Evaluation Essay Topics for Students

Set the right tone. It compares two sides fairly. Go with a well-covered topic and has tackled a lot of information. Have proof to support your claims. Evaluate current topics that you care about. Writing an evaluation essay should not be a hard thing to do. It is similar to writing a review in the sense that you talk about the negative and positive sides of your subject of study. It tends to reveal the goodness and badness of something. However, the major differences a review and an evaluation essay have are the former is almost never given a deeper look. A review can be based on writer’s judgment alone. The evaluation essay must have evidence to back up what it claims. When writing a review, there is no need to cite sources whereas, an evaluation essay requires it. An evaluation essay’s purpose is to educate students how to assess a person, place or object critically and use examples to back up their claims. It is uncomplicated to write because everyone likes giving out their sentiments. An evaluative essay covers various topics such as movies, restaurants, schools, institutions, television shows or sports. This kind of essay shows the entire superiority or inferiority of a particular product, service or place. A thorough investigation is needed to be done on the topic of interest in order to have a concrete and clear evidence enough to draw judgment. It is important, therefore, to pick a topic with a wide variety of information available. This is to make comparisons less tedious and broader. Unless your supervisor has given a specific area of interest and materials to refer to, feel free to take any topic and reference material. The topic needs to have a comparative aspect in it and make your readers believe that your evaluation is correct. Now that guideline is in your hands regarding the importance of an evaluation essay , below are easy steps on writing an evaluation essay.
  1. Identify a Topic of Interest Unless it has been specified by your supervisor on what topics should be covered, there are very many topics you can choose from. These topics could involve people, places or things. After identifying what you will go with, choose the topic cautiously. This could involve writing about things which you are confident about and strongly believe in, or something that has plenty of materials to research from. If you do not know anything about it whatsoever if McDonald’s is the top fast food restaurant in America, then you should choose a different topic and have such an argument. However, if you already sampled all their stores nationwide and compared their fries with those of Kentucky Fried Chicken, then it possible for you to have an argument and defend your love for KFC fries. If evaluating restaurants is not to your interest, then go ahead and choose another interesting topic.
  2. Make an Outline for the Criteria of Your Evaluation Generate three to five groups of criteria to use. These will be the standards that will guide you when doing your evaluation. Having very few groups will make you have very little information to evaluate whereas having so many groups will create an overwhelming situation in that you will be unable to consolidate all that information and not have enough time to defend your work. Your criteria has to be very specific. One example of an ubspecific criterion could be a statement like “I think everyone should buy the latest model of the Range Rover. It is great!” From this statement, you can see that is has been left hanging and is very broad. The greatness of that car has not been evaluated thoroughly. You could instead put it as “The latest model of the Range Rover has flush door handles, lower fuel consumption, and has an Emergency Brake Assist that ensures you break smoothly without force.” This statement carries more weight because it brings about the specific aspects from which variations can be made with other cars, say Mercedes E series. For instance, when it comes to choosing to evaluate a café, an acceptable list of criteria could include food quality, drinks, surrounding environment both inside and outside, waiters and staff in general, location and accessibility, pricing and even entertainment. This list is, however, very broad so this needs to be shortened. A few items which had little weight, in terms of importance, can be eliminated. The list can be narrowed done to have only location, accessibility, and food quality.
  3. Have the Right Proof to Back up Your Claims Whether your side is lying on the good or bad side, evidence is important so your readers get convinced that they are making the right decision in supporting you. Going back on the example of evaluating a café, the location could be described as two miles from the main highway, sitting on a low-traffic, well-lit street. Coffee in there could be given a deep description by saying it is Kenyan grown, rich, dark and one can have it either regular or dark roast. So if your reader doesn’t like coffee originating from this particular country, then they might reconsider. The information might be appealing to people who like black coffee.
After choosing the topic that is of interest to you and has proof available, it is time to start writing down your essay. Remember, it is crucial to follow the CJE method, that is, Criteria, Judgement, and Evidence. Criteria means a fixed idea of what something should be like. For example, when evaluating a professor, you look at his teaching or communication skills that any other professor should have which will convince another person to join their class. Judgement is used to vet whether a specific criterion has been met. In other words, it is what it is; what is present on the ground. For example, if the first criterion for evaluating a professor is his communication skills, then the judgement will be whether or not he has met the expectation, that is, good communication skills. The evidence is now what is used to support the judgement. Maybe the lecturer does not always break down technical terms effectively.

How Do You Connect Your Introduction and Conclusion?

After you have identified your topic of choice, describe the topic vividly. For instance, if it is a topic about food, make the reader feel like they accompanied you to the restaurant. State your expectations before even having to experience the food. Discuss other sources or references that deal with food and talk about the history of that food. In the conclusion segment, wind up your analysis by touching on what your reader should expect. Go ahead and state if the expectations were fulfilled. Present your recommendations on the subject matter and say whether the subject has fulfilled or failed the evaluation. Every paragraph in the body of your evaluation essay needs to cover one aspect, and each should have a detailed explanation presenting evidence and judgement to support your claims. Use strong topic sentences and if sources are required, do not forget to include them. Below are evaluation essay topic ideas that interesting, exceptional and will guarantee your success when you write about them:

Evaluation Essay Topics That Deal With Sports

  • Evaluate Any Recent Soccer, Rugby Or Any Other Sports Game Of Choice. How Can You Gauge The Team’s Performance Based On People’s Expectations?
  • Take A Closer Look And Evaluate The Differences Between Watching A Game Live At A Stadium Versus Watching It On A Television Set.
  • Compare And Contrast Between Listening To A Football Match Or Any Other Game On A Radio Versus Watching It On T.V.
  • Evaluate The Pros and Cons Of Watching A Game Alone Compared to Watching It With Friends.
  • Discuss The Differences of Watching A Game In A Sports Bar Versus Viewing It At Home.
  • Take A Closer Look At The Kind Of Fans Founds At A Sporting Event. What Type Of Fans Are They? Examine How The Behavior Of Fans At Sporting Game Encourages Or Dampens The Spirit Of The Players.
  • Evaluate The Kinds Of Drinks Offered Local Sporting Events. What is the Most Recommended Drink To Get? How Does The Selected Drink Impact The Mood During A Game?
  • Identify The Similarities And Differences Between Football Clubs. Which One Has Had The Most Trophies In The Last 10 Years? Which Of Them Has The Best-Rated Players? Which Club Plays Its Members Well? Which Club Strives To Keep Its Players Motivated And How Do They Do It?
  • Evaluate The Coaches Of A Selected Football Team And Compare Them With The Previous Coaches. Who Motivated Their Fellow Members More Than The Other? What Methods Did They Employ?
  • Evaluate The Different Sports That Children Below 12 Years Old Can Take Part In. Which Sport is Ideal For Them?
  • Assess The Various Gymnasiums In the Area Where You Live. Which One Has The Best Equipment? Which One Has The Best Exercised Provided? Are Their Costs Too High Or Favorable Enough?
  • Evaluate The Importance Of Scholarships To High School And College Sports Programs.
  • Evaluate The Similarities And Differences Between Indoor Games Such As Scrabble And Chess Versus Outdoor Games Like Basketball, Volleyball Or Hockey.

Evaluation Essay Topics on Entertainment

Have you ever read the reviews for a movie and discovered they are better than watching the movie itself? Some novels have presented the movie far better than the actual movie itself. For instance, the various criteria that can be evaluated include the actors, movie setting, storyline, sound, music, and special effects. You can also assess the movie director and compare some works the director did in the past. The actor s performances can also be evaluated based on their previous roles. The topics given below can be used on movies as well as any other presentations:
  • Evaluate A Classical Movie, Whether Action Or Romantic And Compare The Roles Of Women And Men During That Period.
  • Examine A War-Themed Movie And Explain How It Influences Present Apprehensions Concerning War And Peace.
  • Pick A Specific Movie Which Has Historical Significance And Evaluate How It Informs On History Through The Way They Actors Dressed, The Setting And Theme Of The Movie, Or The Drama.
  • Evaluate The Popularity Or Disapproval Of Classical Music.
  • Evaluate A Novel And A Movie That Is Based On The Said Novel. Which One Brings Out The Storyline Best?
  • Pick A Director Of A Movie And Evaluate Their Works. Which Movie Was The Best And Why?
  • Evaluate The Latest Concert You Have Attended And Those Of The Past All By The Same Artist And Compare Them.
  • Evaluate The Differences Between Watching A Movie In A Theatre Versus Watching It At Home.
  • Evaluate The Different Classical Music In The 18th Century.
  • Pick Your Favorite Or Worst TV Reality Show. How Much Of That Content Is Actually Real?
  • Evaluate A Local TV Station. Do They Have Quality Programs? Have They Included Parental Control Guidelines In Their Programs? Do They Have Good Quality Cameras And Microphones? Are Their News Anchors Presentable And Are Good At Grasping Content?

Evaluation Essay Topics on Restaurants, Clubs, Cafes

Many people prefer eating out these days and prefer reading people s views before going to a particular eating or drinking joint. Criteria used to evaluate such places can be based on the ambiance of the restaurant, their menu, their service delivery, pricing, space decoration, and design, and the time taken to wait for your order.
  • Evaluate Your Favorite Burger Joint Or Compare Two Places That Make Burgers. Is It A Juicy Burger With Lots Of Grease? Do They Have A Variety Of Toppings Such As Extra Cheese, Pepper, Or Onions?
  • Evaluate Places That Offer Steak And Write On How They Prepare Them.
  • Explain How Home-Cooked Meal Is Better Than Eating At A Restaurant.
  • Visit A Pizza Place And Order Different Varieties Available. Evaluate Them On The Basis Of Toppings, Spices Used And The Value For Money.
  • Many Supermarkets These Days Have The Pre-Cooked Items Section. Go And Sample Some Of The Things Found In That Section. Is Supermarket Food Good Enough To Substitute Restaurant Food? Do They Have Preservatives Or Other Additives? Is The Pre-Cooked Meal Cheaper Than Restaurant Food?
  • Evaluate The Different Eating Joints Found Near And Within Campus. Which Is The Most Pocket-Friendly To Students? Which Offers A Wide Range Of Meals?
  • Are You Planning To Take Someone On A Milkshake Date? Visit A Few Places That Offer Milkshakes And Evaluate If The Experience Was Worth It.
  • Evaluate The Quality And Affordability Of Starbucks Coffee And Other Places.
  • Evaluate The Different Types Of Dieting And Fasting Such As Keto Diet, The Atkins Diet, And Intermittent Fasting. Which One Is The Easiest To Stick To? Which One Is The Most Effective?

Evaluation Essay Evaluation Topics in Technology

  • Go To A Phone Store And Evaluate The Latest Smartphone In The Market. How Has It Improved When Compared To Previous Versions? What Is The Most Significant Change That Will Make One Buy This Latest Phone?
  • Take A Look At Several Apps, Such As Photo Editing Or Exercise Apps. Which One Is The Best? Which One Is Friendly To Use?
  • Judge The Latest Laptop Or Desktop. Which One Will Be The Most Ideal For Students In Terms Of Size, Storage Space, And Pricing?
  • Identify The Different Telephone Operating Companies. Which One Gives That Gives Out The Best Phone Plan And Has Good Network Coverage?
  • Evaluate The Different Social Media Platforms Available Such As Facebook, Twitter, Telegram. Who Uses It? Why Do People Prefer It Over The Other? Why Does It Appeal To A Majority Of People?
  • Evaluate The Experience Of Reading A Book On A Kindle Versus Reading The Actual Hard Copy Book.
  • Evaluate The Different Web Browsers Use. Which One Is The Best? Which One Is Easy To Use?

Evaluation Essay Topics on People

  • With Modern Technology And Increased Social Media Sites, Only Relationships Have Become Very Common. They Have Become More Common Than Traditional Relationships Which Were Face To Face. Evaluate The Quality Of Both Relationships. What Was The Best Method Of Dating In Your View?
  • Professors Have Always Impacted Students’ Lives Differently. Take A Look At Your Professor’s Teaching Skills, Grading Skills And How Many Children Take The Professor’s Classes.
  • Evaluate The Current Politician And Previous Ones. Who Has Achieved More? Who Has Kept Their Campaign Vows?


Before you fully decide on a topic, conduct a detailed research to ensure that there are a variety of useful resources that will guide you in writing your essay. Remember not to have a fixed opinion on a specific topic. Setting the right tone is critical in such an essay. Don’t sound too confident or destructively negative because it will bring about doubt in your essay. Weigh in on both sides fairly while analyzing different aspects that will show the pros and cons.