Ideas for Exemplification Paper Subjects

While you progress in academics, you’re going to encounter different kinds of academic assignments. Maybe you’re already good at writing argumentative and descriptive papers. However, a time comes when you’re tasked with writing another kind of paper; an exemplification essay. It seems difficult, doesn’t it?

Composing an exemplification paper sound complicated; however, it’s not as complicated as most people imagine. An exemplification paper can be categorized as a kind of argumentative paper with the particular thing being that you’ll need to utilize examples to back your argument.

As a result, this essay requires more comprehensive research as well as a meticulous selection of a subject. The following are essential components that will offer you guidance on writing this kind of paper:

  •  No hard feelings involved

The key distinction between an exemplification paper and any other kind of paper is that it deals with the exploration of subjects, and not problem solving. Your job is just to elucidate, not to choose a side.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t imply that you ought to stay disengaged from the topic entirely. Being impartial does not imply being boring; it implies presenting both options and probable consequences.

  •  Avoid being too personal

Even though a great paper carries the personality of the writer, it does not precisely look at subjects regarding individual experiences. Your job is not to offer your view but to describe and support your thoughts using facts and literature.

This is likewise important when choosing topics; avoid excessively personalized queries such as “Why my college experience was awesome.”

  •  The writer is concerned about the topics

For you to examine topics from every side in a fascinating tone together with comprehensive research, you have to be inquisitive about those topics. When it comes to contentious matters, you can effortlessly pinpoint a distinct writer.

An exemplification paper is not an emotive piece of writing; it is an impartial and remarkable depiction of a recognized, controversial issue.

  •  Try not to be too original

A viewpoint that’s exceptional is useful on condition that it’s supported and by and large rational. For instance, let us simply state that finding positive attributes on hypertension even though it’s definitely conceivable, is surely inadequate to be greater than all the negative attributes.

  •  At times, most people choose partisan subjects and composed prejudice papers

For instance, “is hypertension bad?” is evidently partisan. Even if you try to look for positive things concerning such serious issues, you’ll simply be misconstrued (and candidly, truly so). In case you come across subjects that are designed to support only one position, you have no choice but to look for others.

The Edifice of an Exemplification Paper

The structure of this kind of essay is just like other papers. In the initial paragraph, you elucidate issues. In the main segment, you look at two opposing thoughts in this order: notion, arguments, and examples. Then when you are finished with the main segment, you conclude your essay with a conclusion.

With the above information in mind, the following are examples of exemplification subjects for you to brainstorm:

  1.  Election Voting: Should It Be Conducted Online Only?
  2.  Communication Skills For Politicians: How Essential Are They To Them?
  3.  The First Lady’s Responsibilities In This Day And Age
  4.  Immigration Does Increase The Possibility Of Terrorism
  5.  How The Government Can Better Spend Surpluses In The Budget
  6.  Election Predictions: Do They Impact The Selection Of Voters?
  7.  Political Parties Ought To Be Given State Funding
  8.  The Welfare State: Does It Positively Impact The Overall Economy?
  9.  In Return For Higher Security, People Ought To Sacrifice Some Of Their Privacy
  10.  Plurality Voting: Does It Provide A Just Political Representation Of Each And Every Voter?
  11.  Euthanasia Ought To Be Made Licit
  12.  Cults: Should They Be Prohibited?
  13.  Drone Utilization Ought To Be Controlled
  14.  Marijuana Use: Should It Be Legalized?
  15.  Lawful Actions For Averting Mass Shootings
  16.  The Case For The Abolishment Of The Death Penalty
  17.  Gun Control Laws Ought To Be Made Sterner
  18.  Farm Animals: Should They Get Better Legal Protection?
  19.  Texting while Driving Ought To Be Prohibited
  20.  Current Antitrust Regulations: Are They Of Any Benefit To Consumers?
  21.  Netflix Is Bound To Obliterate Cable Television: True Or False?
  22.  Do Public Polls Impact Election Outcomes Or Simply Notify Voters On The Aspirants?
  23.  The Year 2019: Is It The Year Of Populism?
  24.  The Speedy Growth Of Digital Video: Is It Going To Substitute Text Formats?
  25.  Sex Education: Should It Be Started Early In Schools In America?
  26.  Immigration Stereotypes: Do They Have An Actual Backdrop?
  27.  Being A Vegan: Does It Really Save Animals?
  28.  Is Alexa A Worldwide Household Assistant Or A State-Of-The-Art Invader Of Privacy?
  29.  Between Siblings And Parents, Who Has The Most Impact On The Viewpoint On The Planet?
  30.  A Tidy Place Of Work Definitely Enhances An Individual’s Output And Ingenuity?
  31.  The Ticked Inflation Issue: Did Taylor Swift Really Resolve It?
  32.  Country Music: Is It Changing Forever?
  33.  In Order To Keep Your Body Fit, You Ought To Exercise Daily: True Or False?
  34.  Sleeping For Eight Hours A Day: Does It Enhance An Individual's Productivity?
  35.  Installing Cameras In Educational Institutions: Might This Be The Ideal Solution To Mass Shootings?
  36.  Is Vogue Damaging The Confidence Of Young Ladies Regarding Their Bodies?
  37.  Being A Freelancer Will Lead To Increased Productivity
  38.  New Businesses Ought To Be Given Loans That Are Interest-Free
  39.  Payday Loans: Are They Great For The Economy?
  40.  Free Trade: Its Influence On Small, Local Businesses
  41.  The Productivity Of An Individual Can Be Enhanced By Working From Home
  42.  Informal Leading: Can It Have A Positive Influence On The Productivity Of Employee?
  43.  What Was The Role Of Water In The Advancement Of Early Civilizations?
  44.  The Use Of Social Media: Does It Positively Influence The Productivity Of Employees?
  45.  The Fall Of The Former USSR: How Did Affect The World Economy?
  46.  Social Disparity: Is It A Major Reason For Revolutions?
  47.  Online Payment Systems: Their Roles In International Trade
  48.  Which Historical Figure Greatly Impacted The Course Of History?
  49.  Amazon: Its Bearing On E-Commerce
  50.  Athenian Democracy: Is Trade Responsible For Its Prosperity?
  51.  Will Tablets Ever Go Out-Of-Date?
  52.  Sexting: Can It Lead To The Enhancement Of The Sexual Life Of Couples?
  53.  Online Reviews: Can They Be Trusted?
  54.  Symbolism In Poetry: What Is Its Function?
  55.  Hyperbole: Is It Pronounced In Folk Stories?
  56.  Smartphone Influence On The Study Habits Of Students
  57.  Individuals Who Aren’t 18 Yet Ought To Be Prohibited From Utilizing Social Media
  58.  The Difference Between Hate Speech And Free Speech
  59.  Voice Assistants: Could They Dictate Our Decisions Some Day?
  60.  Positive Reasoning: Is It Useful To Our Psychology Or Absolutely Destructive?
  61.  The Function Of The Chorus When It Comes To Plays From Ancient Greece
  62.  Characters From 19th Century Novels: Is Emotion Responsible For Their Actions?
  63.  For The Average Americans, Is It Achievable To Be Completely Aloof On Social Media?
  64.  What’s The Function Of Personification In Poetry?
  65.  The Advancement Of Twitter: Did It Enhance Sports Culture?
  66.  The Most Assured Means Of Guarding Private Messages Has To Be End-To-End Encryption
  67.  The Increasing Instances Of Burnout: Are Smartphones Responsible?
  68.  The Loss Of Manual Jobs: Can Technology Be Considered As The Main Reason?
  69.  Are Individuals Being Hateful Online?
  70.  Being More Connected: Does It Lead To People Being Lonelier?
  71.  In The Near Future, Drivers Will Be Substituted By Self-Driven Cars
  72.  A Majority Of News Is Usually Negative
  73.  One Of The Issues That Lead To Global Warming Has To Be Human Population Increase
  74.  Nuclear Energy Production Needs To Be Prohibited
  75.  Can A Mom Who Is Breastfeeding Consume Spicy Foods?
  76.  Crude Oil: Do The Population Of Countries That Have Discovered Oil Within Its Borders Become Worse?
  77.  Fruits In Supermarkets In The US: Can They Be Considered Healthy?
  78.  Can An Individual Be Better Educated If He Or She Consumes Regular News?
  79.  Farmers And Wild Creatures In Africa: Can They Serenely Co-Exist?


Hopefully, the subjects mentioned above will help you arrive at the ideal subject for your exemplification paper. The success of your paper relies on the subject you select. Therefore, you ought to carry out thorough research before choosing your final topic. All the best with your exemplification essay!

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