Reviewing Online Jobs for College Students

Going to college to study is hard but also fun. It’s good when your parents can help you financially but they not always can. That’s where side jobs come it. Believe it, it’s possible to juggle them and studies and still have a full life and cool experience of college crazy parties and gatherings. You just have to look in the right direction. Where? Well, allow me to show you what to do, no matter if you’re a humanities, business or STEM student. The market has jobs for any need out there.

Before anything else, you need however a precise and accurate expectations set figured out for yourself. Do you want the job to be free time thing? Or are you willing to sacrifice your days off and spend more time doing something for money rather than for fun? Consult your classes schedule, you may dream of starting a job but your professors could have another thing coming for you like a wave of assignments. All these factors are what will determine your path in college employment.

Find the projects below that might spark your joy and interest and try them out for yourself, you’ll find your perfect strategy soon this way.

Not A Fan Of Unstable Jobs? These Are Better And Have Constant Income

These jobs can efficiently be done from your home or hostel. These jobs are flexible, and you can do most of them over the weekend. Most of these jobs typically pay every hour, and some are related to cell phones. The beauty of these online jobs is that they are worth it especially for students.

  •  Hawo

If you need a way to earn some money, you can make cash here by teaching English online, but the catch here is, you must be good at English. Therefore, it concerns mainly those who are English majors in college with teaching experience.

When you have more teaching certifications, then $18 an hour with inducements and bonuses will be your pay.

  •  LiveOps

LiveOps is a platform where your company will hire sales agents with flexible schedules. With correct timings, you can figure out that it is a weekend job. The pay is client-based, but it is normally about commissions, time is taken to talk - Base pay.

  • Time

You can be a virtual assistant here. With such a flexible timetable, you have the opportunity to work in different departments like the admin job, email managing, and appointment scheduling.

This is only offered in the USA, but college students will benefit a lot from it.

  • Rev

Here, you can either be a translator or a transcriber. With captioning of work, you can be in a position to type quickly and be trained just before you get hired. This is flexible work which can give you the chance of doing it even at your own pace.

  • ModSquad

Moderators can be hired to be part of meetings, social media, and data communication channels. Accepting global applications is another advantage. People on social media can enjoy this job. This part-time job is ideal for students.

  • Lionbridge

I can correctly say that it is for students who want to work part-time. Anytime, you can work as long as the weekly requirements have been adhered to. This is offered worldwide, and hire people in over 30 countries across the globe. These are very flexible jobs.

  •  Axion Data

If you type fast, you can do this. However, there is a background check before being involved with its projects. Nevertheless, college students are welcome.

  •  Appen

This is a translating job with a lot of minor projects that relates to data identification, all done online. Get hired globally so that your pay can differ according to the nation.

  •  OKids

You must have a passion for online teaching because this job accepts people who have acquired a bachelor’s degree and also accept tutors and those attaining a degree. Hiring from either Canada or USA, they have a video interview before offering you employment.

  •  U-Haul

You will work as a booking agent here. The timetables are flexible with a minimum payment of about $8 an hour.


This offers work to teach children online on various subjects. First, you must pass the mock and subject exams and they check your background before offering you employment.

  •  Vipkid

If you are currently eating your master's degree, you can teach use your English expertise to teach Chinese kids online. You might even get around $15 to $22 per hour. The advantage here is the flexibility of time and there is no need to prepare for the lessons.

  •  Tigerfish

This particular company mainly deals with U.S. transcribers. First of all, you have to be a quick typist and have fast internet. There is a transcription software for them to recruit you.


You can use your voice here to earn money. You can register for the free payment accounts and do a voice record demo. The pay here is based on the project and client.

  •  Lucrative Part-time Jobs for Students

These, according to numerous reports, are high paying jobs found online that offer convenience for those who are still in college. A lot of these are platforms that give you a chance to choose a career that you are willing to undertake.

  •  Blogging

If you want a side job that can be of good income to you, then try blogging. You can do this part-time and full-time. The benefit of blogging is it can be done anyplace around the globe hence making it flexible. The other advantage of blogging is it does not require a particular level of expertise.

  •  Flipping Items

There comes a time when a student might be needed to have some time during the weekend for yourself. You can use that time to earn money flipping items and markets. There are people making a killing doing this! You can flip anything, household items like tables and chairs, kitchenware, toys, tools, even books – just get something cheap and sell it higher – simple!

  • A Tour-Guide

If you love your city, and normally go out on weekends, then you can make money being a tour guide. This is a very enjoyable side job if you have a travel bug and furthermore, it is lucrative and fitting a college student.

  •  Self-Employed Writing

This is a new chosen side job by college students. With self-employed writing, you can get paid through the online writing jobs you have finished, and you have a lot of options here and work on web pages like where writing jobs are quickly available.

This concludes the first part of the list. Here are the options for more committed students who are not afraid to skip some classes when they need that extra cash. But also, if you don’t like that, you can simply focus on strictly scheduled affairs that won’t impact your studies much. Now we move on to the set of professions and gigs that are doable on your lunch break or before bed. Simple and easy but also quite lucrative. Find them out here.

Not Ready for the Commitment of Steady Jobs? Try These Occasional Options

You need to earn right away so you can pay for school. You can work for money quickly and in significantly less time, make more than you need for your wills hence giving you the ability to jump-start your savings. Below are some of the online jobs that you can consider trying out:

  •  Surveys

Surveys, being majorly liked especially by students, can be an excellent way for them to earn their cash quickly and furthermore, they are highly proposed.

  •  UberEATS

In this era, many people prefer delivery gigs, and since they offer little interaction with the customers and boosts flexibility. You don’t even have to have a car although that’s a plus. Deliver food and collect your cash and tips. But be ready that you will be checked before you’re allowed to work for them, safety of the customers first.

  •  Survey Junkie

Here, earning points is an easy task, and you can convert them easily to cash. What’s even better is that you can easily have a cash payout because the threshold is of about $10.

  •  Swagbucks

Here, a number of ways are available so you can earn cash and what is even more fascinating is the 5% bonus with no additional cost.

  •  Ipsos I-Say

Easy sign up and a loyalty program of passive earning, the best thing is that you can sign up quickly and get paid with cash and gift cards. It would be wise to sign up because you can get paid promptly in the right amount.

  • Lyft

If you have car, then it’s your choice. Of course, it can be dangerous but the company protects its drivers well and if you have a love for meeting new people and earning easy cash by driving around, sign up here now.

  •  MTurk

This job is something that could give many tasks such as writing posts arranging projects by, contemplates, etc. By being part of this legal network, you will have a position to take up functions to get a higher pay.

  •  Wonder

If you love researching via the internet, then it is an awesome opportunity that will pave the way for you to become a wonderful researcher. At around $8 per hour, there is flexibility with time and from anywhere.

  •  Click worker

In this job, you can quickly work on your data comments, translation and tagging works through emails in order to gain more information concerning the projects at hand.

  • Mystery Shopping

This could be an enjoyable yet legal job because students always remember that there a lot of shopping frauds. To avoid being conned, make sure that you have researched about the particular company, check if it has been registered under the MSPA. Mystery companies that are well recorded include Best Mark, Strategies and Perception.

  •  Test Websites

Much technological knowledge is involved here, but testing websites are quite easy especially since you just might earn extra cash. All you have to do is navigate the internet and check the site’s functionality. Typically, this job pays around $10 per page tested and, in the email, you can pretty much get your test invitation.

There are various companies which offer this kind of job such as TrymyUI, Enroll, Whatusersdo.

  •  Slice The Pie

I am quite sure that majority of people worldwide love music. Your major may even be in this industry and in this case, this gig is yours right away. Sign up and assess the music works from talents around the world. Some pieces will make your ears bleed but hey, we were all starting once and we all need guidance initially. Provide it here to like minded people and earn some petty cash.

Always remember that this can only be your side job as an extra income generating work and you cannot rely on it to get a full-time. It does not matter where you are if you want to sign up; that is its beauty.

  •  Rover

If you love pets, there is no better way to get some extra cash than to just walk dogs. Especially is your major is veterinary sciences. Become a part of Rover and wander with our canine friends. With an average pay of about $1000 a month, it is lucrative indeed. The only difference it has is, unlike majority of online jobs is that it only works for Canada, UK, and the USA.

  •  Sittercity

Love kids? This one's for you. You get to spend time with other people’s kids, take care of them and earn some cash while doing it. Perfect especially for future teacher because you learn the psychology of a child and that’s extremely useful in your profession.


With the ample opportunities out there, you do not need to stay broke and miserable even in college, when you don’t yet have your qualification and not ready for a full professional career. Even in the before-internet times, our parents found ways to support themselves and now, we simply don’t have excuses not to do the same when we can do it from the comfort of our dorm rooms right away. Do not get intimidated if you never did it before, first job experience is exciting and scary but it’s so beneficial in the long run. Check for yourself and use one of the offered work options without delays.

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