What is Global Warming and How Does It Affect the World?

Global warming effects are no longer a prediction of what is to come. They are real, and we are experiencing them on a global scale. Knowledge and individual action are vital in this fight to save the earth.

After years and years of abusing our environment, we are finally starting to pay the price. For decades, the adverse impacts human activities have had on the environment have gone ignored, and now Mother Nature has begun to respond. Although various organizations have come up in recent years speaking for each, they may be a little too late. However, as they say, better late than never and just maybe their efforts are making a slight difference and improvement.

One of the biggest problems is the extinction of the species. The water bodies are polluted by plastic and make it hard for animals to continue their usual life habits. The land wastes make it harder for many animals to exist as well, even though they adapt to new conditions, these conditions are not fit for good, healthy life. We begin to face a dystopian future, however dramatic it might sound. The corporations that try to prevent waste are not numerous and people are not very keen on recycling but this may be the only thing that can save our planet in the long run. Scientists keep confirming the rise in temperature and if we’re not mindful of their words now, we might regret it later.

A fair argument to make is that climate is not constant, it changes through time, with cold and hot periods interchanging. But the thing is, it has never been this quick. Even without using specialized equipment, it’s possible to tell – it’s gotten hotter. And not just that, it has also gotten colder in winters because normal climate mechanisms do not work as they should anymore. The blame lies on pollution and anthropomorphic activities. Why? We’ll delve into it further.

Global Warming

A couple of decades back, global warming was more of a prediction rather than a happening. Sadly, we don’t have the luxury of saying so now because it’s a problem currently facing the whole world. To fight it requires everyone’s efforts including from the non-believers. In definition, global warming is the rise in temperature of the earth because of an increase in greenhouse gasses trapped within the ozone layer. The ozone layer is a blanket, invisible to the naked eye that surrounds the earth’s atmosphere trapping radiation. Although it’s a natural phenomenon, it has grown to be a problem in the last couple of centuries because of an anthropogenic rise in the GHG (Greenhouse gases).

The average temperature is rising everywhere on earth. The winters become colder and the summers are unbearably hot. The main reasons will be discussed further in detail but the major among them is human activity itself. We produce insane amounts of chemicals that affect our climate and make greenhouse effect impossible for the planet to recover from.

The grim reality we face is that if no action is taken, the world will cease to exist as we know it. Global warming is real, and its effects have proven by the scientific community. Although as mentioned before, there are non-believers who don’t see the truth in the concept. If no action is taken these effects are bound only to get worse. Luckily, advancement in technology and conservation efforts are pushing for the change and protection of the earth. Essays on global warming serve the purpose of enlightening students of the serious problem that we as the world are currently facing. Having an understanding of what global warming is, is a critical part pushing them towards taking action at an individual and even community level.

What Makes Global Warming Happen?

Our planet’s atmosphere protects us from outer space. It’s a layer of air that has complex structure and allows life to flourish. It basically keeps warmth from leaving thus allowing us to exist and experience life as we know it. The system is simple – the heating gases get trapped and don’t go into outer space. But too much of anything is bad, even if originally it’s a good thing. And this is exactly what happens. Human activity makes it so there’s too much gases, the temperature rises, the ecosystems suffer, and we get what the scientists call global warming. Have you ever been to a greenhouse? It’s usually so warm there, right? Even in winter. This is because it is designed to conserve heat and provide the suitable environment to plants. But when too much radiation and gas gets trapped by the atmosphere, we get the same thing – a greenhouse but on a global scale. It’s called greenhouse effect and it’s a major sign of global warming. It’s a natural occurrence that results from the process of the earth rotating around the sun which varies the intensity with which the sun rays heat the ground. Other natural phenomena that increase the buildup of greenhouse gases are volcanic eruptions and geothermal sites. There’s significant Sulphur dioxide production in these areas, hence the increased trapping of radiation from the sun.

The cracks on the earth and landfill locations facilitate the release of methane gas which is a greenhouse gas. The methane in the atmosphere also causes global warming. Compared to carbon dioxide, methane has a more adverse effect on global warming. Anthropogenic activities such as farming and cattle keeping produce significant amounts of methane gas. That is because animals, especially cattle, produce a lot of methane gas.

Controversial Opinions on Climate Change

Some argue that the biggest threat to our climate and the future of us as species is not so obvious. Factories and cars are a cause, but what is the foundation, the underlying reason for all of this? A quite controversial opinion is that it’s our economic system. Capitalism is on the rise, it is the default expected economy for all countries. And the problem is that under capitalism, the mass production rises, the factories are built and the richest people of the world see no limits when it comes to earning more money. that’s why it is said that if ethical consumption was implemented and if all major manufacturers reviewed their means of production, we could actually reduce the effects of it on our planet. It’s a far fetched theory and not everyone agrees it’s true but it is worth to mention it in this article for the fuller view of the problem.

Effects of Global Warming on the World

The impacts of global warming are no longer a prediction but rather results that are already being witnessed across the globe. Scientists from around the world have presented irrefutable proof of the effects of global warming at play. Below is a list of some of the significant impacts of global warming that are currently happening:
  1.  Extreme weather conditions – It’s undeniable that the weather patterns all around the world today are quite erratic. There is a rise in the amount of rainfall and temperatures. We have frequent floods, hurricanes, and drought being experienced in different regions across the globe. The extreme weather conditions have led to increased natural disasters leading to loss of human, animal and plant life. Migrating animals have suffered quite a lot because of the rapidly changing climatic conditions.
  2. Animal extinction – To find more habitable conditions, wild animals are moving away from the equator towards the North and South Pole. Those that can’t survive the climate change have grown extinct. Over a million species are estimated to have gone extinct.
  3. Increased wildfires and drought – the rise in temperature has accelerated the occurrence of droughts and wildfires. The greenhouse gases and dryness fuels wildfires.
  4. Polar climate changes – the ice reduces in volume making it hard for the animals of the region to continue living like they lived for centuries. Polar bears venture into human spaces which is unheard of. The north merchant passages do not freeze when they should be frozen and the level of global water rises.
  5. Increased respiratory diseases – Air quality is not the same as it once was. There’s been significant pollution leading to a rise in carbon dioxide emission which affects the human respiratory system.
  6. Snow cover is expected to decline even further – The earth’s surface, water bodies, and atmospheric temperature are increasing steadily.

Solutions that Can Help Reverse the Effects of Global Warming

Solving the problem of global warming is not a one-person job but instead requires the effort of every individual. There are measures we can all take to help combat this crisis. Examples include:
  • Reducing our power consumption by flying less, purchasing energy efficient refrigerators and vehicles that cause minimal pollution
  • Put a stop to deforestation
  • Minimize carbon emission
  • By spreading knowledge of conservation and working together towards creating a cleaner earth
  • Adopting safer practices that aren’t harmful to the environment such as recycling
  • Employ the use of technology such as geoengineering


The current situation on global warming is anything but good. Wildlife species are becoming extinct, human respiratory diseases are on the increase, and people are dying from natural disasters such as flooding, landslides, and drought. The rise in earth’s temperature causes extreme weather conditions harmful to the animal, plant and human survival. Scientists have done their part in proving that the effects of global warming are currently being experienced across the globe. What is left is for every individual to make a stand and take action towards saving our world.