How to write a successful NHS essay

Being a student is often described as stressful and overwhelming. It may be so but, at the same time, it is fulfilling, and it brings one a sense of achievement. Every successful step takes you further to becoming a great professional and making a difference in the world. Besides, there are a lot of people around you who share your values and motivates you to continue your studies.

Many organizations multiply these advantages of education and open even more opportunities for you. Among them, the National Honor Society takes a special place. This organization is almost a century old, established in 1921 in Pennsylvania, and throughout all this time, it has cherished and cultivated the best traits of a younger generation — honor, dignity, compassion, respect, and concern. Only the best students can be selected. Don't get deluded with numbers, — indeed, there are more than a million members, — but given the geography of the organization, there aren't so many students accepted. National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society have their chapters in each US state, DC, Canada, Latin American, European, and even Asian countries.

Becoming a member of the NHS is considered a great honor, of course. On the other hand, if you are admitted, it means that the honor to guide you is theirs. Your primary goal is to convince the admission board that you are who they need. They will estimate the four main aspects of your student's life:

  • your overall performance (Scholarship),
  • how you contribute to the community and society in general (Service),
  • your abilities and experience in guiding other people's work (Leadership),
  • and your general personality traits (Character).

None of the less importance, you are to submit an excellent NHS essay to become a member. This part brings a lot of confusion and stress, as most students are not used to writing this kind of essays. Below, we provide you with all the instruction you need to tackle an NHS essay.

The process of writing

Before you start writing, you should see the clear difference between essays you are assigned daily and an NHS essay. Sure, NHS essay structure is no different from any other essay type. It should clearly have an introduction, the main body, and conclusion. Writing is definitely not all you are going to do. The process of writing an NHS essay is tough, but we are going to make it easier for you by explaining each stage explicitly.


You have probably thought a lot about why you want to become an NHS member. At the stage of brainstorming, you are to organize these musings and sort out the most relevant reasons and the most advantageous qualities you have. Think about every requirement, in particular. For example, a student joining NHS has to show honesty. It wouldn't be enough to state that you are honest. Try to come up with vivid examples. Maybe, you can say who is your role model in this aspect of life.


This part is vital for every essay type. But when it comes to describing oneself, its importance can't be overestimated. You may ramble on how perfect you are for NHS for ten pages, but come up with nothing than an unstructured flow of information or a list of your traits and achievements. This is not what you are supposed to do. After reading your paper, admission officers should be sure that people like you are precisely those who they're looking for. This can't be achieved with inconsistent bragging. Therefore, you must create a solid foundation for your essay, including all its parts and all the arguments you are going to use.


This is a research paper, though it has something in common with argumentative and persuasive essays. In general, you are to tell about yourself, but you will still need to conduct some research about the organization itself, the way your qualities and experience can be beneficial for it, and what you will be able to change if you join.

Writing your first draft

  • Introduction

A lot of professionals suggest starting writing an essay with body paragraphs. The point is that it is hard to come up with a proper introductory part before you're fully involved in writing. That is why your introduction may turn out to be superficial, and you will be forced to rewrite it later and waste a lot of time. Or struggles with an introduction can cause procrastination, which will cost you precious time, too. Actually, this advice is applicable to an NHS essay, but it is not a must in this case. You see, the introduction in this essay type is very inspirational, so you might as well start with it to get in the right mood for writing.

The introduction should start with a powerful hook. While common essays are read by your teacher and may sometimes be presented to your fellow students, you have no idea what kind of person is the admission officer who is going to read your paper. Therefore, you should be very thorough with the choice of tools to attract their attention. Think what would make you read a paper by and about a person you know nothing about. This won't probably be some bare facts or statistics. On the other hand, don't try to sound super fun because you apply to one of the most prestigious student organizations. Its motto in translation means 'nobility obligates,' so a cheap joke will not do the job either.

Your thesis should not be about NHS, — they know very well all the facts you can find about them. It has to be about you, your vision of yourself as an NHS member, your aspirations, and dreams that can alter the society and make it better.

  • The main body

There shouldn't be much more than three paragraphs in the main body of an NHS essay for two main reasons. For starters, the essay itself can't be too voluminous. And second, three strong points will be more than enough to convince the admission board that you are perfect for their organization.

Come up with a topic sentence for each paragraph. This is one of the main points your paper will include and, in the case of an NHS essay, it should be the reason to select you from many applicants.

  • The conclusion of an NHS essay

A conclusion should be as inspiring as the introduction, and it is aimed at summarizing your paper. Differently from many other types of academic writing, the final part of an NHS essay can't comprise any results. The final result of this work is whether you are admitted or not, but you don't know it yet. Instead of discussing any results, try to write a conclusion which leaves your readers to think about the purposes of NHS and young people like you as its potential members.

You are to rewrite your thesis statement taking into account what you have said in the main body. Some papers allow one to use 'question-answer' construction for wording the thesis in the introduction and the conclusion. But this is not the case. You have to be sure from the very beginning and to the end of your essay that you're worthy of becoming an NHS member. Moreover, there shouldn't be any doubt that the organization will bring you the possibilities to develop yourself as a student. That is why all the questions and uncertainties are off the table.


Never underestimate revising your paper. It only seems that you do it for yourself to give you credit because there is nothing you can actually find after rereading your work. In fact, you might do it wrong. First of all, there is no point in revising the paper right after it is written. Leave it for some time and then return to it. Evaluate the consistency and logical structure. Proofread your essay. Don't rely on online grammar checkers. You have to proofread it on your own, then with a grammar checker, and then on your own again.

After you think it is done, ask a friend or a family member to read your NHS essay. They will say if something is still wrong with your paper.

How to deal with stress when you write an NHS essay

Writing this kind of essay can turn out to be quite hard, but you have to face it because if you are admitted to the NHS, it will pay off. But, at the same time, you don't have to face it alone. Our guidelines have been created to explain each aspect of NHS writing to students who want to make a difference. If you follow them step by step, the process of writing will be smooth and less stressful.

Nevertheless, stress is a tricky thing. In situations like this, when you are about to join the community you have been dreaming about, it gets overwhelming. Such condition is caused by the circumstances, and the circumstances, in their turn, can be changed by your condition. There are plenty of guides to overcome stress and get back to your lifestyle. And you should really try hard to handle it because there is nothing more important than your health. But the work still needs to be done, and often, — quickly.

Don't start panicking, as it will only make things worse. Think of your achievements. Haven't you tried enough to ensure that you have all the chances of being selected? The only thing you might need is a little assistance with your essay. You can hire a writer to organize your ideas into a sparkling piece or a proofreader who can make sure that your paper is flawless. It is advisable to find a reliable, professional writing and proofreading team because it can offer the best price-quality ratio to its clients. Try to follow some of your friends' recommendations. However, if none of your friends have tried professional writing services or only had some sad experience, you can still find online writers you can trust.

Study the feedback by customers left both on the service's website and in independent sources. Today, we all know how fake comments are written so that you will tell the authentic ones with no effort.

Compare prices. A good service is never cheap, but the fact that it is astronomically expensive may say that it lacks clients. So, choose something average.

Estimate the scope of services. There is hardly a writing team that specializes in just one type of academic writing. Your task is very special, — it has to reveal your personality and achievements and, simultaneously, meet all NHS regulations. Given that, you should search for an experienced service that can tackle any assignment.

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