Best Essay Format Tips From Your Local English Teacher

Being a student, one of the main things you should find love for is writing essays. This is because your entire university life would be covered in hundreds and hundreds of these. Most of the time, the essay is marked based on certain things like format and arrangement in addition to the content and the absence of plagiarism.

When it comes to essay format, it is of the utmost importance that you go according to the main essay format that your teacher or professor proposed. Most people may think that following this format is rather unnecessary, however, sticking to the mostly recommended styles for writing like the very famous MLA and APA styles enables students to maintain the neatness in their work, as well as keep their work free from any type of plagiarism. There are very simple instructions you must follow in order to get essay writing right. This article gives you a few of those tips to put you on the right track, including mentioning the popular essay formats: APA, MLA and Chicago styles, and a typical format you can follow to make your application of the main formats easier.

An essay format is the name given to a set of rules or guidelines that show how your essay should be written and arranged. It is so detailed as to include important areas like how your title page should be put together and even the basic outline that several different parts of the essay like the conclusion should follow.

Things you should know before writing an academic paper

One thing that people have to know is that there is no way of writing an academic paper that people have set in stone. However, there are guidelines that place you on the right side of the fine line that determines whether your essay is good enough or not. Regardless of what essay you are writing, whether it’s an essay for application, an informative essay, a research essay, just to name a few, there are solid guidelines that you would happy about if you followed them to write your essay. Here are some tips you need to consider first when preparing to write an academic essay.

  •  Topic is of the utmost importance

One main struggle when writing an essay is choosing a topic. The importance of a good topic cannot be over emphasized, especially since it determines the way your essay is to go. When picking a topic, opt for one that is specific enough so that you can fully explore the different angles related to it and then you can easily hit your word limit. When your topic is good enough, you are hardly worried about hitting the limit because you would have a lot to write. When picking a topic, avoid going for a broad topic because at the end of the day, you might realise that you have gone all around talking about everything without sufficiently exhausting an area enough for the essay to be considered a good one. You might even realise that the information you have at the end of the day is a lot, yet scattered and not enough on any one point. Always ask for help when writing an essay, lest you easily become overwhelmed. Ask for help about choosing the topic as well, as this can easily dictate the rest of your essay writing experience.

  •  Research, research research

When you choose a topic, you are expected to become a doyen of that topic so that you can bring out not only relevant and current information, but most importantly, correct information on the topic. Read all that you must on the topic, get far more than the gist of your topic at your fingertips. Take note of all the information that you have received including the author’s name and the name of the paper itself, so that you can readily quote it at your works cited page. Bear in mind that the earlier you begin your research, the less rushed you would feel. Infact, start your research as early as possible so that you can even go on to find all the compelling arguments regarding that topic. All these make for a more juicy paper, rather than a bland piece of writing.

When you are getting your research done, do not hold back. Take care to note out the most relevant information that is gathered from your sea of knowledge, so that when you sit down to write the essay, you would not feel like you have a lot of information but no direction.

  •  Write out a plan

In any piece of writing, having a plan is the difference between a winning paper with just enough facts and a losing paper with all the facts in the world. Your planning should involve narrowing down all the information you have received, penning down all of your ideas regarding how you hope to spin the writing, and then finally coming up with an outline for the writing. Coming up with a good outline may even require that all you do is align your ideas to the outline given by your professor and teacher, and find the best way to make it work. If you are able to correctly align your ideas to a strong outline, you will find that you can easily refer to the idea table when you run out of ideas. Since you have a good skeleton, it may even be rare that you have an issue with being stuck.

  •  Make a draft

Most people prefer to skip this part because of the idea that it is time wasting. However, making a draft is simply a necessary part of your essay writing. Much like putting up a building. Whereas you only had a few words attached to your outline in your plan, a draft simply requires that you fill in the words a little bit, with good wording and clever addendums. You sort of give a little more flesh to your writing such that a person can read and make sense of it, yet the person is aware that what you have written is not the fully embellished work. Your draft becomes the actual framework of your writing which brings the beauty out. This draft can then be presented to your supervisor, friends and even specialists on the topic, and changes can be made where necessary. It would be from this draft that your final paper can be constructed.

  •  Read over your work

If you have a good enough draft, your essay will most probably be 80% written. This means that the finished work will be done in almost no time. Take the time to go over your work and make any grammatical corrections that may be necessary. You might even find spelling mistakes or a wrong way that something was said which can be changed. Even the most experienced writers do not skip this step. Maybe giving your work to a friend to proof read may weed out some of the mistakes you would have overlooked if you did the proofreading yourself.

Typical Essay Format

Title page:

  •  Use double-space in your work
  •  Use only Times New Roman, font size 12
  •  Write down your institution’s name
  •  Write your own name at the bottom part of the sheet of paper, together with the main name of the course you are offering , the coursework number and then finally your instructor’s name.
First page :
  •  Write the header for your essay at the upper right corner, just half of one inch beneath the edge.
  •  Place the heading of your work at the upper left edge of the sheet
  •  Write down the title at the center, an inch from the very top of the sheet
  •  Start writing your essay right beneath your written title

Introduction, the body and the conclusion:

  •  Introduction: Clearly put down the direction in which your body is expected to go. Use Times New Roman and use size 12 font.
  •  Body: Write your ideas chronologically with evidence gotten from your research. Make sure that each paragraph flows smoothly into the other.
  •  Conclusion: Finish up your ideas and rehash your main point. Bring them together in a concluding manner. Take care not to bring in any new ideas.


  •  Do citations of references in the text as you wrute when you borrow ideas from other works.
  •  On the works-cited segment, take care to list all sources in correct alphabetical order.

If the references you used go beyond one line, go on to the next line, but start an inch into the line.

Write your authors’ names last name first, then first name, before the title, then publishing information.

Take some time to research some little differences between the MLA and the APA forms of writing and choose the one that best suits your writing and the wishes of your professor. After you have written enough essays, these things come easier to you, making your writing experience better. Take note of these tips and outlines and use them in your next writing, and see how beautifully your writing will come out and reward you with great marks and a good enough final grade. Most importantly, you will definitely impress your professor.

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