love.
  8.  What do you remember about your grandparents?
  9.  Describe your best experience in school.
  10.  Describe the day when your hobby changed how you see things.
  11.  What do you think small children love talking about most?
  12.  Describe your first mountain climbing experience.
  13.  Describe how you learnt to ride a bicycle.
  14.  Describe how you feel during exams.
  15.  Describe your first time to travel in a plane.
  16.  Which place have you always loved since you were little?
  17.  Describe the importance of keeping a diary.
  18.  Describe your 10th birthday.
  19.  Describe how you feel during a funeral.
  20.  Describe how you feel during a wedding.

Essay about an object

  1.  Describe something that saved your life or prevented serious injuries when no one was around.
  2.  What do you admire so much?
  3.  When you get your first salary, what will you like to buy and why?
  4.  Which is the most expensive thing you have ever bought for yourself?
  5.  Which are the best technologies?
  6.  Which technological innovation can’t you do without?
  7.  Describe what authors need in order to produce best books.
  8.  Describe the best things that people need to know about living abroad?
  9.  Describe the importance of a bible in people’s lives.
  10.  Describe the best type of bed for children.
  11.  Describe the kind of toys that children love most.
  12.  Describe what money can do to someone’s life.
  13.  What must you carry anytime you travel?
  14.  What types of outfits make men look good?
  15.  Describe the benefits of fruits.
  16.  Is there something that you had during your childhood that you still value so much?
  17.  Describe what you like about video games.
  18.  How does your house look like?
  19.  How does your school look like?
  20.  What should a living room contain?
  21.  What should a kitchen contain?
  22.  What should a classroom contain?

Essay for a grade eight student

  1.  Describe how you feel about the kind of life you are living.
  2.  Which is your favourite subject?
  3.  How will you want your home to look like in future?
  4.  Characteristics of people you admire most.
  5.  Describe your last school trip.
  6.  The types of chores that you do at home.
  7.  Describe the person that you look up to.
  8.  How you felt when you first cooked for your family.
  9.  Which job will you like to do in future?
  10.  What do you hate about all parents?
  11.  The things you love about your siblings?
  12.  Which high school will you love to go to?

Essay for high school students

  1.  Describe the best thing that ever happened in your life.
  2.  Where do you see yourself after five years?
  3.  Describe the best event that you attended this year.
  4.  Describe the feeling when you find that someone was pretending to be a friend.
  5.  Describe an amazing day.
  6.  Describe the movie that you like most.
  7.  Describe the best kinds of gift to buy for parents.
  8.  What do you like about your friends?

Essay for middle school students

  1.  What’s an interesting holiday?
  2.  Describe the most amazing vacation?
  3.  Which type of books do you love reading?
  4.  What do you love about your family?
  5.  Describe your hometown.
  6.  Which country will you like to live in?
  7.  Describe your character.
  8.  What do you hate or like about your colleagues?
  9.  Describe the things you like about fashion.

Essay for university students

  1.  Describe your favourite meal
  2.  How do you feel when you are doing something for the first time?
  3.  How would the world be if there were no rules and regulations?
  4.  Describe things you love about football.
  5.  Who is your favourite actor and why?
  6.  Describe the best experience of your life.
  7.  Describe how you handle a busy day.
  8.  Describe the features of the person you will you marry.
  9.  Which kinds of foods do you enjoy eating most?
  10.  Describe how fermentation takes place.
  11.  Talk about your driving experiences.

Those are the leading topics of essays that entail describing. Should students decide to use any of them, they will obviously be able to capture the attention of their readers. And as mentioned earlier, you can get help from experienced online writers. These writers are also in a good position to suggest the best topic for your essay.

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