How to Get Better at Creative Essay Writing

When you are faced with the need to write an impressive creative essay, there are some things you will need: abilities, knowledge, and perseverance. For some people it takes quite a while to write an essay, but you can speed up the process when you know exactly what you have to do. To make sure that your writing will impress all the right people, there are some steps you will have to follow. Completing an assignment of this sort could be the best time to express yourself let others know about your thoughts on a given matter.

So, what is this particular type of writing about?

Learning to write a creative essay is a basic thing you learn as a student. The aim of the assignment is to put your thoughts on paper. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to prove your language skills, your skill to present an argument, and verbalize your feelings. Our aim is to offer you the right advice on writing creative essays so that each essay of yours will be a success.

By understanding the structure of such as essay, one can decrease the writing time to complete the task. Luckily, it differs quite a lot from other writing styles as it offers a more freedom to express one’s own thoughts. As such, it will turn out to be lengthy and you should also know how to increase the length of your paper. The main point is to let the reader know your thoughts on a given topic and how your thoughts and feelings relate to other relevant themes. Think of it as a safe place just waiting to present your inner opinions. This particular type of writing assignment helps students improve their critical thinking abilities and helps them express their own beliefs. As a result most students do their best to score points on this task. If you have some experience with writing essays, they will come in handy, since a creative essay may contain numerous descriptions of places, characters, and actions.

Tasks of this kind are usually given to school, college, or university students. Requirements vary according to the academic level and the given subject. When receiving such a task, the students will get the possibility to escape the strict rules and guidelines they are used to. In many cases students have the possibility to write a paper on a topic chosen by them and to come up with a story and characters that best represent the way they think about a given matter. Although at this point it might sound easy, it’s not, and many people find it difficult to turn in a high quality essay on time.

It is all about the topic you choose

First things first, you will have to choose a topic you would like to write about. The topic ideas are virtually infinite. If you really don’t know what to write about, here are some ideas for writing your next assignment:

  1.  Write about past experiences and the way you look back to them in the present.
  2.  Describe a character, which wakes up one day with infinite power over the world and the way this newfound ability changes them as a person.
  3.  Present the person with the greatest influence over your life. You could choose a well-known person or one you have met personally.
  4.  Describe something you never could imagine your life without. Think about an activity or an object you often use.
  5.  How do you imagine life if you had a superpower of your choice? Which would you choose and how would you use it?
  6.  Imagine you had to go in an expedition meant to bring new life to a different universe? List the things you would take with you and those that you would leave at home and motivate your answer.
  7.  You could be a detective solving a crime committed by one of your loved ones. What would you do?
  8.  Think back to your first memory of something, like religion or belief. Did the way you see things change over time?
  9.  What if there were no boundaries between the countries? How would people react and why?
  10.  What happened on the saddest or happiest day you can remember? How would you describe it?

This list of topics never really ends. In the majority of the cases the students are asked to link their topic to a subject discussed in class. You should do some research on the given topic in a way that your work will have a good plot and it will be relevant to the theme at hand. However, there is still some freedom for you to think outside the box, resulting in a paper that will become more personal.

How to prepare the writing process?

The key to preparing a high quality essay is to plan ahead. Actually, the whole process begins before you even prepare your pencil. Just let your creativity run free while keeping your eye on the given topic to ensure you won’t lose track of the purpose of the task. Just think about these tips before actually starting to write:

  •  Choose a theme or an approach you are comfortable with; this will bring you more joy while writing. Since creative writings give you so much freedom, it might become a bit confusing. Just ensure that the topic in question is close to you and you can formulate a personal opinion.
  •  Know the audience. Who will be reading your essay? How to grab their attention? By answering these questions it will be easier to find the right language to engage your audience.
  •  Prepare a draft for the essay. If you have guidelines, you can stay on track with more ease and readers will understand you better. Just take some notes of the ideas you would like to present, the characters, and the conclusion of the plot. When you start working, constantly return to your draft to stay on track.
  •  Do a bit of brainstorming. Don’t forget to scribble down all your ideas on the matter, even those seemingly unimportant. Once you have some ideas, you can work on combining them so that the paper will represent your ideas to the letter.

Further tips for writing your essay

By now you have all the basic information about writing a creative essay, so it would be time to get down to business. It will take some time and some practice, but you will get the hang of it. To make the process easier, here are some tips that will help you even more:

  •  The first few sentences make all the difference. These can get the readers focused on the story, or you could lose them forever. Keep the suspense so that the readers simply won’t be able to put down your essay.
  •  Write down all the ideas and combine them in a first version of the essay. They don’t have to be logical at first; you can chisel the ideas later, when you edit the essay.
  •  Look through your ideas and ensure that they are presented chronologically and that they actually have logic. The transitions ought to be smooth to make understanding easier for the readers.
  •  Describe the main character, what happens to them and what desires they have; the readers get more engaged with the story this way and feel like they actually know the character.
  •  Present the setting. It is easier for the audience to understand the story and to imagine it if the setting is properly described. Use as many descriptions as possible so that the audience will be able to feel, to see what the setting looks like. Details will bring the plot to life.
  •  To make it easier for the audience to understand your thoughts, try using metaphors and analogies.
  •  Express yourself. This is your chance to let the world know your thoughts or how you see your surroundings. You can have the blandest topic as long as you manage to find a new angle so your readers will be intrigued by your work.

Paper structure

Having the proper structure will make all the difference in your paper. Basically, each essay ought to have three parts: introduction, body, and conclusion.


This place is meant to describe the most important elements of the plot. Present the central theme of the paper and all the elements of the plot the readers should know to understand the story.


This is the most important part of the paper; it presents the problems or issues the main character has to handle. You should present all the important events that all lead up to the conclusion of the paper.


This is the high point of the paper. In this part the problems and issues are resolved. Use this part to personalize the paper and give your personal opinions and feelings on the matter. There are some elements that make for the perfect ending for an essay or a story. Basically, you have to answer most questions the readers could have, however, it never hurts to leave up some things to their imagination. This way you can be sure that you will keep your audience engaged to the very end of the story.

Many people come up with the title after they have written the paper. Such an idea could also work for you, because after you have written the paper, you already know all there is to know of the subject. Try to come up with a title that doesn’t say too much about the plot, just enough to make the readers curious. Another important idea to think about is to focus on the resolution. This is meant to summarize your entire essay and it gives you the opportunity to personalize the paper, to share the lessons, or send direct thoughts to the readers; just don’t make it too lengthy.

Post-writing tips

Writing a high quality essay is never easy, but with time you will get better. There are many tricks you could use to improve your writing over time. For instance, there is perseverance. In time you will find your specific voice and your own personal writing style. This will give you the confidence to explore new topics and play around with them.

Read your own essay. Never skip reading your work once you are finished. Use this chance to edit it or rewrite some parts while keeping the big picture in mind. Don’t make revisions of an unfinished essay. Once you finish, take the time to check the pace of the plot and ensure that the transitions are as smooth as possible. This way you can make sure that your audience won’t get confused or bored.

Use your rich vocabulary. To improve the quality of your work, you might want to use a thesaurus to express yourself with unique words. During the revision also check for spelling or grammatical mistakes. These could change the meaning of your words and diminish the quality of your writing. It is also a good idea to ask someone to read your writing before turning it in. This way you will also gain some insight on how people react to your story and how they understand it; you will also find out what they are thinking after reading your writing.

Our recommendations

Writing creative essays isn’t suitable for everybody. This is why many people are looking for some help with their writing to make sure that they will impress their audience. In our days, you can find and hire professionals, who can help you with your assignment. They can read through your draft and improve it, provide you with expert opinion on editing, or write a catchy conclusion for your essay.

Finding the right service will ensure that you will only turn in high quality pieces, that are creative and original, no matter what the chosen topic is. If you just don’t have the time, energy, or inspiration to write your essay, turn to a professional service provider. This way you can be sure that your essays will be sensational every time.

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