Proving Your Innocence When You Didn’t Plagiarize

It is no news that many students in universities and colleges don’t like writing academic papers. And the reason for this is quite obvious – these papers take a lot of time and effort to write. However, a much bigger challenge students need to overcome when writing their papers is that of plagiarism.

Copying someone’s work without duly acknowledging them may lead to serious consequences. Apart from an automatic debacle of your work, there’s also a possibility of getting excluded from the higher institution. This is why it’s very important to pay attention to uniqueness when writing your papers.

However, sometimes even your best effort might not be enough to prevent you from falling into a plagiarism trap.

It is not unusual for students to be accused by their professors of stealing other people’s idea without giving them credit.

If you’ve ever found yourself in such a situation, then you may likely feel hurt or frustrated. But the feeling is normal. After all, you’ve invested a lot of time working hard to come up with something that could earn you a good score.

One way you could prevent such issues from coming up in the first place is to seek assistance from a good research paper service. But if it does happen, you just have to face it squarely.

Instead of feeling upbeat and wallowing in depression, you should be more concerned about vindicating yourself so that your academic reputation is not jeopardized.

But before you go about that, you must be sure no deliberate attempt was made on your part to duplicate another person’s work without duly recognizing them. In such a situation, there’s a good chance of vindicating yourself before your tutor.

How Papers are checked by Teachers?

Like every other student, you are probably already aware of what could happen if you submit a plagiarized paper. But you may not really know exactly how teachers go about checking this. Professors usually run academic papers on plagiarism detection software to check for uniqueness even before they start reading it. This software is commonly known as a plagiarism checker and is usually free in most cases.

Nowadays, there are a lot of these checkers everywhere. Most of them run online, but there are still some that require users to install them on their computers. So even if you did know your professor was using a plagiarism checker, it’s more likely that you will still not know the one he’s using.

Nevertheless, all these checkers are expected to be accurate, but this may not always be the case. There are bound to be exceptions and thus results may not always be the same.

So, on whether it’s possible to get a wrong result with one of these plagiarism checkers? The answer is yes!

Each one of this software usually has some kind of configuration that determines their awareness of copied contents. Thus it helps to know how they work. You can ask the professor the kind of checker he uses and then finds out if the settings on the software have not been tampered with.

It is not uncommon for tutors to mess up the settings on these checkers. In such a situation, the software may likely give the wrong output. So make sure you don’t take things for granted.

Vindicating Yourself

As earlier indicated, plagiarism accusations are not definite. Such accusations can always be defended provided you know what you did.

Usually, if have no pass record of plagiarism or cheating, your chances of getting justified would be probably high. However, there’re still some definite steps you can take to argue your case if necessary.

  •  Get the facts straight

Sometimes it could be that your teacher didn’t directly accuse you of plagiarism, but just asked a question to ascertain the authorship of the paper. So before you start thinking about how to justify yourself, you must be confident that are really being accused.

  •  Tell the truth

The worst thing you can do for yourself when in the plagiarism soup is not to tell the truth. If it’s true you really plagiarized, then go ahead and admit it. Lying will only get you into more trouble.

So, ask yourself – “Did I really plagiarize”. If true, then admit it. But if not, then you should be planning on how to defend yourself, which brings us to the next step.

  •  In case it was not deliberate

Plagiarism is not always deliberate. In this case, it could be that you forgot to reference a source or quote or maybe you didn’t do it correctly. If you discover this to be the problem, then your best option is to speak to your professor about it. You can offer to correct the mistakes or just promise it won’t repeat again.

When writing other papers, you may want to use an essay help service to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.

  •  Defend yourself

With a good oral report on the topic of the paper you submitted, you can easily prove your authorship to your professor.

So the first thing you might want to do when falsely accused is to quickly schedule an oral defense with your teacher.

  •  Show some proof

You should still have some copies of the rough work you used when preparing your essay. You should make these available to your tutor as proof that you put in the initial effort to complete the assignment.

If necessary, talk about your record in past so that your capability is never in doubt. As earlier indicated, in some cases, your reputation may just be all the evidence you need.

  •  Show your sources

You may also need to prepare a list of all the sources you cited in your paper to show to your professor so he will know where you got the information you used for your work.

To wrap it up

If you’ve done everything described above and your teacher still doesn’t feel convinced, don’t be discouraged. As long as you didn’t cheat the system, your effort will eventually pay off. If your teacher wouldn’t listen to you anymore, then you can seek help from another professor who has an upper hand in the school. Continue pushing your case until your plight is heard and the issue is properly resolved.

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