Writing Essays about Friendships

Humanity thrives on friendship. Literature and archeology show that humans have been interested in friendship since time began. Society demands that each member is valued and engaged, in order to achieve the overall stated and even implied social objectives. On the other hand, isolation can’t help one to meet their needs. An individual is limited in capacities and resource supply, therefore, each must rely on others for sustenance. Other people need to be assured that there are others in their community who are working for their benefit. People also thrive when they are supplied with warmth, encouragement, and truth. Friends are those who supply these things whether or not they are family.

We read and hear about great things that some people have done. We are told of empires, great discoveries, beauty, and knowledge. Our calendars are influenced by these deeds and the personalities behind them, and most of us strive to use these heroes and heroines as life models. Yet, when we consider the matter more keenly, we discover that these heroes and heroines could hardly achieve their feats save through friends. Friends protected them from enemies, friends supplied them with their needs, and even, friends supplied them with company. Being human, we find ourselves in need of others, even for thinking together. Moreover, all human action is for the sake of others; how then can one be a hero if he were not a great friend to others in the first place?

The greatest achievements are celebrations of friendship. Being a great human implies being a great friend.

When you are given the assignment to write on friendship, then you have been given an opportunity to look at the beautiful moments that have powered you on through life. It is a moment to experience your moments of friendship anew, and probably with a critical eye. But this isn’t an easy feat. Beautiful moments also engage our emotions deeply, and emotions may not be so easy to write about than it is easy to act them out. One may remember a time when a friend helped them through a difficult phase in life for example. The difficulties remembered may trigger emotions of fear or guilt, and it’s easy that the mind may try to avoid the task. Such experiences may cloud your thinking. Therefore, it’s essential that a technique for thinking and expressing be developed and nurtured.

Your unique perspective is essential, and it is the reality accessible to you. So, when you set down to write, you might find yourself taking a perspective among many other possible perspectives. You might wish to express gratitude to your audience or you may choose to analyze what friendship is essentially. Whichever way you choose, one should not be daunted with the task at hand.

Our task here is to equip you with knowledge of how to keep your calm and develop thoughts and ideas to help you write this kind of essay. Once you’ve written down your essay, go to a ‘proofread my paper service’ or get the help of a professional.

Getting to Know Your Audience

The first thing to know is who will be reading your essay. Is the audience your teacher? Is it a critical reader? What are some of the common things or experiences you share with your audience? Try to be critical of your intentions and expectations with and for the audience. How do you wish to further the conversation and exchange between you and your audience? What important issues does your relationship with the audience raise in this essay? For example, you may want your teacher to see some special aspect of school friends and how relationships between teachers and students can be enhanced.

One may need to be aware of some of the experiences that the audience might have had about friendships. What kind of friends do they keep? What issues have these experiences raised in the minds of the target audience? Are there any common areas that unite you with the audience? Find out how you both manage your relationships. Find out what kinds of ideas or knowledge that this analysis has brought forth. What kind of positive idea do you have, that can be written down? Consider these questions and tips and work creatively to generate a plan and structure of the essay.

In case your audience is your friend then that could be an opportunity to remember the special things that have helped you build the relationship that you have. Most examples of this essay to a friend have this characteristic. The perspective, in this case, should shift from yourself and to common experiences and expectations or the friend directly. Maximize on the impact of positive moments and thoughts even in the contexts of challenges and pain. Think about possible lines of expression that can be used to add beauty to the essay.

Peers and classmates could be your target audience. In this case, you may need to remember making references to different persons by name is necessary. Try to build suspense on who’ll be mentioned next and once again, find creative forms of expression that can hold the attention of your friends. One could call this ‘being diplomatic’.

Being diplomatic doesn’t imply that one should avoid being assertive; instead, it is about finding a respectful way one can speak of others while stating the truth in love. One is only required to note the key points and portray an honest and loving attitude.

Pre-drafting with Notes and Sketches

Once you’ve gathered all relevant information about the target audience, you need to take a pen and paper and sketch out ideas and how they are likely to flow around the objectives already in mind. Do not think in a linear fashion. Retrace your thoughts and ask critical questions about them. Look at your ideas from a distance. Take a notebook with you and improve on your ideas even when doing other tasks. Explore possibilities and even share some critical queries with people who can help. Evaluate your ideas for truth and clarity and note down every detail that comes to mind lest you lose a vital point and not create a persuasive essay on friendship.

Last things First: Remembering the Objectives

It’s good practice, to begin with, the end in mind. Do you remember your objectives? What position or argument will lead you to the objective? When you were gathering information about the target audience, and when you were sketching you must have come up with ideas about possible objectives that could be met in the essay that you wish to write. Have you consolidated them clearly enough? Is it clear what outcomes and effects are probable after the essay has been read by your target audience? Are there ethical issues that you might need to consider? Are you avoiding something that could be helpful to your growth? Knowing your purpose in the essay on friends is a result of such examining and re-examining.

Imagine in the case of familiar friends, would it be prudent to keep your most important thoughts hidden? Once you fear and have conflicting thoughts then the effect will show in the essay and the target will have a feeling that you’ve not been very honest in your expression. Truth is endearing and respectable and may go a long way in improving your relationship and your lives. This clarification of objectives is meant to help you grow and develop a deep understanding of what you are doing, and even how you think and relate with others. Try to evaluate the quality of friendship you have and work to create. Consider if it is healthy and to what extent can it be improved. Check if you’ve learned any new definitions or ideas. For example, do you understand who a true friend is or what it means to love a friend? Are you aware of the qualities you imply in the paper?

Give Your Ideas a Free Rein

Once your thoughts are clear, it’s time to trust your mind to come up with the best way to express them. This isn’t easy to do, but if you let self-consciousness hinder your work, then you’ll lose originality and flair. This is no time to wonder about how to begin or if you’ve developed the essay well enough. Just write and stick to your original preparations. This is a way to be original to grip your readers emotionally. Do we need to say that it’s also an experience that is meant to bring out an aspect about you that had been hitherto unexplored?

Write down without what the mind pours on to the paper, and let the hand go till it stops by itself. This is no time for grammar or politeness. It’s a moment of expression, and besides, no one ever needs to see it except you!

Reviewing and Sprucing the First Draft

When your hand and mind come to a halt, you’ll be having your first draft of the essay. Congratulations! Take a breath. Go out a bit, do something else for a break! Let your mind bring any important issues that arose in the drafting process. Try to answer them in your mind simply. Later, go back to your essay and re-read it. Have you achieved your objectives? How effective has your style been? Have you used language well and efficiently? Are there some things that you forgot to say? Are you happy with your work? Check for any grammatical and syntax errors. How is the punctuation? Make any corrections that you can identify.

It’s advisable to give yourself adequate time to go through this review process. Don’t be in a hurry and neither should you be too harsh on yourself. This process could develop more drafts, this is normal and okay. Work with patience and creativity and do not despair on finally coming with the product you intended to end up within the final phase. Remember the reward that awaits you when you’ve finally found the exact form of expression and work that would celebrate your friendship in the form of your essay. So don’t stop; work, work, work!

Get another Person to Review Your Work

After coming up with a draft that is satisfactory enough, it is advisable for you to find someone else to do a review. This is important when you want to see if your assumptions regarding the form and effect of your work are correct. Besides, the other person’s thoughts may be of help in improving the quality of your essay. Hence, you shouldn’t be afraid if the reviewer points out critical issues or raises counter-arguments to your essay. Don’t be surprised if and when some of your core assumptions prove to be wrong or inappropriate. Writing is about growth and growth doesn’t come without its own challenges.

So, ease up and probably create or foster a new friend by being receptive and attentive to the reviewer. Trust them and explore issues with them in humility. Be free to ask them questions, try to understand their perspective and let this inform you on how best the final draft can be written, what other objectives may need to be considered and even what other linguistic features may need to be considered.

Giving another person the opportunity to review your essay on friendship may be a good way to counter the excitement and hurry we may have when we feel that our objectives have been met. Such a hurry and expression of confidence are some of the bad habits that a writer should avoid. One could think of writing as the exercise of patience and technique to expression. Normally, it’s the things that can’t be read directly in the final work that defines the writer and proves his/her worth. Therefore, inviting someone to review your work is a ritual and exercise that affects the work in a way that is invisible but powerful.


While writing an essay on friends and friendship may be overwhelming in the beginning, it is, however, possible for one to have control of the self and organize knowledge and facts through a deliberate and well-outlined process. One is also able to learn proper techniques that are vital to writing a high scoring or effective essay. The process of writing this essay on friendship is also an opportunity for the writer to grow and gain new perspectives. It teaches patience and builds on critical thinking and expression that is full of empathy and understanding while retaining originality. But, in case you may need professional writers, you can visit this page.

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