Essay Conclusion Examples

Concluding an essay is at times more difficult than beginning it. A conclusion is what ends a paper and summarizes what is contained in the paper. It is also the section where the students are expected to impress their audience and offer them explanations about how the essay is important. This simply means that the written conclusion must answer the question “So what?”

  •  Students must give their readers something to think about once they are through with reading the paper.
  •  Essay conclusions must offer completeness to the essays. Actually, it is highly recommended to conclude on a positive note.

You should never introduce ideas that are not contained in the essay on the conclusion. You only have to summarize what is already in the essay. The objective of a conclusion is to restate a thesis, provide a summary of what is contained in the body and give the audience the last impression.

Important things to keep in mind:

  •  The best conclusion is one that restates the thesis and not one that rewrites it.
  •  The conclusion must contain a minimum of 3 sentences.
  •  Essay conclusions summarize thoughts. They do not introduce new ideas.

Creating the best essay conclusion

The length of the conclusion depends on the number of paragraphs in the essay.

Below is a standard conclusion structure:

First sentence: Restate your thesis. This is done through presenting the exact point using different words. In short, you paraphrase the thesis.


Thesis: Cows are nicer than donkeys.

Restated: Cows are the best animals that exist.

Second sentence – fourth sentence: Here a student should review his/her defending ideas. The arguments should be summarized rewriting how the thesis was proved.


Cows are clean animals, can be friendly at times and are not difficult to handle.

Fifth sentence: Here the student should link back to the hook of the essay. The closing words must be related to the starting ones. The student must move to human nature in order to impress the audience and provide them something to think about.


Bring great changes to your life- go and buy a cow.

Lastly, put all the five sentences together to form a great conclusion.

As per the above sentences, the conclusion may look like below:

“Without any doubt, cows are the best animals in the world. They are always clean and can be affectionate at times and they are easy to handle. If you do not have a cow, you might be missing a lot. Go out and bring great changes to your life- go and buy a cow!”

The conclusion also requires a transition word. This will make the audience aware that the essay is coming to an end. The mostly used transitions are:

  •  As mentioned earlier.
  •  To sum up.
  •  In conclusion.

But students should avoid using the transition words if they do not want to annoy their tutors. Instead, they can use a word like “So…”. It is also recommended to check online for many other transition words that can be used in a conclusion.

Essay conclusion strategies


Rewrite the essay introduction to present a complete-circle to the audience. Finishing your paper with the same scenario will enable you to prove what the essay is about and you will make it easier for the readers to understand your essay.



“Contemporary science is highly into the latest inventions and schools are not an exception. Technological gadgets such as tablets, computers, laptops, Smartphones, and others are so crucial. While in the past people where okay with pens and papers, the current generation requires so many things because of the advancements in technology. The way people view the world and life these days requires a new approach and new tools.”


“Contemporary science is seen in the recent technologies and even learning institutions. People these days cannot do without technological tools such as laptops, Smartphones, computers, tablets, and several others. Before technology was discovered, people relied on pens and books and they were satisfied with them. Technology is here now and it keeps advancing each time. Life has improved with technology hence the need to get the right tools to cope with the changes.”


Students are required to look ahead and determine how their essay will be beneficial and then offer the audience something to think about. “If” and “when” are the best words to defend the points.


“One of the most useful kinds of discipline is punishment. But, it is not good to punish children when they do petty mistakes because that is how violence starts. If violence is to be stopped in this world, people should start in their homes. Kids must be taught how to be responsible.”


Students may need to amplify their major point or write it in another perspective to set a bigger context. This will enable the audience to get a different view of the subject and combine ideas to form a different but relevant meaning.


“Now it is obvious that people should not generalize about kids and grown-ups being the best learners. It depends on the state or motivation a person and how enthusiastic he/she is about learning.”

“If people engaged in sports often, the society will become healthier. The kind of sports that because should engage in must be challenging and fun. People must, however, ensure that injuries and accidents are prevented during sports.”

How conclusions of different types of essays should look like

  1. Argumentative essay: The conclusion must take a certain position of the subject.
  2. Persuasive essay: The conclusion must prove to the readers that the student’s judgment is right.
  3. Analysis essay: The conclusion must sum up the analysis. Critical thinking is needed here.
  4. Narrative essay: The conclusion must sum up all the ideas presented in the essay.
  5. Expository essay: This kind of essay needs students to perform a thorough research. However, their main objective is to view and analyze the issue in detail and then describe it extensively.


“Higher learning education should be free. I have proved my stand in this essay. It should be made free because most students after high school end up getting married or engage in illegal activities. This is because they cannot afford the money needed to pay school fees in higher learning institutions.”

Ensuring the conclusion is successful

What has been explained above can make students feel like they will now be able to produce the best essay conclusions. The writing strategies and the structure have been described fully and there is nothing that can prevent you from coming up with the best conclusion for your essay. But you must be careful. Below are the things which you must do when composing a paper conclusion.

  1.  Never introduce ideas that are not contained in the paper. A conclusion only summarizes your thesis statement.
  2.  Never present personal views unless you are writing a 1st person opinion.
  3.  Never rephrase every information. That is the work of the body section of the essay.
  4.  Avoid rephrasing the thesis when you are in a position to give better ideas. These ideas must not be new.
  5.  Avoid lousy words. Just writing something that provides a lot of information with just a few words.
  6.  Mentioning the consequences of failing to adhere to the thesis and the main statement of how people can benefit from your ideas can also make your conclusion powerful.
  7.  A parallel structure is crucial. If you begin your essay using a statistic, then you must involve another fact in the conclusion. So, if you put a quotation at the starting of your essay, look for another similar quotation. Never use similar hooks!
  8.  Rhetorical questions: This is a fascinating question that doesn’t need a response. Writing such a question will leave your audience thinking. The question can but the topic in the context of the larger problem.

Essays require a conclusion to sum up major points and make people see why they are important. Coming up with a powerful conclusion is not an easy task. But if you know the writing format and the writing rules, you will produce an excellent conclusion.

Also, to conclude your essay powerfully, you must consider the readers. The conclusion of the essay is the last chance for students to impress their audience and leave them thinking about something. So, try everything possible to summarize all ideas correctly. Ensure you respond to the question “So what”. This is the questions that a reader will be having in mind after going through your essay.

Final word

You now know how to come up with a powerful conclusion for your essay. If you are still having any challenges, there are many examples online that you can read and get a better understanding of how you will write your essay conclusion. Besides that, there are many distinguished writing companies where you can get someone who can create the best essay for you.

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