How to Write a Critical Review of a Journal Article

Once you become a college student, you are likely to face numerous tasks and challenging exams. It puts a young person under a lot of pressure because every mark is highly important. The most overwhelming thing is that you might not even know how to complete a certain task properly.

A critical review is one of the common projects you may have to work on. However, a first-year student may not even realize what it is. How a critical review should be written? Can it be done by a professional? In this article, you will find all the answers about writing a critical review of a journal article.

What Does a Critical Review Mean?

A critical review is an evaluative analysis of a journal article. Your main task is to highlight the strong and weak points of the text. Express your justified critical opinion on article’s ideas. Another important part of the critical review is summarizing the article’s content. Define the main topics presented by the author and tell about them in your paper. Creating a critical review does not mean only writing negative thoughts about a certain article. It is rather a summary of your deep analysis.

Remember These Key Points While Reading a Journal Article

Reading an article is a crucial part of the reviewing process. Here are some things you need to keep in mind while reading the text:

  •  Title. The title informs you what the article is dedicated to. Try to comprehend the subject in order to evaluate how well it is described in the article. It will also help you to determine whether the text matches the title.
  •  The Author. Check the author’s name and find more information about him on the internet. You should discover his contributions and previous studies. Gather more facts about the author’s achievements to evaluate his qualification.
  •  Text Structure. Have a look at the structure of the text. Can you call this article well-built? Decide whether the author organized the text logically. Have a close look at subheadings. The composition of the journal article needs to be coherent.
  •  Abstract. While reading an abstract your main goal is to understand better the topic of the study. This part should give a brief summary of the text.
  •  References. It is important not to skip the references list. Read it carefully. You should find out what sources were used by the author for writing this article. The references will allow you to evaluate the sources. Are they reliable and relevant?

General Rules of Creating a Critical Review

Here are some basics that you have to know when you start writing this type of paper.

  • Citation

Start your writing with the citations of the document under analysis. It is better to consult with your instructor while choosing a citation format. As a rule, APA format is commonly used while writing a review. However, it is essential to specify the required format before you begin to write.

  • The Author’s Reputation

Writing about the author’s contributions to the industry is an important part of the review. You may mention his other works that are similar to this particular article. Give your own comment about his work and summarize the information about his reputation.

  • Thesis Statement and Purpose

Stating the thesis should be included in your review. It is also important to mention the author’s aim and explain why the journal article is written. Describe how this particular article is connected to other research works.

How to Criticize the Author?

It is natural that you might not share the views of the author. However, it does not mean that you can simply write some negative comments about his work. You can express your honest opinion critiquing the author. It is important to remember that your every statement should be supported by quotation or facts.

How to Get a Perfect Critical Review?

In case you would like your review to be flawless, it could be a good solution to get it done by someone else. It may happen that you find it troublesome to write this type of texts and you would like to rely on a professional. In order to get a well-written critical review in Canada, you may just choose a review writer online. It is not expensive and you can be sure that the text will be submitted before the deadline. The assistance of critical writing service will save a lot of your time. Do not hesitate and rely on professionals!

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