How to write an Explanatory Essay

Various events and historical situations can have different interpretations, and ways of presenting them often depend on the narrator's point of view. Some topics are rather hard for giving an alternative viewpoint. That is why when you want to write an excellent explanatory essay, you have to be very careful and accurate when choosing your tone and style of writing.

Our resource offers some excellent examples of well-written explanatory essays, and our specialists are ready to help you when you are in trouble with such assignment. To show you what an explanatory essay is, we have to dig in what the term itself means.

Briefly speaking, an explanatory essay implies writing about some things or events in a specific way that may differ from the commonly accepted point of view. In some cases, a writer may not support the point of view presented in the essay. Nevertheless, the topic needs additional investigation. Moreover, complicated issues require more research because an excellent explanatory essay has to provoke readers to think it over and make their conclusions.

Making one's point of view clear in an explanatory essay is not an easy task. According to a widespread misconception about explanatory essays, a writer's main job is to promote one single idea while the opposite one falls under criticism. This scheme does not work well in many cases.

Commonly, the main idea of an explanatory essay is to present an event or situation without supporting any point of view. It should be objective and help to create an adequate picture of what is going on. When an explanatory essay is well-written, the audience can make up their minds about the events described even if it contradicts the author's point of view on the topic.

Common topics for an explanatory essay

What differs explanatory essays from other types of papers is that it can be dedicated to any topic at all. In case you don’t know what topic to choose, we have created a list of the most popular ones to write about in your essay:

  •  WWII and its effect on the world’s history.

Almost any war brings changes and impacts the development of civilization. It can have various effects on the progress of humanity. This topic opens unique opportunities for creating an excellent explanatory essay as many aspects can easily be presented in a variety of forms.

  •  Teenage drug abuse and ways to protect children from it.

The problem of teenage drug abuse has always been very acute in many countries. The drug industry changes as fast as methods to eliminate it. This topic is very suitable for an explanatory essay as it concerns a problem which is exceptionally significant these days.

  •  Social networks and their impact on society.

Communication via the internet has made lots of things much easier nowadays. People can exchange information in a blink of an eye and communicate with a friend from all over the world. Nevertheless, despite all the advantages of the electronic era, there is an opinion, that many people lose their skills of communication in real life. You can discuss how it can influence the world in your essay.

  •  How can we protect ourselves from media propaganda?

The internet has opened vast areas for new forms of pressure on people. The global network has become a tool for brainwash and imposing individual opinions on people's minds. What are the ways to protect ourselves from such a negative effect of modern media?

Things to do before starting writing an explanatory essay

You need to make a research on the topic that you have chosen for your explanatory essay if you want to make it right. Even if you have plenty of ideas of your own concerning the subject of your article, you have to bring in some more information from reliable and trustworthy sources. This will help you catch the ultimate mood for your piece. Mind that the more facts you provide to your reader, the faster your essay will get acclaim. Don't be too supportive or critical about any opinion. To avoid being biased, think over a structure of your essay outline try to stick to it strictly.

Creating the structure for your essay

Before writing an outline, consider all the information you wish to include in your paper and the volume of the final version of your writing. Commonly, expository essays are no longer than a couple of pages with 4-5 paragraphs inside. Like any other type of paper, an explanatory essay has three main parts: an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Depending on your topic and the amount of information, it can be divided into several additional elements.

Creating an introduction for your essay

The ultimate goal of an introduction is to make your reader interested in further reading your paper. To achieve this effect, you need to make your opening catchy. Use a statement or a quote from a reliable source or ask a question that will haunt your reader throughout your essay. In some way, this part of any writing is as important as body paragraphs.

Another important thing you have to keep in mind is that introduction must lead your reader to further research and investigation of the topic presented in your essay. Nevertheless, it should not copy the information you will show in the body of your essay.

The body

Usually, the body is divided into three paragraphs that differ in their content and ideas but altogether follow the same pattern. Bridges between all of them are to be smooth and logical. This part of your essay needs to be well-thought and organized.

Your essay should contain apparent facts that can support your point of view. This is required to make readers understand what you mean and see that your research hasn't been in vain. In case you succeed in that, your audience will get a clear understanding that you have done proper work while writing your essay.

How to finish your essay

In conclusion, you have to summarize all the information that you presented in your article to finally complete your task. Re-state your thesis based on the research you have conducted, and make a call to encourage your readers to continue investigating this topic.

Edit your work

When your essay is finished look through it several times to find out if all the parts are in their place. In case the introduction, the body, and the conclusion do not match each other logically, your essay may look inconsistent.

Did you express your thoughts clear?

After the last stage of editing is finished, think your essay over. Is the point of view you wanted to convey to your readers is clear? In case they don't understand what it all was about, this will mean that your work has no value. Your essay should leave no questions about the reasons why you wrote it.

Be attentive to your grammar

Even if your essay is full of original thoughts and wise ideas, don't forget about checking your grammar and spelling. One can hardly trust a writer whose works are poorly written and flawed with mistakes.

Ask your friend’s opinion

Your essay may seem completely clear to you and even make you’re proud of it at first glance. But don’t forget that not all of your readers will get into the essence of your work in such a natural way. Give your work to a friend, a teacher, or someone else you trust. They can share their opinion with you and may lead you to some thoughts and ideas that can improve your essay and give it more credit.

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