How to Come Up With Short Paragraphs with Examples

Coming up with short paragraphs is a skill that any writer should yearn to master. With their unlimited benefits to one`s writing, you can rest assured that your papers will earn higher scores. Read on to find out how you can do so. Writing short paragraphs is meant for covering each topic in every section of an academic paper. Being a writer, it is your duty to ensure that your readers are either convinced or persuaded and to achieve this, you must remain descriptive and concise in your work. The secret behind this is long paragraphs usually discourage readers especially when it comes to an understanding. If you are to make all your sections the same length and size, then your work will be rough. Therefore, it does not hurt to include a sentenced paragraph. This will not only make your work appealing but also it will be simpler to read. Here are some examples that can jumpstart you into learning the various ways of how short paragraphs are done.
  1. The Illustrative Paragraph Just as the word says, this paragraph is mainly meant to give a description. An example here is a description of a sunset. “There always must be that time of the day when the sun’s position is beyond the horizon giving the moon room to come and dominate the sky during the night. This is a time when there is tranquility and coolness as the sun sets, therefore, making it one of the best times of the day.”
  2. Informative and Portrayal Paragraphs In the year 1969, the spacecraft named the Apollo 11 was set in motion on July 16 at the Space Centre which was stationed in Florida named Kenedy. The core mission for this spacecraft was to reach a destination where man had never ventured before, and this meant the moon. It was a historical moment, with famous astronauts on the ship.
They were Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins. On July 20, the spaceship came to land on the moon, and that was when Neil Armstrong did his famous “Moonwalk:” However, that was not the highlight. What was important is that a breakthrough happened. Portrayal; They were full of anxiety that day since it was to be the day when man made history by going to the moon. Neil Armstrong pampered by zeal, woke with much excitement for it was the day he was to make with his iconic walk. The Apollo 11 was then launched in the month of 16th July 1969 and on board together with Neil Armstrong were Collins Michael and Aldrin Buzz. Upon reaching the room, Neil Armstrong took the first step and quoted that this indeed was a leap for mankind.
  1. How To Write Small Paragraphs About Operations Operate: I will explain the whole process of how to clean and organize your room This is necessary so that your room stays organized and clean. First, you must shift misplaced items at the center your room and throw away at least ten things that you will never use or; you may have stopped using them for the past year. Make sure to get rid of all the junk around. For the ones that you have placed at the center, now you can do the initiative of putting them in their various locations it can be: the closet, shelf, or even under the bed
  2. The Paragraph for Differentiating Here, we will give a comparison between an ocean and a lake. They are similar and different in some ways. The analogy is they both bodies of water, and they differ because lakes are minute as compared to oceans. Another difference is that lakes support small life forms, but oceans is a home to large animals on the globe.
  3. The Assessment Paragraph Here we are going to analyze the first game of the killer whales in this new season The team called Killer whales faced off their first game of the season against The Giants. It was a shocker that the team that won the previous year championships, was beaten by their opponent team. The group having 12 hits and five runs scored, was faced with about three errors of which, it cost them their victory. For now, they may be met with failure, but I am sure they will be back if they train to improve on their playing skills, on the field.
  4. Convincing and Contrary Paragraph Convince: This is how we are going to convince our friends to purchase their tickets for the Saturday soccer game. The soccer game we have all been waiting for between the two large teams is near, and they are already selling tickets. Countable tickets are will be sold at a discounted price so be swift and get yours right away. You should go because you can meet the soccer stars and also witness the goals they will score. So, do not waste any time. Get your tickets! Contrary; We will have a reasonable discussion why my best friend should not miss the forthcoming football event. The yearned game is right here and tickets are already selling. Regardless if you are still strained, we think you should go see outstanding players like Neymar and Messi. We will count on you to be there on Saturday to see football stars who have achieved so much.
  5. The Issue and Clarification Paragraph The previous week, we had a pet door put for the sake of our cat. At first, the door did a great job in scaring the cat. At first, we had to hold the pet door open by taping it, and funnily it began, and it became a habit over time. We managed to remove the tape and luckily enough, the cat was still going through the door. The Clarification Version If you are to identify closely, there are two paragraphs one of them covering the issue at hand and the other one the solution found. The second paragraph elaborates so that the reader will know what indeed happened. Cats do not like using pet doors for many reasons, but with the acute training, they may overcome the fear of using it.
  6. The Source and Outcome Paragraph I will not expound on how and the outcome of becoming a high-achiever. I perform excellently in my studies, and people think it is because of my intelligence, but honestly, that is false news. I remember a few years back I was aggressive in school and a few adjustments had to be made. The first thing I did was to ensure that they taught everything in class, I had the full mastery when the day ended. In every assignment that we were given as a class, I guaranteed to do it excellently in such a way that the knowledge would stick inside my head. I chose to concentrate on school rather than my friends and fun activities. Immediately these adjustments had taken place, I found myself actively participating in class discussions, and my exam results began to improve. That was when I realized being smart was only a matter of hard work and interest just like playing a new computer game, but the only difference is that computer games are meant for entertainment purposes and not for your future career.
  7. Personalized Portrayal Paragraph I will share what I know genuinely about being a good leader. It was my first time after joining a football team did, I felt like I belong. At first, after completing four training sessions, I was quiet and never really got the chance of getting to know my new teammates. All of this changed when the team captain during one training session, passed me the ball and I scored. That was when my fellow teammates began to recognize me and slowly by slowly, I was no longer the new player in the team. All thanks to the team captain, Brian Robertson who showed the qualities of an admirable leader.
  8. The Functions Of One Sentenced Paragraph There are situations when you as a writer are required to use just one sentence in a paragraph:• When there is a need to bring emphasis on appointing that may seem to be hidden. • When you should dramatize and transit from a particular stage of your argument smoothly to the next. • When your sixth sense tells you that the reader might tired mentally tired and you would have to break the points to be put across easily.
  9. The Paragraph Length When It Comes to Business and Applied Science Writing A paragraph has to be in the correct length with the sentence topic included. A new section must be introduced anytime the subject at hand is significantly changing. You must be careful with measuring paragraph lengths because short paragraphs that are not developed can indicate that your organization is weak. The primary motive of having paragraph lengths is to enable the reader to comprehend the ideas at hand.
  10. The Use of a Paragraph as a Tool of Punctuation This is how the paragraph can be used a punctuation gadget. At the beginning of an item, an indentation can be used for pausing similar to the other marks such as like the comma, and many more.
  11. The Definitions of the Three Types of Paragraphs Some challenges are faced by students especially when it comes to differentiating the types of paragraphs. Well in this section, we will break it down for you so that you can easily tell the difference between a narrative, expository and elaborative article. The narrative paragraph – Used to prompt people about a story that is within a story. The elaborative paragraph – Used to give information and create original pictures in the mind of the reader. The expository paragraph – Used to explain how things work or what is supposed to be done so that it may work therefore in such sections a considerable amount of knowledge and research is needed for it to come through.


A paragraph can be identified as a collection of sentences that are closely identified and related so that the idea behind it all can be developed. With all the above having been said, we hope that you have learned a lot about the short paragraphs as you strive to be a competent writer.