How to Write an Essay about Yourself

When composing a personal essay for academic work, most people always wonder whether it is possible to write it in a manner that will not make them seem too egotistical. Writing about yourself might seem easy but there are guidelines that must be adhered to which makes it complicated for most students. For example, students are required to adhere to the specified writing format.

Read this article until the end to see the guidelines of composing a personal essay.

Guidelines for writing personal essays

  1.  The tips which will be explained here will enable learners to feel prepared to handle personal essays assignments. To begin with, a student must center on his/her personal encounters in life. Anyone who reads a personal essay will be interested in knowing about what you have encountered in life. So, students should avoid writing imaginative things and focus on who they really are.
  2.  What should follow next is a description of an encounter that relates to your school life. You should avoid talking about other things such as a marriage party or a music festival that you attended and other things that are not related to school. It is recommended to focus on the things that you learned in college or any other learning institution. Also, if there is someone who inspired you to join the school you went to or get a job in a certain company; it is good to also talk about him/her. A personal essay must focus on one’s name and activities. However, you must avoid beginning with unimportant phrases when writing your introduction. In fact, it is recommended to end your paper with a fascinating question that needs a response. Also, you can start the essay with a nice joke or quote.
  3.  The third step should be asking someone who knows you to read your essay after you are through with writing.
  4.  The final thing to adhere to writing a personal essay is, avoiding sensitive subjects such as religion, nationality, gender, and salary.

Beginning a personal essay

Usually, a personal essay is four hundred words long. Students might assume that an essay like this does not have a particular topic but at times the teachers provide the topic.

For instance, the tutor can ask learners to write about where they see themselves in the next three years. In this subject, students are required to prove that whatever they have attained in life so far is not enough and that they are willing to achieve more.

A personal essay should be started by talking about personal things. The student should, however, ensure to use good phrases that he/she understands. Talk about why you feel that you are qualified to be in a certain learning institution or organization. You must never imagine things, be honest throughout your writing. You can even think of a story explaining the problems you encountered when you did your first job. Mention any struggles you had to overcome in order to achieve something. You can even talk about your accomplishments in sports.

But ensure that any information you provide is related to what you want to do in the future. You should also consider adding the things you enjoy doing during your free time but do not write too much about them.

So, the complete personal essay should have the fields below:

  •  Information about education
  •  Information about employment
  •  Knowledge and expertise
  •  Goals
  •  Interests

The best hooks for personal essays

  •  The student can begin with a thesis statement which is often placed at the end of the first paragraph.
  •  When a student is writing an essay related to a certain author, he/she must pick a certain quote from the works of that author. That quote should be used to explain the essay.
  •  The students can mention outstanding people that gave amusing ideas (it may be a popular singer, a government leader or a well-known footballer).
  •  Students can create a scene in the same way distinguished authors do.
  •  If what you are writing about is not dramatic, ensure to add a joke that will make the reader smile.
  •  Statistics and figures work perfectly when students intend to merge a company or a school program.
  •  Misconceptions which are common to most individuals are also a way of grabbing the attention of the audience.
  •  Using rhetorical questions is also great in personal essays.
  •  Students can use literary tools such as allegories or metaphors to begin an essay that contains three paragraphs.
  •  A contradiction at the start of the essay is good.

Personal essay writing tips

1. Subject

Students should check online for the best topics for personal essays. There are plenty of examples to choose from.

2. Format

Essays sections such as the reference page and an abstract are not needed in a personal essay. The format of the personal essay is so simple. The students only need to mind their borders, intervals, margins, font and the size of the font. This simply means that the personal essay must be well formatted and organized.

3. Managing time

All school assignments have a date of submission. Personal essays usually need to be completed within a very short time. So, once you are assigned the essay, consider starting it immediately. Starting early gives students enough time to revise their work before submitting. And when writing, it is recommended to start with drafts which you will then edit to produce a perfect essay.

4. Involve your relatives

This does not mean that you should ask your father, mother or sibling to write the essay for you. In a personal essay, getting expert writing support from a similar service is very important. What this means is that remembering things about your family or personal encounters is the best way to impress anyone who will read your essay. For instance, you can write about how your family was able to cope with a serious challenge. And since is it necessary to be honest when writing a personal essay, if you have interesting life stories to talk about, ensure to include them in your essay.

5. Get inspired

Whenever you feel like writing a personal essay is a complicated task because you don’t know what you should write, get inspiration from someone else. Not everyone has great life experiences to write about or an interesting story to share with others. Look for people who have lived the same life as yours or talk to your colleagues. Those are the people who can give you ideas of what you can write about. Also, you can get ideas from blogs, books, newspapers and even social media platforms.

6. Center on what your school wants

If your personal essay will be used in getting you an admission to a school, talk about your skills and the school objectives. Ensure anyone who will read your essay will get the general idea of what you are good at. Also, ensure to talk about how you can benefit the school if you get admitted.

7. Complicated phrases must be avoided

Never write a word whose meaning you don’t know. Also, use synonyms to make the essay richer. Avoid complicated words and instead replace them with simple ones that have the same meaning.

8. A good introduction

It is recommended to avoid using commonly used phrases such as “My name is” when starting the essay. Instead, you should use statistics and fascinating ideas to start the essay. Using quotes is also a great idea. You should only ensure to pick citations that are relevant to your essay. There are many articles online where you can read more about creating the best introduction for your essay.

9. Avoid mentioning sensitive things

Writing a personal essay must never affect the feelings of other individuals. The most sensitive subjects in personal essays include religion, race, and gender. When writing about such topics, ensure your paper is positive. And whether you remember something bad about the topic, just stick to the good things only.

10. Proofreading

After you finish writing your essay, you will have done half of what is required in such assignments. The next half entails revising your paper. There are various tools that you can use to check for spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes. You must also check for plagiarism. Your essay must be 100% unique.

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