Writing a Compelling Essay on Homelessness

We live in a developed country, but still, some of the global issues affect our community. Homelessness is one of these acute problems most governments cannot cope with — at least, not entirely. Since homelessness, on some occasions, may affect any person, regardless of age, gender, education, and even social status, it is important to understand why it happens and how we can fix this problem. That’s why professors assign writing a homelessness essay in the first place.

However, coming up with a truly compelling essay on the subject is not always easy, and a student may face quite a lot of challenges during the writing stage. We will try to provide the most coherent guide anyone should be able to follow. So, here are the main tips on writing a well-structured and impressive essay on homelessness.

Choosing a good topic for a homelessness paper

It seems that you already have a topic, so why would you choose one? In reality, however, it’s never so simple. Homelessness is a vast and complex notion, so covering all its aspects in just one essay is impossible. So, if you do not have an exact topic at hand, you will have to narrow down this problem for yourself and choose a particular essay subject to focus on. Here are some ideas that should prove useful:
  •  Prove that every person deserves to have a home and that is it possible to provide all citizens with accommodation
  •  Speak of the temporary shelters and how governments can create more of those
  •  Discuss homelessness by geolocation: choose a particular area (state, city, country) and analyze why it has a lot of homeless people
  •  Psychological reasons behind homelessness and what can be done about this issue
  •  Current governmental policies to prevent homelessness and how to improve them
  •  Can child protection be a solution to avoid homelessness? If the whole family is left without shelter, is it ethical to provide only the children with accommodation, thus separating them from their parents?
  •  Should we help all homeless people or should we be more selective? Should the homeless be tested to drugs and alcohol before getting financial support and/or accommodation?
  •  Mental health and homelessness: discuss is there is any connection between psychiatric diseases and homelessness. Offer meaningful solutions to this issue
  •  Concrete methods and solutions to the problem of homelessness

Organizing a winning essay

Another tip that should prove helpful in narrowing the topic down is to research the subject carefully. As you read about the issue, you may find a lot of other, compelling ideas that might help you write a paper from an unexpected angle. Still, we suggest that once you’ve found the topic, you stick to it and look for material that would support your point of view — as opposed to reading anything homelessness-related in general. This way, you’ll save a lot of time on the research stage, which is often the longest one in any essay writing process. Next suggestion that should help you write a winning essay is to make notes as you research. This way, you should be able to organize all of your ideas in a logical and coherent outline for your work. Sticking to this outline as you write saves a lot of time in the process and prevents writing block. But, of course, this stage is optional — even though a highly advisable one. On the whole, a homelessness essay follows the same structure and organization logic as any other academic paper. Here it is, in a nutshell:
  •  An introduction that highlights the relevance of your topic, touches upon the main issues you are about to discuss and wraps up with a strong thesis statement you are going to prove in your work
  •  The main body that can have as many paragraphs as you need to make your point. Here, a lot will depend on the exact subject you choose, your academic level, and the required number of pages you are supposed to write. Obviously, the longer the paper, the more in-depth research will be required of you. Here are a couple more things to remember when working on your main body:
  1.  Each paragraph should deal with one particular issue.
  2.  Start a paragraph with a topic sentence that acts as a summary for what you are about to discuss here.
  3.  Present an argument in more detail and support it with factual evidence from credible academic sources
  4.  Include a logical transition to the next point you are about to analyze in a body paragraph
  •  The conclusion is a final section of your paper that sums up the results and enumerates the main findings. It should not include any new info or pose any new questions. It may, on occasion, lay ground for further research — but only if you’re working on an in-depth research paper or a case study.
  •  Bibliography section that lists all sources used in your research. Depending on the academic format you’re working with, it can be called Works Cited (for MLA format) or References (APA style). Other options are also possible (even though less common), so always double-check which format you’re expected to use with your professor.

Final tips on writing a great homelessness paper

  •  It’s always best to choose a subject you feel strongly about. Even though an academic paper is supposed to be unbiased, students who have something important to say on the subject, wind up with better papers and higher grades
  •  Homelessness is a current problem, so you’re expected to use the newest data, stats, and online (or in-folio) resources
  •  You can include counter-arguments in your main body — this will give your work an unbiased look. However, you are still expected to refute these counter-arguments
  •  No matter if you are presenting an argument or a counter-argument, make sure you support your point with factual data and evidence
  •  Stay rational and do not make any emotional claims in this kind of paper
  •  Don’t write from an expert point of view (because it’s not a secret that you’re not really an expert on this subject)
With all of this info, coming up with an A+ essay on homelessness should not be much of a problem. That is, of course, if you have the time and the desire to write this paper on your own. Sometimes, however, students choose to focus on their major subjects, which does not make them overly excited about extra paperwork with their minor studies. If this is your case, no worries — you can do the wise thing and delegate some of your duties to pro writers, thus sparing more time for your major studies. Our team will easily handle your homelessness paper, even on a tight deadline!
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