Gender equality essay: Arguments to use

The term 'gender' is used to differentiate males and females from each other and to distinguish the roles of both sexes in social life. The problem of gender equality has been very acute in the last few decades, and it is still considered to be an object of discussion. The tendency of equaling the rights of men and women is maintained with the help of government and many social institutions. As a result, the boundaries between both sexes become more and more subjective and unclear. There is no point in denying that every human being deserves to be respected regardless of one's gender. Promoting such ideas is an indelible part of our society's activities. Its ultimate goal is to give all people more opportunities in every day and working life. So, how does the striving for gender equality influence modern people's lives?

In all time, there have been problems with distinguishing gender roles in society. The reasons for that were different: from religious, political, and moral ones to mere ignorance. Those who dared to perform activities and take on roles that were associated with the opposite gender were often becoming a target for criticism and interference. Unfortunately, the history of gender prejudices is rooted deep in mankind's world outlook. They were created to simplify the existence of society in the past. Those who didn't fit into these frames were abandoned and discarded.

Nevertheless, times change, and many stereotypes that were associated with gender specification have gone. Nowadays, personality and uniqueness are appreciated more than blindly following old social patterns. A woman dealing with a dangerous and physically challenging job, — because she can handle it even better than a man can — is a regular thing. The same logic applies to men working in the spheres of fashion and entertainment, for example. The modern tendency is to do something that you are good at, not only remain a typical representative of your sex.

Women had always suffered a lot more than men when it came to gender problems. Unfortunately, underlining almost all differences between genders has always been oriented on discrimination of women. The reasons for that appeared to be quite different, but most often, they were political and religious ones. In many cultures, the part of a woman was reduced to a mere reproductive function and taking care of a family and home. No involvement in social and political processes was included. This also concerned education and health care as women didn't need to be educated to carry their burden of being some family's workhorse.

Luckily, nowadays, this tendency has changed as women now have more opportunities to get the education they want. Besides, the governments in the civilized countries pay much attention to the health and comfort of their female population. Such a level of freedom was nearly unbelievable about a hundred years ago. There are specific fields of medicine, education, and even conveniences that are designed solely for women. Women can vote and take part in all other parts of society's life, and no one has the right to discriminate a woman who is into some professions that are commonly associated with men. In some way, we live in a lot more tolerant society than our predecessors used to a hundred years ago. It offers a lot more possibilities to women than it provided a century ago. But it is still far from ideal.

There is hardly a place, for example, where the role of a woman in a family has significantly changed. Throughout history, it was reduced to housekeeping and rearing children. This, in turn, involves various skills that any woman should master, such as cooking, cleaning, organizing, and doing lots of other things, such as repairing clothes. Unfortunately, such skills are disregarded as important ones, though not every man is capable of performing them at a decent level. One can hardly imagine a heterosexual marriage where a woman is not involved in everything described above. That is why it is quite ignorant to deny that women need the same level of health care, insurance, and respect as men do. Luckily, modern society offers women a lot more opportunities to stand for their rights.

Men, on the contrary, have quite a different traditional function in society. They are considered to be more active, pushing different processes in the right direction, and taking care of the financial side of a family. They also used to master the most difficult and dangerous professions connected with risk for health and even life. There is a massive list of jobs that are initially designed for men only, such as military service, mining, engineering, building, etc. Men are not supposed to be fainthearted and weak as they appear to be the basis for the stability and safety of a family and a society. They usually have no right to be vulnerable and defenseless. In some cultures, men are still put in a higher range of importance than women since they had to bear more responsibility for the whole existence of the society they live in.

Nowadays, society shows more progress in maintaining gender equality in various spheres of life. For example, there are specific programs in many countries, aimed at teaching people that no matter what sex one belongs to, everyone has equal possibilities of self-development and work. Employment has also become very accessible to both women and men as it is being a competent professional that matters, not gender. Economically, both men and women are important for social stability. That is why the role of any sex in building a healthy social atmosphere cannot be disregarded. The level of discrimination has also been reduced to a minimum in a civilized world as it is a normal tendency to promote gender equality and a respectful attitude towards people.

The status of women becomes higher and higher as people understand their decisive role in the society building process. Today, women have access to all the significant activities and events in modern society. This was never the case in the past. It has taken time to bring the world to that condition. Nowadays, we have lots of organizations and associations that stay in guard when it comes to defending women's rights around the globe. Every woman has a right to protect herself and to stand for her rights. This is an achievement of the modern society that we can be proud of.

Many institutions have women as their heads. Some countries have lots of female politicians and even presidents. No one has the right to harm a woman without being severely punished for that. This is a triumph of equality and gender justice in the world. As a result, we enter the era of a healthy society that operates human rights in the best possible way. Inequality is about to be banned and dismissed from the face of the planet Earth. And everyone who participates in that should be proud of it.

Despite some statements, women have shown an even more profound level of productivity than men in many spheres of life and employment. Even in education, women are more successful than men. That is why the promotion of gender equality should be seen as one of the most critical issues in modern-day culture and upbringing. The less inequality and discrimination there will be in society, the more powerful and prosperous it is going to be. Conflicts rooted in inequality create nothing but social and economic disasters. Thus, governments of all countries should open the doors of educational institutions to women as it is the critical part of the societies' development and global progress, as a whole.

There is a massive variety of jobs that have been associated solely with men while now women take over in those fields. There are lots of women who are supposed to be leaders and profound specialists in many spheres of science, politics, and sport. Everyone who dares to follow the path of discrimination should be ready to confront a massive movement for defending women's rights. Females have more air to feel free from the burden of social opinion as to what they should be like or act like. The level of freedom and independence has never been higher than today. They are free to choose jobs they like and to master their skills in almost every field of science and social life.

All mentioned above also concern men. The level of violence in the world becomes lower year after year. Men no longer need to be good at military disciplines as old-time wars become rarer these days. There is nothing wrong in the fact that a man spends a lot of time playing with children or takes care of his appearance. Many jobs have been designed for women only — such as teachers and models. However, it is not frowned upon when men choose them. Times have changed, and nowadays, we can see that there are tons of possibilities for a man to be successful outside war and violence. As it has been mentioned before, many women handle male jobs better than males themselves. This is also true considering men. There are a lot of male professionals occupying initially 'female' positions who are considered to be masters in their fields despite their sex. The world tends to open more possibilities for everyone each day.

To sum it all up, we should say that as time passes, the world is changing rapidly. Very few things today are considered solely male or female. The tradition that worked in the past become useless and unproductive these days. To reach the highs of development and progress, we need to reconsider our attitude to all human being, regardless of their genders. This is the only way we can change the entire world and make it a better place. We should value and cherish the advantages of any sex, but along with this, the variability and the freedom of choice that every person obtains should not be dismissed. A peaceful and prosperous society is the one that gets rid of any discrimination in physical and emotional violence. It is truly in our hands to make it so.

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