Pros and Cons of Immigrant Issue

One most serious challenge in this planet lately is the immigration problem. These days like never before, individuals are migrating from their countries due to reasons that have something to do with a desire to live or desire to advance. Such reasons include hunger, war, health issues, and others. The immigration problem is also a past issue because some past individuals mostly the Spaniards and Europeans were popular because they were skilled in navigation. This is how continents such as Australia and America got discovered. And this discovery encouraged the relocation of many Europeans to the newly-found regions and their birth nations prospered. Such discovery also led to the exploitation of labour and nature’s resources in those newly-discovered regions. Other places like England additionally moved their evildoers to inaccessible places such as Australia. This led to a flourishing state because of trade among the continents.

Most Europeans moved from the ancient continents because of diseases, hardship and religion victimization. All settlers prospered in the new location. But this relocation had a negative impact also. Settling individuals conquered and subdued the occupants of their new location the same way it occurred to Africans, the Aborigines within Australia and the Red Indians within the US. These immigration legacies are the beginning of the relocation challenges being encountered these days.

As the relocation took place, settling Europeans went with some beliefs and customs that many at times got acquired to the residents of the new location by force. Assimilation became obvious in life as all residents adopted those new traits. This is also the reason why it’s often easy for settlers within the south to migrate to northern sides. It is again true that interacting during business-like in the popular Silk Road with Asia additionally led to the meeting of cultures, knowing one another and staying together.

So, the immigrants’ challenge being encountered these days is not something new to people and it is not likely to end. In fact, it keeps getting more serious each time because nowadays travelling is easy and there are disputes around the globe. Another thing is that it is occurring in reverse, settlers are relocating to Europe and northern parts. Europeans are not happy with this reverse migration. 200 years back, it occurred and it was considered as something good.

Maybe the good reasons back then might still be valid these days. When people get trapped by circumstances and they are at risk, the only human reaction is to run and rescue their lives. This is a natural reaction that is within people, if fighting will put your life in danger, obviously you must run away. That is something that needs to be understood when analyzing the problem of immigrants currently. Migrating to get to live is something constant whether it is accepted or not. And if that‘s actually the case, the world needs to tackle the original reasons for migration. That includes things like famine, poverty, war, consumerism, change of climate and others.

Each coin has 2 parts. For a place like Europe which gets immigrants, it is never a bad idea since the immigrants will offer labour to a continent that is getting old. Most of the people who migrate are the young people and if they get assimilated well, they can offer great support which can make Europe flourish. There is no way Europe’s tomorrow is going to be completely clean. That is a misconception for them currently. These days, the universe is a universal place. So, to make the world better, people need to accept this. They should accept this without racisms or any other negative thoughts. This is again what is at times widely known as choosy ignorance around the section of anti-immigrants that are mostly governed by bad beliefs. These bad beliefs come clear in most social style features which include authority, racism, separation, and dissimilarity.

They forget about the many advantages brought to their nation by newcomers. These newcomers additionally come up with a market for those items they need in the new homes. This is never a negative outcome at all. But for some individuals, the newcomers get viewed as rivals or a threat since they start engaging in the duties of the people in the country they migrate to. A certain survey, however, revealed that the immigrants often take those jobs which are less important or unwanted by the residents. The survey also revealed that those who consider immigrants as a threat are the people who are regarded as foolish in the society. The governments are also not serious about extending the social welfare advantages to the people who move to new countries. So, they are doing everything possible to stop the immigrants from settling in the new countries. This job is then left to nonprofit organizations, charities, and religious communities.

The second side of the coin is that a vacuum is left in the country where people migrate from. This is mostly in knowledgeable and experienced manpower. Because of benefits such as high salaries, professionals like engineers, medical practitioners, and lecturers move to western countries. They leave their countries with no one to tackle terrible illnesses, poverty, and other problems. This act has a great impact on the countries that are struggling to advance. You will find that such countries had spent so much money educating those people and they end up moving to work in western countries. These days, such nations who lost the people they trained are now advancing from the funds that the people who moved out send back. This is very ironical. In a nation such as Kenya, the money sent by immigrants makes a great percentage of foreign currency earnings. Actually, it is nearly the same as the highest earning tourism industry. The migration of people to other nations additionally enables the universe to be a perfect area where individuals have to accept and accommodate other people from different societies. Anywhere where that is not allowed, there are laws and regulations that make sure the people’s rights are well taken care of. There are no set people who can say they are progressing if they are unable to take care of the less fortunate. Provided resources are not shared equally in this world, people will keep relocating hoping to get good lives elsewhere.

Lately, the universe is in a complicated state because of the increase in conflicts in regions like Africa and the Middle East. Fighting despots and trying to stop the increase in the number of terrorists has led to so many hot spots around the globe. That also has been contributed to by the West’s assistance for Israel and its existence right and the question of Palestine. Each of those problems has its advantages and disadvantages depending on who talks about them. For the failed regions such as Somali which is within Africa, the failure has led to the increase of the number of refugees relocating to Kenya. They relocate to avoid terrorists who exist in plenty in their country. That has led to difficulties in the security department of Kenya. In fact, Kenya has threatened to send away more than one million refugees who reside in their country because they do not have enough resources to sustain them.

In Libya also, the going down of Ghaddafi created a vacuum in leadership. That vacuum was next occupied by bombers that are fueling the problem of migration within Europe. Issues like hardship in the Sub-Saharan region of Africa and around other sections of Europe increase the looking for better places around western sides. Within the Middle East, the conflict that took place in Syria and the advancement of bombers make so many settlers relocate to Europe. Europe is now having a big challenge which even forced some British people to relocate to European Union which is also commonly known as Brexit.

The European Union had gone against British people going against accommodating people from other nations in Europe. When people are not willing to accommodate other individuals it is really a painful feeling. Plans to settle all individuals that migrate or where they migrate from require to be highly considered in order for people to flourish and settle peacefully. This actually is what everyone must pray for and in fact, the UN is supporting it. Various countries should also assist the UN to achieve this goal. In the time being, people must try being patient or try accommodating one another. Also, people should never forget that some time back such occurrence was moving another direction. It was moving south and it might repeat itself.

There exist several written proposals for subjects like those. They may be found in various institutions in America. Learners worldwide are looking forward to assisting people who relocate from their countries with the challenges they face.

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