How to Write an Observation Essay and Observation Essay Topics

Have you ever had the need to write about an event you have attended, or to write a review about a particular product you have used? This all has to do with your observation of the event or product and how you can describe them to your reader in a written form. Often, people find it difficult to put up a good observation essay. But understanding the necessary requirements for a good observation essay makes it interesting to write. An observation essay is an essay composed after you have observed people, events, places or products. It aims to give the reader the clearest possible sensory image of an event, subject or circumstance. To enable you learn how to complete the task of effectively writing observation essays, we have put up things you need to know in writing observation essays in terms of the structure and format of the essay, effective tips, and rules for observation essays as well as some of the best examples of observation essay topics you can write on.

Structure of Observation Essays

Observation essay just like any other type of essay (be it argumentative, expository, research paper/ thesis) should have an introduction, the body of the essay and a well-composed conclusion. But the way you write these differs for different kinds of essays.


A captivating introduction is the goal of every good essay writer. It gives your reader the impetus to continue reading your work beyond this stage. The impression and message your reader gets from your introductory paragraphs or page will be the driving force to engage your reader till the end of your essay. In writing an observation essay introduction, relate to your readers what you are writing about. Here the scene and theme of the subject matter a lot as well as the mood of the writer.

  •  Scene: Let your readers know where the event took place, describe the place and let your readers have a feel of what the environment looked like from through your description because you are serving as an eye witness reporter in this regard.
  •  Theme: You should let your readers know why you are writing about that particular subject. The lessons, benefits, central idea should be made clear and explicit.
  •  Mood: your readers should also be able to relate with your mood during the writing.

Body of the essay

The body of your observational essay is where the main content of the write up resides. It should be able to carry as many observational details as possible. You can convey your messages in paragraphs. But before you do this you need to have outlined your ideas on a draft sheet. This will guide you in developing your ideas in paragraphs. Typical observation essays given in academic education settings require up to 1500 words and the body of your essay carries the highest proportion of this. Therefore take out time to provide details here—reasonably though! In conveying your ideas, let your readers have a sensory feel of what you are writing about. So, use any artistic style that can relate to the senses of your reader about the subject. Let your write up have a reflection of touch, sound, smell, and taste of the subject under discussion. Use the first person singular pronoun like ‘I’ in your write-up to convey your ideas. This is recommended for observation essays, unlike other essay types that it might be wrong to use.

Conclusion of the essay

The conclusion for your observation essay should be written in such a way that it leaves a great and lasting impression on the readers of your essay. Restate the thesis statement of your essay. Reiterate reasons why you discussed the subject in an objective mood as possible. Provide forecasts for your essay and depending on the subject you are writing on you can end the essay with a call to action.

Try to proofread your work and make necessary corrections before turning out your work. While working you must have consulted some sources, try to reference your sources of information and data acquisition.

Effective Tips and Rules for Writing Observation Essays

As you are setting out to write an effective essay the following tips will be very useful.

  •  Write on subjects/fields you have a good and solid knowledge or experience: watch a movie before criticizing it. Read a book before you write a review. Use a product before you review it.
  •  Research current events to get a topic for discussion.
  •  Though you can make use of data from other people, but the authority of observation essay lies in having an eye witness view or personal touch with the subject under discussion, so set out for events and take down statistical data of the event like who attended, the reasons for the event, where it was held and how it affects your life.
  •  For an event, you attended write in chronological order. This gives your essay an organized and logical sense.
  •  The use of the first-person pronoun is encouraged as it gives you the opportunity to express your views properly by injecting yourself into your write-up. It also helps in improving clarity and your authority in the work.
  •  Make your readers feel the subject you are discussing by connecting to their human senses of touch, sound, hearing, and taste.

Some Good Examples of Observation Essay Topics

Sometimes, the ability to get a good topic for writing your observation essay can be quite tasking. Here is a list of good essay topics you can select for your observation essay.

  1.  Importance of money to petty traders in rural markets.
  2.  How I met my first academic mentor.
  3.  Freedom and Independence-- tools for development: a case study of post-apartheid South Africa.
  4.  Which video game is the most violent?
  5.  The perfect place to go for honeymoon.
  6.  How to perfect your technical skills in hairdressing while in school.
  7.  The best leaders I have met in Africa.
  8.  Why flying on the plane is risky.
  9.  How I made my first million as a student through a side business on campus.
  10.  Sports can unite divergent nations and races.
  11.  The impact of social networks on youths and students.
  12.  The best cinema in the city.
  13.  How I secured a full scholarship to study in one of the top universities in the world.
  14.  Importance of showing gratitude.
  15.  Why sitting in front seats helps students improve academically.
  16.  The best days in a man’s life are during his childhood.
  17.  My observation of the last football world cup competition.
  18.  The dilemma of examination malpractice in the wellbeing of society.
  19.  Qualities I admire in Donald Trump.
  20.  Great virtues to have while growing up.
  21.  The day I saw a lion cry.
  22.  How to make friends easily and win over rivals.
  23.  My observation of the impact of religion on societies.
  24.  Why poor people get poorer and rich people get richer: a personal story from my community growth.
  25.  This is the best century to live in.
  26.  The day I almost drowned.
  27.  The greatest ladies revolutionizing the field of science in our age.
  28.  How to excel academically even from a financially disadvantaged background: a case study of Peter Pot-my classmate.
  29.  The person I love most and why?
  30.  The best ways tech companies are changing the way we live.
  31.  How information and communication technology is revolutionizing agriculture in developing countries.
  32.  Train transportation is safe. Why and how?
  33.  My observation of how Africa can be the best place to live in the coming years.
  34.  Ways social media is enhancing connectivity in the world.
  35.  The best city I have ever visited.

Observation essays well written leave a lasting impression on the readers. It is also a first hand and trusted source of information for your readers. Try to familiarize yourself with the given tips and let us know how helpful these topics we provided were helpful to you.

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