Marketing Tips for Essay Writers

Today, the idea of ‘a perfect job’ has undergone so many changes that people simply feel at home doing what they love and hope to be paid for it. Essay writers are not any different. Want to know how to market your brand? Read on.

Finding the job you love

Essay writing has its perks, especially for freelancers who can work from anywhere and still hope to be paid. Regardless of the supposed ease of the job, getting work can sometimes be difficult based on where you are located. For essay writers, if you have a job with a writing firm, you can be assured of your paycheck every month. Those who do not have that sort of a job, unfortunately, need to pitch ideas for work all over.

Choosing Essay writing as your career means words come easily to you and flow through your finger tips. It also means you have great analytical skills and excellent penmanship which is agreed by all. Unfortunately, because of how the world is moving these days, and with the increase in education, nobody sees the importance of having a professional essay writer on a team, much less hiring a freelance one and pay them at the end of the day. The truth? People do not perceive essay writing as a way to earn money.

If your desire is to be a great essay writer, and you want the best ideas to brand yourself and your work in order to attract more work, especially if you are freelancing, this article is for you. Get to find out ways by which you could easily attract more customers to your writing skills and at the end of the day, earn more money.

Marketing tips to boost your income

If you are freelancing or between writing firms, you definitely need to find a way to pitch your writing skills to prospective clients. In order to do this, you need great marketing ideas. No everyone can pay for a marketer to give them the perfect ideas however, do not despair. There are several ways you can, by yourself market and promote your skills, landing yourself good clients who would either hire you on the spot or outsource their writing jobs to you every chance they get, and you might even get the opportunity to dictate your terms and your rate.

1. Branding

Having a brand is not only necessary for the overtly creative companies but for anyone else who wants to be able to pitch work to people and get hired. One important thing about having a brand is it automatically boosts your look and gives the professional vibe that most serious companies are looking for.

An important part of branding, especially when you are freelancing, is setting down your rate. Most people would think that when you set down your rates ahead of time you will scare off prospective customers. The truth actually is, when you set down your rates you attract more serious customers. No matter how small your business is, set your rate in writing, and hand it to whomever is interested in hiring you. Once they are ready to pay, you’ve got yourself a job.

Another part of branding means you have to be diligent in your work. You must adhere strictly to deadlines and be efficient when called upon. This will guarantee you of a steady flow of work especially as you are starting up.

2. Social media Networking

The world is at an age where almost everything is digital. This also means, if you want people to find you in your tiny corner, you definitely have to go digital as well. The truth of the matter is, social media marketing does have the propensity to launch you out in a manner like no other, but your marketing has to be done well if you hope to attract serious business minded clients.

When it comes to the social media, there are a great number of platforms you can take advantage of if you want to market yourself. You can start by creating a profile on LinkedIn, outlining what you do for a living. This would be your professional profile and people who have enquiries can definitely come up to you. It is a fast growing media platform. You can easily pitch your works or get in touch with others who might have gone before you to form networks which will definitely benefit you in the long run.

Facebook is a great opportunity to let people know what you do. You can set up a profile that is catchy and have a few of your best works strewn all over the page. In this day and age, aesthetics is of important, so find a way to make your writing appeal to all who visit your page.

3. Personal Website

Once your brand is set up and you’ve managed to attract even a few people on social media, having a personal website on the side is a splendid idea. While social media would be a way to showcase a few of your works, your website would have a more professional approach to it, giving clients that classy vibe that they actually chose the right professional to do their writing. A great writer needs to have writings at vantage places in order to attract clients. Starting a blog next to your website is a great way to do it. If possible, it should be a part of your website and not a separate blog. This blog would be an excellent way to showcase your works when you are free and enjoying your creative gift. Letting prospective customers in on your writing skills that way is a great way to establish yourself.

The world is truly going digital and marketing is one of the best ways to get more clients. Times have shifted from the day you could get people in a room to show then what you can do. While you meet people, consider marketing yourself digitally and see how it pays off. If indeed your works are good, you will get great patronage in good time.

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