90 Process Essay Topics

Process essay is just what it says – a process. It’s a set of steps that are used to describe a process of some sort, from drawing a person to opening a bank account. If you think about it like an instruction, it becomes even easier. The goal is to explain something clearly and plainly and make even the most complex matter easy to the reader.

Outline of a Process Essay

It’s very easy because this essay basically composes itself. State the process in introduction, the body is for the stages involved in it and in conclusion you summarize how you managed to provide a guide on a topic for the reader.

The essay’s length hinges on whether the selected procedure is long or not.

Introduction of a Process Essay

It doesn’t matter whether the essay’s describing the process of fixing a car, writing a book or how to feed a goat, it is important to know your target audience from the beginning. You can utilize professional terms to showcase your competence in that particular field and appeal to them more.

Don’t fret about the structure. The good thing about this essay is that the step-by-step process itself provides the structure. Begin the opening paragraph by establishing the analyzed process and share ideas on why this particular procedure is fascinating and significant to observe. It is not a must you cover the background of the discussed procedure.

Process Essay Body Paragraphs

This is an easy part when it comes to composing: you just list steps one by one. The amount of detail required is determined by the assignment and the topic. The more complicated topic will of course need more details. You might want to list the resources necessary for the process. Bonus points if you suggest how to obtain them. Don’t be too boring, spice up the text with good fun examples if something is too complex.

The Conclusion

At the end of the instruction, the reader ought to be able to repeat the actions given to solve the problem alone. If the reader isn’t able to do that, it implies that you as the writer didn’t give clear and correct instructions. Begin the concluding paragraph with the brief review of the whole process. This helps the reader to recall what they were doing, for how long, and what the expected outcome ought to be. Whereas the body paragraphs provide a thorough interpretation of every stage, a conclusion ought to have a single short sentence that summarizes each step of the procedure.

Process Essay Topics

Are you looking for a good topic for a process essay? Take a look at the examples of great process essay topics below:

  1.  How To Get Rid Of A Bad Habit
  2.  Enduring A Night Of Babysitting
  3.  Planning The Perfect Party Step By Step
  4.  Look Fashionable On A Budget: Some Secrets
  5.  How To Lose Weight And Remain Mentally Healthy
  6.  Mowing The Lawn Essentials
  7.  The Secrets To Pitching A Tent In The Rain Like A Pro
  8.  Playing Texas Hold ’Em Like An Expert Gambler
  9.  How To Become A Successful College Student
  10.  How To Land The Perfect Roommate
  11.  How To Build Good Friendship With Your Roommate
  12.  How To Train Your Pet Dog
  13.  The Complicated Process Of Applying For A Study Abroad Program
  14.  How To Win Over Insomnia
  15.  An Easy Way To Remain Sober At A Party
  16.  The Process Of Renting An Apartment For The First Time
  17.  The Perfect Cookies Recipe And Steps
  18.  Keeping Calm During Exams: How To Do It
  19.  Building A Healthy Relationship With Your Spouse
  20.  Complaining Effectively And Correctly
  21.  Going Through Your First Job Interview Like An Expert
  22.  Recession: Tips To Endure It Well
  23.  How To Train A Toddler To Use Toilet
  24.  LinkedIn: Using It Right To Get What You Need
  25.  How To Be Friends With Many People
  26.  Facebook: What’s It For
  27.  Taking Care Of Long Hair
  28.  The Process Involved In Leading A Team
  29.  The Best College Classes And How To Spot Them
  30.  Breaking Up Easily And Quickly
  31.  How To Create Your Own Unique Collection
  32.  Self-Confidence For Students And How To Get It
  33.  No Car? How To Survive With No Vehicle
  34.  How To Stop Smoking
  35.  How To Buy A House
  36.  How To Learn To Make Perfect Coffee
  37.  The Best Ice-Cream Tutorial For Homemade Treats
  38.  Political Campaigning Explained
  39.  Hamburgers Are Easy And Delicious: The Step-By-Step Process
  40.  How Movies Are Made Into What We See In Theaters
  41.  Choosing A Major And Not Regretting It
  42.  Gain And Keep Friends On Facebook: How To
  43.  How Teachers Come Up With Exam Questions
  44.  Stopping Procrastination At Its Start
  45.  Taking Care Of Your Pet Well
  46.  How Films Are Made: All Steps
  47.  Selecting Romantic Partners: What Happens In People’s Minds
  48.  How To Teach People English As A Second Language
  49.  How To Open A Grocery Store And Attract Customers
  50.  Finding Sources For Your Papers With Ease
  51.  Tidying Up With Purpose
  52.  How Authors Get Their Works Published
  53.  Use These Simple Tricks To Craft A Bibliography
  54.  Finding The Perfect Read: Your New Favorite Book Is Closer Than You Think
  55.  Libraries Are Not Complicated: Find What You Search For
  56.  The Fascinating Process Of Decay: Major Steps
  57.  Using Online Maps Correctly
  58.  How To Make A Website That Will Work
  59.  Getting Rid Of Stuff: Do Garage Sales Work?
  60.  The Process That’s Involved In Going Broke Oficially
  61.  Write About Music Without Being An Expert: A Guide
  62.  How To Create Cheap Party Games
  63.  Newbie Hunters: Tips
  64.  Marathon Is The Goal: What To Do Before And Hot To Prepare?
  65.  How Computer Code Works With Hardware?
  66.  Making A Party Dish That’s Cheap And Cool
  67.  Flags Should Be Honored: How To Do It?
  68.  A Guide On How To Shoot Free Throws In Basketball
  69.  Boost Your Immunity: Tricks To Not Get Sick In Winter
  70.  How To Buy A Good Fridge For Many Years To Come
  71.  Selling Stuff On Ebay
  72.  Buying Used Items: What To Do
  73.  Budget Options For Good And Cool Vacations
  74.  Boost Your Vehicle: A Guide
  75.  Insurance Is For Life: How To Choose One Carefully
  76.  How Vodka Is Made
  77.  How Cells Reproduce
  78.  Doing Botanical Research: How Plants React To Things
  79.  Connection Between Anxiety And Bad Habits: How They Develop
  80.  How To Buy A Laptop That Will Serve You For Long
  81.  How People Fall For Fraud Schemes: The Psychology
  82.  Seeing In Color: Why We Can Do It?
  83.  Feminism: How It Started And What Are Its Concerns Today
  84.  Racism: Psychology Behind The Hatred
  85.  Why Children Learn Things Better And Faster?
  86.  How The Rain Works?
  87.  The Science Behind An X-Ray Scan
  88.  Greenhouse Effect: The Process
  89.  Legislation: How Bills Become Laws
  90.  How To Get The Job You Want


A process essay explains how something happens in time. Instead of informing the reader how to it, this essay explains how it’s observed to happen. Remember to define the terms which your readers may not have knowledge of.

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