How to Start An Essay

You are probably sitting at your desk, pen in hand, impatiently tapping on the table, wondering about the best way to start the essay. Do not fear, the calvary is here to give you more than a few tips for you to be able to do this with ease.

Essay Writing and Starting Hooks in General

As much as university life is riddled with various essays which have ridiculous deadlines attached to them, writing essays has never been an easy task for most students. There are the students who have a great flair for the language and can think up an essay at the drop of a hat. These ones have creative skills that enable them to be able to easily start essays without being blocked the moment they get the essay topic.

Knowing how to begin an essay is usually the most difficult part of writing. Putting together an introduction that would immediately silence all chatters and keep all of the eyes on the piece of writing, eagerly waiting for what will happen next is not an easy task. Those to whom this task does not come as easily are usually, most unfortunately, thinking of their other colleagues as brilliant minds, gods, if they may, because thinking up an excellent start to a piece of writing can indeed be tiresome.

Students who have had to write several essays over time have learnt the hard ways sometimes about the necessity of having a strong introduction. Essays themselves are not always the most interesting pieces of writing to begin with. People struggle to read materials which do not have interesting catch phrases and intriguing, thought provoking questions. You really do not want your professor to struggle reading your essay. That might not bode well for someone whose grades solely relies on the interest of the professor reading their essay.

While writing comes more easily to some than to others, once a pen is put to a paper to begin writing, there is some hope of a beautiful essay unfolding, yes with an excellent beginning statement. Some will just take more time to achieve this than others, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Fortunately, there is so much help online for those whose writers block begins at the very moment a pen is picked, and you will not be left alone in this struggle. This article hopefully can also be one of those beacons of hope to people who struggle with writing.

How to Come up with Great Essay Beginnings

Fortunately, with Essay writing, the more you are exposed the better you become. This is because each time you read a new piece of writing, you get new ideas that you could easily incorporate in your own. Yes, the best way to become a better writer is to know and experience better writers.

You may think to yourself, ‘What is the best way to captivate my audience from the very first line? How do I keep them hooked?’ Well you are not alone in this line of thinking. There are a great many ways to begin an essay. You will see a few of those in a minute. All you need to know to put you closer to creating magic too with your pen is that creativity is never a crime. Well before you intend to write essays with powerful opening statements, you might want to immerse yourself in some of these writings which have had powerful opening statements. As mentioned before, the more you are exposed to good writing, the better you become.

The beginning statement which is meant to captivate the audience can be referred to as a hook. A hook, much like its name, is a statement that usually has a dimension to it simply geared at gaining the audiences attention. Apart from a hook statement, others like to begin their essays with a quote. A very interesting quote that encompasses the mood of the writing seems like an intelligent, resourceful and interesting way to grab the attention of your audience.

The Process of Coming up with a Good Beginning

Like every great process, coming up with the perfect way to begin your essay requires thinking and planning. Take some time to brainstorm and note down a few of the ideas that come to you. If you are not good at coming to conclusions yourself, you might want to involve a few friends and possibly a teacher, who can help you sift out which ideas need developing and which ones you can cast aside.

Chances are the kinds of beginnings you have are one of these few :

  •  A rhetorical question
  •  A quote
  •  Statistics
  •  A story
  •  A simple statement

There are some ideas you should take into consideration if you are starting your essay with any of these.

1. A rhetorical question

‘Do you want to know the secret to becoming rich ?’ -Of course everyone wants to know that secret. Starting your essay like that throws off boring and focused readers who were prodding their mind for a barrage of serious looking facts. Starting your essay wit a rhetorical question immediately appeals to your audience, humanizes them and immediately makes them want to learn more, because your question feels like you have the secret in your hands and the readers would like to know, even if it is out of curiosity.

2. A quote

‘The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’- This is a well known and understood quote. If you are able to spin your introduction around such a quote, chances are, your audience will be drawn in, simply by your resourcefulness. There are different ways to start with a quote. You either simply paraphrase the quote, including the name of the author and then following up with the quote, or simply putting the quote in quotation marks and marching right on. It is best to choose a quote that the people respect and like, and possibly agree with, than one that puts them off.

If you are writing a character analysis essay, it would be great to begin your essay with a quote that the character might have said, which gives an insight to the sort of person the character is. There are different types of quotes all around. Some inspire fear, others are sentimental and emotional. Some are pragmatic, talking about the reality of life and humanity, and some are idealistic. You should pick a quote that hits your audience squarely. You can only do that successfully if you know your audience.

3. Statistics

‘25% of deaths every year are caused by airborne diseases, however, 99.9% of these deaths are caused by ignorance’- This is an example of a statistical statement. This particular one may be true or not, but it sure did catch the attention of the reader. Statistics are powerful numbers and reports that give a real insight to the state of things. Most essays that are written to inform humanity about unfortunate events, unfortunate lifestyles or things that must be checked are begun using statistics.

When aiming to begin your essay using statistics, there are certain points you should take into consideration. The statistic should be relevant to your essay and also to your audience. There is no need getting a statistic about the dogs who have been found to develop asthma if you are not speaking to dog lovers. The statistic should also be true. Facts are the most powerful pieces of information on this earth and so factual statistics can indeed give you the reaction you are looking for, which is your reader’s empathy and concentration.

4. A story

Creating fictional characters who can all of a sudden appeal to the humanity of your readers is another way to get their attention as soon as they begin speaking. Choose a short story that can inspire interest, fear, empathy and intrigue. You do not need a story of more than two or three lines for your essay, especially when the topic is not the story you are bringing up. However, creating a scenario that is linked to the objective of your essay brings the ideas closer to home, grabbing the attention of your readers with immediate effect.

Most of the time, these scenarios are created in essays that speak about social issues that plague mankind. Based on what you have experienced or the kind of emotion you wish to evoke in your readers, you can begin your essay using a scenario.

5. A simple statement

Some statements can not be taken at face value. This is because in their simplicity, the carry so much more. A statement like ‘The world is heading to a place where turning back will be impossible’ at the beginning of an essay on climate change is sure to evoke emotion in your reader. It is a statement, and it is true, yet the wording has set it aside and made it the perfect hook, keeping your reader interested. This is the kind of statement you should consider starting with.

There are different types of essays and different ways to begin each of them. Choosing the right starting is of paramount importance next to choosing a title. You might want to get help from an online essay writer, or bounce all your ideas off a teacher or tutor. Whatever be the case, the journey to creating your perfect beginning begins with believing you can.

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