Excellent Extended Essay Topics for All Students

What is an Extended Essay?

Composing will always be crucial in academic world. With this in mind, it’s important for those students who encounter difficulties in writing academic papers to practice each day until they can create an excellent piece of writing on any given topic.

It is equally important for students to remember that there are various types of essays. Nevertheless, the kind of academic writing varies from one education level to another. For instance, an essay is basically narrative in middle and high school, and in this case, creativity is crucial to getting excellent grades in essay writing. As one moves on to college, things change, as writing is based on practical knowledge. A student is supposed to venture out in the field and collect data pertaining to the subject matter. When it comes to diploma studies, students take part in a kind of practical composing known as extended papercomposing.

Extended papers entail conducting trials, devotion, investigation, plus crucial thinking. It’s important to mull over concept plus validate material. An extended paper is a kind of investigation paper with a sharp examination of the subject matter. Like other essays, it comprises of the normal structure of a beginning, body, plus ending. Its format requires a paper comprising of four thousand terms. It has to be a concept which is supposed to be crafted with the assistance of an instructor.

Guidelines for Composing A Quality Extended Paper

  •  Compose Something You Enjoy
  • In what way can you locate a subject that you’re ardent about? Begin by outlining the classes that you find fascinating plus why you enjoying them. For instance, do you adore English due to the fact that you like examining texts? Or do you adore History for the reason that you enjoy analyzing historical events? The moment you’ve arrived at an overall topic area, for instance, Biology, you ought to think of further precise subjects. For example, which chapter did you find interesting? What specific thing concerning that chapter did you find fascinating?
  •  Select A Subject Which Isn’t Too Limited Or Too Wide
  • You have to compose about something particular: however, not overly particular that the number of words won’t go up to the required 4000. For instance, you can’t compose about World War 2 since it would mean writing a lot of material which can fill a book. You don’t want to compose about what sort of food prisoners of warfare ate in the camps they were in since you most likely cannot produce the required four thousand terms for it. Nonetheless, you could perhaps compose on effects of the Nazis triumphs plus letdowns on prisoner of warfare camps in Germany (even though this subject might be too obvious). Subjects containing comparisons of around 2 to 3 books, among others, are ideal since one will possess the ability to examine every segment, then after conducting a detailed examination of each, you then liken plus elucidate the importance of the comparison. Furthermore, comparisons aren’t the only way to obtain good grades in your paper. If you encounter difficulties in arriving at a subject matter that isn’t too extensive or limited you can brainstorm a subject which utilizes a comparison. Moreover, in case after researching you select a subject which is not similarity based subject plus you aren’t sure whether that subject is limited or wide, use around 30 minutes to conduct some investigation and find out the amount of content you’ll gather. If there’re more than 1000 journals or books on that subject matter, then it might be too wide. On the other hand, if there exists 4 books related to your subject matter, then it might be limited.
  •  Select A Consultant Who’s Conversant With Your Subject
  • If you aren’t sure about the choice of a consultant, begin by making a listing of 3 of your topmost selections. After that produce a listing of merits plus demerits. The instructor with the most merits wins. Remember, you shouldn’t choose your preferred instructor as your advisor. They might not be of help if they instruct another subject (which doesn’t cover your selected topic). However, if there’s an instructor who’s passionate about the topic you chose, you can request him or her. Ponder all possibilities beforehand. Most International Baccalaureate (IB) high schools necessitate a student’s IB extended paper consultant to sign an agreement document. Ensure you request the IB coordinator at your institution whether there’s any paperwork that’s required. In case your school requires a form to be signed, ensure that you carry one when you request an instructor to be your extended paper consultant.
  •  Pick a Consultant Who’ll Always Encourage You to Perform Your Best
  • Certain instructors might decide to be an advisor since they have no option plus might not feel like going through drafts. Moreover they might also not provide enough response; Select an instructor who’ll diligently go through various sketches then offer adequate responses. Get in touch with an instructor whom you’ve interacted with in the classroom or activities outside class, for example sporting activities. Don’t get in touch with an instructor whom you have no correlation with. That teacher will most definitely not push you harder.
  •  Ensure That The Essay Contains A Sharp Edifice Plus Flow
  • Your paper has to contain a sharp beginning (one-two pages double-spaced) research query, body, and ending (around one page plus double-spaced). If the paper is poorly organized, it won’t get a good grade. In addition, make sure the abstract (three hundred words) is well-defined as well as recapitulates your contention. A reader will find it hard to follow your essay’s contention if it has a vague abstract. Also, it will hinder you from getting a good grade. The body ought to constitute a majority of the paper, plus should be around eight-eighteen pages (also double-spaced). You can divide it into several segments. For example, if the paper’s dealing with similarity, you can have a third of the body representing Journal X examination, one third as Journal Y examination, and another one third as a comparison of the examinations of journals X and Y. In the event you’re carrying out a trial or examining data, your paper’s body will contain sharp segments abiding by the scientific technique, that is, mentioning the research query, conversing your technique, revealing the data, examining it, conversing any reservations, plus finally coming up with an ending.
  •  Begin Writing Immediately
You won’t be capable of composing a 4000-word paper in 7 days then obtain a good score grade. That’s a fact. You’ll be going through numerous pieces of writing. Dependent upon the subject matter, you’ll probably go through many books and watch many movies. Begin conducting investigation immediately. Every educational institution has a divergent time limit for this kind of essay. Some will request them around November of your senior year, while some will request them around February of senior year.

Additional Tips on Writing This Essay

  •  You ought to thoroughly analyze all facts before they are included in your article. No individual wishes to read straightforward points listings. The facts lists should be striking
  •  Ensure you comprehend the whole subject.
  •  Utilize as many sources as you can. There ought to be first, second, and tertiary sources of information with the aim of making the whole picture more credible plus distinct.
  •  Do not forget to mention why the topic is important and worth studying when stating your thesis.
  •  Steer clear of passive constructions. Do not just restate the thesis in the conclusion. Moreover, it shouldn’t be similar to the introduction.
  •  Proofread plus edit the work. Most students ignore proofreading’s magnitude. A well-composed essay can be spoiled by spelling plus grammatical errors.
There exist numerous extended paper subjects out there for composing an excellent paper. The following is a list that contains several topics:

Several Extended Essay Topics

Biology Extended Essay Topics

  1.  The Manner In Which Plants Can Develop In A Dissimilar Way When They Share Their Habitations Alongside Others
  2.  Safely Storage Of Milk From Cows
  3.  Differences Involving Terrestrial Florae Plus Marine Florae
  4.  Photosynthesis: How It Can Occur In The Absence Of Sunlight
  5.  Can Remote Pollination Happen?
  6.  Consequence Of Different Drugs On The Human Brain
  7.  How A Habitat Change Can Have An Impact On An Organism
  8.  The Effects Of Climate On The Procreation Processes Of Plants
  9.  How Florae Can Cure Illness
  10.  Is It Possible To Manufacture Flowers?
  11.  Ingredients In Food Plus Drinks: Their Effects On Athletes’ Abilities
  12.  Bearing Of Hormones And Enzymes On Substrate

Physics Extended Essay Subjects

  1.  Electricity Plus Electric Energy
  2.  Magnetism Plus Magnetic Force
  3.  Comprehending Lexis Of Physical Science
  4.  Key Phase Concerning Advancement Of Physical Thinking
  5.  Scientific Techniques Utilized By Physics Nowadays
  6.  Fundamentals Of Dynamics: Energies Plus Motion
  7.  Occurrence Of Hotness
  8.  Interactions Of Particles
  9.  Natural Light: Its Nature Plus Conduct
  10.  The Ways In Which Energy Can Be Preserved?

Math Extended Essay Topics

  1.  Methods Utilized In Statistics
  2.  Cosmology Plus Overall Relativeness
  3.  Explanations For The Normal Movement Of Planets
  4.  Utilizing Color Polynomials Plus To Differentiate Knots
  5.  Spirograph: Fascinating Curves
  6.  Egyptian Influence on Arithmetic
  7.  Significance Of Egyptian Fractions In Math
  8.  Partitions Theory: Its Overall Roles
  9.  Symmetry Of Plane Tessellations
  10.  The Use Of Voting Polynomials And Impartiality Of Constitution

Extended Essays Topics on Economics

  1.  Reasons As To Why Regression Gap Occurs
  2.  Functionality Of Money Transfer Systems
  3.  Fiscal Policy: Its Effect On The Economy
  4.  Levies Plus Expenditure: Instruments Necessary For It To Be Extra Efficient
  5.  The Manner In Which Cycles In Commerce Lead To Unpredictability In The Workforce Market
  6.  Reasons Why Individual Earning Goes To The National Financial Plan
  7.  Size Of The Regime Segment In An Economy. Is It Warranted?
  8.  Definition Of The Industrial Strategy
  9.  Several Commerce Strategies In Divergent Nations
  10.  Definition Of Expansionary Fiscal Strategy Plus What’s The Ideal Time For Its Utilization?

Interesting Extended Paper Subjects

  1.  Spiritual Attitudes Of Different Individuals
  2.  Translation Of Notions Of Social Darwinism In Political Affairs
  3.  Racial Plus Identity Based On Sexuality In The 90s
  4.  Tribal Strife Plus Discrimination Based On Race In The 21th Century
  5.  Enfranchisement Of Women In Lord Of The Rings
  6.  Significance Of The Literary Role Of A Dialect
  7.  Why Animals Need To Be Kept In Zoos
  8.  Arguments In Favor Of Wearing Of Uniforms By Teachers
  9.  The Manner In Which Media Depiction Impacts Day-To-Day Life
  10.  Prominence Of Studying English Literature

Extended Paper Subjects on English Literature

  1.  Non-Living Things In Bell Jar By Sylvia Plath
  2.  Analysis Of Nobility In Man Exemplified By 3 Excellent Personalities
  3.  Fault In Our Stars By John Green
  4.  Devil In Winter By Lisa Kleypas
  5.  Studying Jane Austen
  6.  Likely Similarities Between Gregor Samsa From Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis Plus Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein Monster
  7.  Religion Plus Spiritual Descriptions In Wuthering Heights By Emily Bronte
  8.  James Baldwin’s Portrayal Of Racism
  9.  Prominence Of Dance In Emma By Jane Austen
  10.  Just Listen By Sarah Dessen

Extended Essays on Geography

  1.  Economic Development: Its Effect On The Environment
  2.  The Manner In Which Continents Came To Be Located In Their Current Positions
  3.  Importance Of Exploring The Seabed
  4.  Evolvement Of Terrestrial Crust Expertise In The Last Hundred Years
  5.  Is There A Correlation Between Geography And Gendered Economy
  6.  Factors That Affect Where An Industry Can Be Located
  7.  Oceanography: Significance Of Safeguarding The Quality Of Water
  8.  How Countries That Are Not Landlocked Are Dissimilar From Those That Are Landlocked
  9.  Cultural Interactions Between And Among Neighboring Countries
  10.  Geography Impacts On Relations Among Individuals

History Extended Paper Subjects

  1.  Why The Soviet Union Broke Up
  2.  Attack On Pearl Harbor: Can It Be Considered A Turning Point During Second World War?
  3.  The Political Reasons Evident In William Shakespeare’s Plays
  4.  Consequences Of The Cuban Missile Calamity
  5.  Reasons Why Hiroshima Plus Nagasaki Were Bombed
  6.  Prominence Of The Versailles Accord
  7.  Prejudice Contained In The Witch Hearings Of Salem
  8.  The Realization Of The Deal Involving Staling Plus Hitler
  9.  How Britain Was Conquered By The Roman Empire
  10.  Opium: Advancement Of Its Insight As A Culture Of The Rural Areas
  11.  The Interpretation Of Past Events By Historians: The Manner In Which They Go About It?
  12.  Chernobyl Disaster In Ukraine: Political And Economic Impacts
  13.  The Political Motives For The Fall Of The Roman Empire

Interesting Extended Essays on World Studies

  1.  Impacts Of The Worldwide Food Crunch On Our Everyday Lives
  2.  Effects Of Global Climate Alterations On Our Outlook Of The Planet
  3.  The Motives Plus Effects Of Worldwide Terrorism
  4.  How To Identify When A Subject Has Worldwide Importance
  5.  Significance Of Energy Security
  6.  Cultural Interchange And Its Importance
  7.  Making Inputs That Are Globally Appreciated
  8.  What Brings About Immigration Plus Its Consequences
  9.  What Every Traveler Ought To Know Concerning Health Safety Precaution
  10.  How The Development Of Expressions Can Be Impacted By Local Factors
  11.  Are Nuclear Weapons Global Peacemakers Or Just Killing Devices?

Psychology Extended Essay Topics

  1.  Our Obsession With Fast Food
  2.  The Correlation Between Obesity And TV
  3.  Psychological Reasons That Lead To Depression
  4.  The Stress Resulting From Preterm Delivery
  5.  Suicidal Behavior Types Plus The Manner In Which They Advance
  6.  Preventing Abortion From Damaging Psychological Well-Being
  7.  Distinction Between Schizophrenia In Males And Females
  8.  Aggression Amongst Teen Couples
  9.  How Narcissism In A Mother Can Affect Her Kid
  10.  The Manner In Which Obesity In Kids Can Be Caused By Parental Negligence


We advocate for the selection of a subject which you’re enthusiastic about. Moreover, make certain the topic’s scope is in line with the required amount of pages. Begin choosing from the above extended essay topics today.