Personal Essay Topics

When asked to compose a personal essay, most students panic. This is mostly because they do not know the right topic to write about. Even the brightest students at times find it difficult to determine the best topic to write about.

Some tutors at times give students the instructions for what they should write about but there are others who let the students determine what to write. In the later, students are required to think thoroughly in order to produce the best papers.

There are many clues and many topics which you can use. This article will highlight over one hundred topics which may become your 1st step to an outstanding essay.

It is important to pick a good topic for an essay because this is the only way you will be able to engage your readers. If someone reads your work, the 1st thing he/she sees is a topic. All write-ups are often judged by their starting lines.

The topic you choose to address should matter to you otherwise you may not enjoy writing your essay and you will end up producing a meaningless one. This article will group the topics into various categories. You will find some really fascinating topics that can grab the attention of your readers.

  •  Another important thing that students should note is that personal essay writing is the assignment which reveals their experiences. So, when writing, students must consider their personality. This includes their feelings, thoughts, hopes, and beliefs. The assignment offers learners a chance to express themselves.
  •  And even if you have not encountered much in life, you can still be able to compose a great personal essay which can earn you good marks. This is because you just need to think about one interesting experience.

Most interesting topics for personal essays

1. Writing about family

  •  What is a family?
  •  Compare the people in your family to animals? Which type of animal will you be?
  •  Explain how your parents came up with the name they gave you.
  •  How will you feel if your parents chose to relocate to another nation?
  •  What ideas do you find strange about Indian families?
  •  What are the most helpful things you learned from your progenitors?
  •  Define the relationship between siblings.
  •  Do social media affect communication within children and their parents?
  •  What do your parents think about school?
  •  Must the relationship between parents and children be meaningful?
  •  What role do you play in your home?
  •  Describe your relationship with your father.
  •  Describe your home traditions.
  •  Explain the origin of a family.
  •  Things which you admire about your siblings.
  •  What is the next step if your mother disagrees with you?
  •  The most astonishing things about a family.
  •  How does your mother correct you whenever you do something wrong?

2. Writing about friends

  •  Do children make friends easily in a new environment? Consider a child that moved from Africa to Europe.
  •  Does a person need friends when starting a business?
  •  Describe a good friend.
  •  Describe your 1st love.
  •  Being a friend is a nice responsibility and not an opportunity. Do you concur with this?
  •  Does the internet facilitate communication between friends?
  •  What are friend supposed to do during hard times?
  •  Do you and your pals have anything in common?
  •  If friends have a misunderstanding, how should they solve it?
  •  Describe your childhood friends?
  •  Can a person survive without friends?

3. Writing about personality

  •  What is your life logo?
  •  Do young people engage in sports?
  •  How can young people manage their time properly?
  •  Which is the best motivation for a learner who needs to finish an assignment fast?
  •  How do children cope with fear?
  •  How can you make kids happy?
  •  Are children able to control their feelings in an effective way?
  •  Describe an impulsive person?
  •  Can children listen without trying to interrupt the person who is talking?
  •  Describe your childhood dream.
  •  How do you handle your time?
  •  Which is your exceptional inspiration in life?
  •  Are you emotionally intelligent?
  •  What do you do to overcome fear?
  •  Are you good at listening?
  •  What do you turn to when you feel sad?
  •  What things bring you great joy?

4. Writing about the internet and technology

  •  Are teenagers addicted to Smartphones?
  •  Describe the social media platform that you like most.
  •  Can people find real friends online?
  •  Which applications do learners have in their phones these days? Are those applications necessary?
  •  Is the internet the most significant discovery so far?
  •  Do children like watching videos on YouTube?
  •  Do people like online shopping?
  •  What do young people use the internet for?
  •  Do you panic when you find your Smartphone is missing?
  •  On average, how many photos can one take per day?
  •  Does engaging in computer games consume a lot of learners’ time?
  •  Which is the best technology so far?
  •  Describe the technology tools that consume a lot of time.
  •  What do you think about online reviews?
  •  Is the information contained in Wikipedia reliable?
  •  Describe the role of social media platforms.
  •  Will technology help young people grow?
  •  Does engaging in computer games improve one’s performance in school?
  •  Which is the most amazing technological discovery in the health field?
  •  Is technology likely to stop advancing someday?
  •  Is technology dangerous to the environment?
  •  Can you survive without a Smartphone?
  •  Do you like sharing your photos on social media?
  •  What are the advantages of playing video games?
  •  What do you like about Wikipedia?
  •  What do you like about YouTube?
  •  Which technology excites you most?
  •  Will you reveal your phone password with someone? Why?
  •  Which technological tool can’t you do without?

5. Writing about films

  •  Is there a film character you look up to?
  •  Who is your favorite actor and why do you like him?
  •  Is there any film you feel like you should get featured in one day?
  •  Which film genre do you love and why do you love it?
  •  Do you like watching horror movies?
  •  Is there any actor who you really wish you looked like?
  •  Which role will you like to play in a film?
  •  Is there any film that improves the lives of teenagers?
  •  Which film will you never forget about no matter how many years pass by?
  •  Which films do your parents often recommend for you?
  •  What are the benefits of watching a movie at home?
  •  Do horror movies scare you?
  •  What is good about watching a movie at a cinema?
  •  Can you do without a television at home?

6. Writing about music

  •  What do you like about rappers?
  •  What do you think about the famous musicians in the world?
  •  What makes a song sound good?
  •  What do you think about karaoke?
  •  Is music important in people’s lives?
  •  Which music genre do you love?
  •  Where can one find the best songs?
  •  Which artist do you admire most and why do you admire him or her?
  •  Which music motivates you most?
  •  Do you always listen to song lyrics?
  •  How do you choose your favourite songs?
  •  Do you often find yourself liking a song just because your friend likes it?
  •  What do you remember about music when you were a child?
  •  Do you still love the same kind of music you used to love when you were a child?

7. Writing about careers

  •  Which career did you want to pursue when you were young?
  •  Which are the top careers in America?
  •  What are the advantages of working online?
  •  What are the benefits of a business plan?
  •  What does one need to start a business?
  •  Which job do you love most and why do you love it?
  •  How can people discover their talents?
  •  Should one work to earn a lot of money or to improve the society? Explain your answer.
  •  What are the advantages of working in a learning institution?
  •  Which is the best time to start making money, when one is still young and in school or after completing school?
  •  Is working from home better than working in the office?
  •  Have you ever dreamt of becoming a doctor?
  •  What are your plans towards getting that dream job of yours?
  •  What are your plans for your future?
  •  Do you like the idea of being self-employed?
  •  Which is the craziest thing you have done to get money?
  •  Can you use your talents to earn a living?
  •  What will you do if you don’t find your dream job?

8. Writing about traveling

  •  How was your summer vacation?
  •  Which place would you like to visit one day?
  •  Describe your most amazing tour?
  •  How do you plan for a trip?
  •  Which country do you love most? Why?
  •  Roles of a space tourist.
  •  What items should people buy when traveling?
  •  Describe your most amazing traveling adventure.
  •  Is frequent traveling good? Explain.
  •  Describe your recent trip.
  •  What do you like about traveling?
  •  Which are the most interesting places in America?
  •  Describe the best type of vacation.
  •  Do you feel like relocating to a different country?
  •  How to get ready for a vacation.
  •  What are the most interesting ideas that your parents managed to pass on to you from your previous vacations?
  •  Has traveling affected you in any way?
  •  Describe your craziest traveling adventure.
  •  Which is the best time to travel?
  •  What should you carry during your vacation?
  •  Describe your first air travel experience.

9. Writing about education

  •  What do you think about today’s education system?
  •  What are the benefits of studying online?
  •  What do you like about school?
  •  If you were to write a students’ blog, what things will you talk about?
  •  Which subject do you hate most in school?
  •  Which changes would you like to be made in learning institutions worldwide?
  •  Do friends contribute to performing well in school?
  •  Describe your favorite teacher.
  •  If you were a teacher, which subject will you be teaching? Why?
  •  Describe your best moments in school.
  •  Should students who come from poor backgrounds be given free education?
  •  What challenges do most students face when learning physics?
  •  How should teachers approach difficult topics?

10. Writing about childhood memories

  •  Which things do you remember about grandparents?
  •  How did you find a good friend?
  •  What did you do during Christmas when still young?
  •  Which games did you love playing when you were young?
  •  Which is your best childhood experience?
  •  Which TV programs did you love watching when you were young?
  •  Have you ever lost something that was valuable to you?
  •  Which presents did your parents give you when you were adolescent?
  •  Do you miss your childhood?
  •  Are there things you regret doing during your childhood?
  •  Have you achieved any of your adolescence dreams?
  •  What plan did your parents have for you when you become an adult?

Those are the various topics that students can choose for their essays. All of them are capable of capturing the readers’ attention provided the students research thoroughly and write good quality essays. Students can use the above topics as they are or they can re-write them or modify them a bit. The topics are suitable for both college and high school students. So, use them to come up with interesting essays that will earn you good marks.

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