Is It Possible to Curb Illegal Immigration in the US?

The issue of illegal immigrants is a global problem, and the USA is among the countries significantly affected. European countries too are suffering. The proposal is to create laws and pass reforms to tackle the problem. The issue of illegal immigrants is one facing various regions across the globe. Individuals from underdeveloped and struggling nations find ways to sneak into countries that are well off economically in search of greener pastures. For some, migrating is out of necessity rather than need. Illegal migrations are prominent in Europe, the USA, and some African nations. International bodies such as the United Nations mandated with the responsibility of protecting human rights have made significant efforts in curbing the issue of illegal immigrants. However, the situation is still wanting. Many people have come to the conclusion that the problem cannot be fully solved but only controlled, which is both true and false depending on the angle with which you look at it. To fully comprehend the impact and control of illegal immigration this paper primarily focuses on the issue in the USA. The US is among if not the leading nation(s) with the highest number of illegal immigrants. For this economic giant, the problem began decades ago and still very little has been done towards managing this crisis. There are two primary routes among many others that people use to sneak into the country, they are:
  • The Pacific Ocean
  • The Mexican border
Initially, immigrants entered the US legally utilizing a student’s or visitor’s visa. Once the visa expired, instead of either renewing it or traveling back to their home countries, they chose to stay. The immigrants have infiltrated the American economy working in various sectors and therefore making a living. The argumentative essay takes a look at illegal immigration, the pros, and cons including what can be done towards curbing the issue. The Benefits and Disadvantages of Illegal Immigration It is difficult for many even to conceive the thought that there is an upside to having illegal immigrants. The reality is there is some good that comes out if this challenge and it is to both the illegal immigrants’ new and home country. In this section, we get to see both sides of the situation.


In the USA, the economy has received significant boosts thanks to illegal immigration. It is not by chance this great nation is known as the land where dreams come true. Even the migrants have a fair chance of making their dreams become a reality. For starters, they are a source of cheap labor, and many businesses benefit from them. Sectors that have benefited significantly from the illegal immigrants’ situation include Agriculture, construction, mechanical and manufacturing.


Illegal immigrants can be described as thieves, not in the sense of the word but because they enjoy services which they haven’t paid taxes for. Businesses hire immigrants not just because they are cheap, but they also get to evade paying taxes. Taxes are what keep a country going. Tax is a source of revenue. The services they enjoy include:
  • Education
  • Jobs
  • Healthcare and welfare
  • Unemployed compensation (In some cases)
Considering that these immigrants are undocumented, they can’t complain about the low wages they receive. The USA is believed to be home to over 10 million immigrants, that is, excluding their families. The majority are of Mexican and Hispanic origin with quite a number from the African continent. More on the pros and cons of illegal immigrants is divulged throughout the paper. The Current State and Take of Illegal Immigration in the USA Many of the immigrants enter the USA using the Mexican border. The current estimate of the undocumented persons stands somewhere between 7 and 12 million, which some argue that they could be more. In truth, the majority of the American citizens do not see the upside to having illegal immigrants, and they are justified in their opinion. However, with a little open-mindedness, they may start to reconsider their perceptions. Hundreds of thousands of immigrants cross the border illegally every year, and the reality is that nobody knows where they came from or where they are going. The risks and dangers posed by this situation are immense. In a world where infectious diseases are on the rise, and they spread fast the issue of immigrants needs to be curbed swiftly. Documenting immigrants helps ensure that any individual entering the country does not endanger the rest of the population. The American economy is probably the biggest benefactor from having illegal immigrants. Since they are undocumented, businesses get to pay them minimum wage, though in most cases it is below that, and they cannot complain about it because of their status. Companies also get to evade paying taxes, which for them is a saving. Because they do not pay taxes, they are a burden to the countries very limited resources. They enjoy services like education and health care which are for those that pay taxes. The result is that there is a decline in the quality of services since the output is higher than the input. If everything was to be done by the book, having the relevant departments do their job of ensuring that all persons entering the country are documented, it would be a costly affair which the state would not be ready for. Looking at the illegal immigrants’ issue from a different perspective presents a lot of opportunities. They are a source of cheap and skilled labor, especially in the production sector. It’s a no brainer that finding individuals to fill their positions would be a challenge. Maybe it is time the government tried to work on having immigration rules that are less strict. It is time that we pushed for reforms in the immigration and employment sector. Well, at least some effort is being seen in certain areas. In 2003, a Supreme Court ruling chose to upheld specific affirmative actions, among them the discrimination of undocumented workers in the workplace. A positive step considering they are the reason why certain goods on the market are quite affordable. Well, they increase production, get paid less and in turn reduce the cost of businesses which reflects in the price of commodities. While looking at the bigger picture, they also help strengthen the value of the dollar. When working in the states, as expected, they send money back to relatives in their home countries, and that significantly affects the value of the American dollar in the global market. Illegal immigrants are human beings just like us; their only mistake is trying to find a better life for themselves and their families. This argumentative essay proposes that reforms be made in the affected sectors –employment and immigration.

What Can Be Done to Curb Illegal Immigration

Putting an end to illegal immigration isn’t rocket science or impossible as we perceive. In truth, it’s all a matter of having all parties reading from the same script. We can’t really blame the illegals for wanting a better life for themselves and their families, the best we can do is insist they do the right thing by following the appropriate channels if they are genuinely legit in their objectives. There are two things that the government can do;
  • Create reforms
  • Form a reliable taskforce
We don’t require any new legislation to be passed. The ones already present are sufficient enough to have the job done. However, for the reform and taskforce to work, a lot of funding is needed – and political goodwill. Let’s face it, politics and finances are among the top things that run societies. Also, for the laws to work, they need to apply equally across the board. With regards to applying the laws uniformly, employers who employ undocumented persons must face persecution to the fullest. They are responsible for perpetuating the menace that is illegal immigrants. Documented immigrants are probably the biggest losers out of this situation. Employers will go with cheap labor anytime putting them at a disadvantage. They work long hours with minimum pay. Therefore, companies must be placed on alert as anyone seen flaunting the employment laws will face federal prosecution. The government, on the other hand, must put the responsible departments to work. They can prohibit illegal crossings and deport persons illegally in the country. They can deal with illegal crossings in the following ways:
  • Using lights, fences and any other blockades on the hotspot crossing zones
  • Zone out illegal crossing areas
  • Double the number of patrol officers in hotspot areas


The issue of illegal immigrants is not black and white. We need to approach the subject with an open mind because, in reality, they do benefit the American economy. These individuals go through lots of challenges to reach their destination, death included. The fact is that we need less stringent laws and reforms to tackle the issue.