Editorial Essay

If you have an interest in learning how to compose an editorial essay, you are at the right place. Here you will be told about the things done to produce the most outstanding editorial ever.

Description of the editorial essay

The editorial paper is actually a piece for the newspapers. It has several ideas and an author is free to write about any topics he/she prefers. However, many at times, newspaper articles are about things like social or political issues. And just like all other assignments, the students are expected to provide useful proof that defends their points.

Editorial essays again like other assignments require thorough research. The writer must carefully think about the topic and the essay must talk about the issue and provide a solution. For example, if the writer wants to write about challenges that people who are overweight face, he/she must provide a detailed explanation of how to tackle those challenges. And another thing to do when you’re writing about obesity is to compose a message for people who are obese and the medical practitioners who will take care of them. The editorial writer can also address the government to persuade them to do something about people dealing with obesity.

Up to here, it is quite obvious that creating an editorial essay is very similar to composing a college essay. So, if one is good at writing college papers, he/she might never have a hard time writing a good editorial paper.

Composing various editorial essays

Writers will notice that the grouping of editorial papers is different from that of other essays. Editorial papers are not grouped as per their nature but as per their role. So, it can be hard to describe what the editorial essay really is if one does not know something about its types. So, when composing the editorial, writers can either:

1. Clarify/ describe/recount the title

Demonstrate how the paper describes your title. Bear in mind that the arguments must be arguable, sensitive and contentious so that they capture the minds of other people. For example, one may be a college paper editor and needs to air view about various writing standards.

2. Criticize

All writers must be critical thinkers. This enables them to produce reasonable and interesting essays that cover serious issues. Do not forget that the best editorial essay criticizes some cases or activities offering solutions to the existing issues. The major aim of a writer here is to make his/her audience find the issue and not the solutions alone.

3. Persuade

A persuading editorial essay focuses on the solutions that have been suggested and proceeds further to discuss more about the problem. At the introduction and the starting paragraph, a writer must motivate other people to act when applying a solution. The best example of a persuasive editorial paper is the political endorsement essay.

4. Praise

This kind of essay appreciates individuals or companies which have made good progress.

Creating an outstanding editorial essay

1. Find the leading newspaper that has over one hundred thousand copies

Writers need to find a newspaper which is liked by a large number of individuals. A newspaper like that one often talks about relevant issues and it offers meaningful facts and solutions to existing problems.

2. Find controversial issues

The benefit of using such topics is that they can be debated. Apart from that, they are a perfect way of engaging readers. Here the writer can ask questions as he/she goes on with the research.

3. Writing entails making the best decision

In a controversial paper, a writer can never agree with both sides. So, the writer must pick the side that he/she agrees with. The decision of which side to support is based on one’s understanding and experience.

4. There are many ways of explaining how to write an editorial essay

Writers need to also offer several solutions which give their various audiences alternatives. It is important to check how effective and efficient the solutions are before writing them.

The features of an editorial write-up

When composing a newspaper article, writers should keep the following in mind:

  1.  The first paragraph should be engaging and the body section of the essay should have many paragraphs. The last part of the essay is the conclusion which is also required to be attractive. This is the same format that all other academic essays follow.
  2.  The topic must be interpreted properly using meaningful facts, statistics and figures. The writer must also note that serious problems require more attention than those which are simple.
  3.  Writers must use a very efficient news angle.
  4.  There should be arguments for the opposing side too to show that the article is fair and objective.
  5.  Writers must additionally write their various viewpoints in a formal manner. Bear in mind that a good editorial essay does not focus on character traits when attempting to grab the attention of the readers.
  6.  When deciding on the solutions, the writers must use criticisms and professionalism.
  7.  The essay must also have a summary in the end and a great CTA (call to action).

Before you start writing the editorial essay, you must read and understand the requirements of the instructor. You must adhere to requirements such as the formatting style, length of the essay and others.

Editorial essay topics

Here you are going to see some of the best topics for an editorial essay. You will also learn about some fascinating research problems and the best solutions for them.

Examples of topics:

1. Charter learning institutions are into making good decisions

The public charter schools, for instance, operate under the public education program. So, they adhere to the specified guidelines of education. Institutions like these should be efficient in all their teaching ways. If not so, they are likely to get closed. It is the duty of the teachers to teach learners as per the guidelines specified by the US education system.

2. Reality TV shows alternate and develop Reality

Most reality shows in TV make viewers lose connection with reality. Producers try making the viewers believe that the issues which the actors deal with are also seen in people’s daily lives. Apart from that, viewers are forced to believe that their consequences are worse than what happens in real life. A certain research found that viewing Reality Television shows too much can lead to some problems. For instance, they can increase the level of aggression for most individuals residing in America. So, those shows must have rankings that can prevent young people from viewing them.

3. Guns should not be found in learning institutions

This editorial essay justifies that learning institutions must not have any guns. The writer can use various tactics to persuade the audience to thinking seriously about guns in learning institutions and how dangerous they can be. The writer here may also bring old legislation which never succeeded to prove that there are other individuals who are against having guns in schools. Providing shooting examples will also be suitable for this essay.

4. Teaching children how to be sexually healthy

Most people feel like children should be taught about how to be healthy sexually. This will prevent trouble since sex is widespread in the minds of young people. Things like songs, movies, and others contribute to that. The writer of this editorial can also talk about what the leaders think about sex education.

5. Ending abortion rights

Abortion was legalized in America some time back. Since then, there have been many editorials about it. The writer here can talk about what the law says about abortion. He/she should argue about how some laws pertaining to abortion are illegal with the help of analogies.

6. Are video games good for young people?

The writer here can talk about the negative effects of certain video games to young people. This essay should be addressed to people who want to know if video games are good for their children.

Additional topics

  1.  The benefits of university education in America.
  2.  What are the causes and outcomes of draught?
  3.  Should marijuana be legalized because of its relaxation benefits?
  4.  What is the best treatment for diabetes?
  5.  Useful facts that show that gambling is not legal.
  6.  Should smoking cigarettes be banned?
  7.  National football: Goals, planning, expectations, outstanding players and outcomes.
  8.  Why is polygamy allowed in most countries?

Writers can find many sample editorial essays online. Especially in essay writing sites, there are a variety of editorial essays which writers can use to learn how to write their own.

The actual writing of an editorial essay

1. Choose your subject

The best thing to do here is to pick a controversial social problem and discuss it from every angle. Bear in mind that the readers will feel encouraged reading your essay to the end if your topic captures their attention. So, writers must come up with great ideas while they are brainstorming their essay.

The topic must be current and must have something to do with problems that are sensitive in the society. A subject that is presented in a unique manner will make readers read your entire essay. So, writers should only use relevant proof from current sources. Writers are even encouraged to read various argumentative essays before writing their essays. This will give them a good picture of what they require when writing their own essays.

2. Providing your opinion

Writing the editorial essay is similar to composing an argumentative essay. Writers must pick a topic that has been talked about recently. They must also ensure that the topic they pick is debatable. While picking a topic, writers must also decide on where they stand regarding the problem. This should be done using convincing proof. The best editorial essay also is expected to cover both the good and the bad things about the subject. So, writers should be careful not to dwell on one side because that will be improper. If you encounter some challenges, you can consult distinguished writing companies. Expert writers can assist you to produce a perfect editorial essay.

3. Outline

Just like in creating a term paper and other school assignments, preparing an outline is very important in editorial papers. The outline can enable a writer to adhere to the major topic. Besides that, the outline can make a writer bring out properly-organized ideas.

4. Writing the editorial

Here writers should try and create an argument that is as per the subject. They must also pick a title which instantly attracts a person. The best example is using an exclamation mark. That can make other people want to read more. Also, the writers can use a question mark to capture attention. For the major argument, writers must make sure that they defend it using various comparisons and cases. The right approach is mentioning the great and bad features of each problem.

Additional tips for creating the editorial essay

  •  Authors must use statistics and specifics from web or library sources. These are the resources that can assist a writer is talking about his/her argument.
  •  Writers must talk about very fascinating proof near the conclusion of their writing.
  •  Authors must never be so submissive in the weak points. This will help keep the audience interested throughout the essay.

5. Conclusion

Like every other assignment, an editorial essay must end with a conclusion that is as per criticisms which are constructive. Writers at this stage must never forget that they have 2 viewpoints that differ. For example, if the subject of the editorial is about what the government is doing to lower tobacco usage, the writer must demonstrate why that is important than other views. At this last section again, good writers should suggest different directives.

Final word

In short, composing an editorial is a very important step in the writing career. People who feel that they are not able to produce good editorial essay can seek help from experienced writers.

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