Ideal Research Paper Topics

The steps to take in writing a research paper: find info, analyze info, define your opinion, support your stance with sufficient proof. An outline of research paper will be crucial; it acts like a road map for your work. Having this before you start writing makes the whole exercise much easier for you. A comprehensive outline looks like this:

  •  The title page
  •  The Abstract
  •  The Introduction
  •  Methods used and applied
  •  Results of research
  •  Discussion of the main points
  •  The Conclusion
  •  Appendices
With that in mind, you’re now equipped to follow through with your research paper. Here are some helpful research topics to get you started.

Research Paper Topics about People’s Rights

  1.  Are Current Anti Bullying Measures Effective?
  2.  Is It Possible To Love Your Spouse Who Supports The Politician You Don’t Like?
  3.  Concerns Of Children Interests Around The World
  4.  Should Drone Use Be Regulated By Law?
  5.  Is It True That Your Career Depends On Your Grades In School?
  6.  Racism In Academy: How It Manifests
  7.  What Sparks Teenage Pregnancy In Huge Numbers? What Communities Are Vulnerable?
  8.  Voting Rights And Their Importance: Are They Basic

Research Paper Topics on Politics

  1.  Exploring The Meaning Of Affirmative Action
  2.  What Are The Reasons For President Impeachment
  3.  How Financial Matters Of The Country Depend On Its Government
  4.  Elections Around The World: Which System Is The Best
  5.  Reforms Or Revolutions: Examine The Differences
  6.  The Phenomenon Of Genocide: Who To Blame
  7.  America And Bias: Where It Shows In Political Life
  8.  Keeping Friends Close: Diplomacy And International Affairs
  9.  Is Health Of The Nation In The Hands Of Politics? Prove Your Point
  10.  Is It Justified To Use Your Armed Forces In Other Countries
  11.  The Most Vulnerable People In Society And What Politicians Do For Them
  12.  Who Decides How Much Taxes We Will Pay? Do You Agree With The Amount?

Research Paper Topics Ideas for College

  1.  Why Do You Pay This Exact Amount To Study In College? Who Chose It?
  2.  Children’s Imagination Knows No Bounds: Examine Famous Kids’ Inventions
  3.  Erasure Of Certain Experiences And Social Stigma On Mental Illness
  4.  Students And Addiction: Why The Problem Is There
  5.  Argue The Necessity For Juvenile Prisons
  6.  What Health Problems Are Most Likely In People Who Study (Students, Kids)
  7.  Mount Everest And Its History
  8.  Celebrities And How They Shape Our Views

Research Paper Topics in the Field of Psychology for College Students

  1.  Who Perpetuates Harmful Stereotypes The Most?
  2.  Ai: Sci-Fi Dream Or Reality?
  3.  How Pets Impact Lonely People’s Mood
  4.  Bravery And Courage: Psychology Behind The Concepts
  5.  Dangerous Drugs That Are Still Used To Treat Mentally Challenged People: What’s The Use
  6.  Group Studies Vs Individual Studies
  7.  The Rise Of Depression And Subsequent Disorders
  8.  Anxiety As An Issue That Plagues The Young Adults
  9.  Is Research In Psychology Possible Without Test Subjects?
  10.  What Does Substance Abuse Do To The Human Mind?
  11.  The Psychology Of A Fraud: Why Do People Become Con Artists
  12.  Ways Of Eliminating Cybercrimes
  13.  Cybercrimes: The Most Notorious Cases Known Today
  14.  Exploring Gambling From The Perspective Of Psychology
  15.  The Most Dangerous Disorders That Detach Patients From The Rest Of Society
  16.  Is Attention Deficit Syndrome A Myth Or Reality?
  17.  Why Abortions Are High In Females 18 Years Of Age

Middle School Research Paper Topics

  1.  What Can Be Done To Save The Planet
  2.  Should Students Participate In Politics
  3.  Good Grades And Their Importance
  4.  Iconic Music Performers And How They Changes The Culture
  5.  Does Messaging Kill Grammar?
  6.  Royal Dynasties: Are They Outdated And Should Not Exist?
  7.  Amazon As A Global Corporation: How It Changes Economy Every Year
  8.  Do All People Need To Know Their History?
  9.  What Was Life Like Before Computers Were Invented
  10.  Nautical Navigation: Interesting Facts About Its History

Research Paper Topics on Medicine

  1.  Explain The Evolution Of Diseases, Why Some Stay The Same And Some Mutate Into New Forms?
  2.  Most People Fail To Eat Healthy: Reasons And Consequences
  3.  Is Cancer Preventable Or Is It Inevitable?
  4.  Compare Modern Society And Medieval Society Doctors
  5.  Eating Disorders Are Not That Serious A Threat: True Or False?
  6.  Addictions Do Not Help To Recover From Mental Issues
  7.  Mothers Choose Not To Breastfeed Often: Are They Right?
  8.  Heart Attacks In Women: How The Symptoms Are Distinguished
  9.  Health Of A Modern Average Human: Is It Better Than A Hundred Years Ago
  10.  The Latest Medical Researches And Their Prospects
  11.  What Sleep Deprivation Does To A Person?

Research Paper Topics That Are Commendable

  1.  Religion In Schools: How Not To Offend Anyone And Still Practice It?
  2.  Drug Testing: Should Animals Or Humans Be Used? What Is Ethical?
  3.  Message Boards And Forums: Are They Outdated Internet Phenomena Or Not?
  4.  The Cycle Of Brutality: How It Works
  5.  Why Sexual Crimes Are Not Punished More Severely?
  6.  Golden Age Of American Literature: Key Figures
  7.  Medical Reforms: What Can They Bring And Improve
  8.  The First Constitution In The World: Whose Idea And Where It Happened?

Research Paper Topics on Business

  1.  Pick Several Big Food Chains And Compare Their Business Models
  2.  Compare The Phenomena: Recession And Depression
  3.  Why Companies Prefer To Outsource?
  4.  Small Businesses Are Pointless: True Or False?
  5.  Manhattan Project Analysis
  6.  Business Under Communist Regime: Examples In The World
  7.  Global Warming And Business: Where Is The Connection
  8.  Franchising: Pros And Cons
  9.  Why Advertisements With Celebrities Are Generally More Successful
  10.  The Optimal Business Model In The Current Political Climate
  11.  Are All Major Businesses Fundamentally Evil? Do They Hoard Money And Resources?
  12.  Types Of Security Measures To Protect One’s Company
  13.  Online Businesses And Their Specifics: Will Offline Business Die As A Class?
  14.  Online Stores: The Secrets Of Success
  15.  How To Employ The Best Work Force For Your Business Needs

Research Paper Topics on History

  1.  Is The Next Huge War Coming Soon?
  2.  Nature Vs Nurture: How The Views On This Problem Changed Throughout History
  3.  Causes Of Wars: Why Nations Decide To Go And Kill?
  4.  Military Through The Years: How It Changed In The Past 100 Years
  5.  Pacifists: Who Are They And What Are Their Goals
  6.  Roman God And Greek Gods: Two Sides Of The Same Coin?
  7.  Russo-Japanese War: Could It Be Prevented?
  8.  Catholic And Protestant Churches: How They Came To Exist

Paper Research Topics on Computer Science

  1.  GPS: The Mechanism Of Work And Influence On Our Life
  2.  Safe Networks And How To Build Them
  3.  Keeping Your Private Data Private: Is It Possible In The Digital Age?
  4.  Can People Be Controlled By Machines? Are They?
  5.  AI Scares: Major Worrying Points About AI Use
  6.  How Did We Live Without Internet Maps? What Made The Technology Possible?
  7.  Windows Vs Mac Debate: What’s Safer?
  8.  Channels Of Communication Online: Are There Enough?
  9.  Safety Protocols That Guard Our Data
  10.  Computer Viruses And How To Treat Them
  11.  Global Surveillance: Are We Being Watched By Authorities?
  12.  Does Internet Encourage Plagiarism In Academy?
  13.  Mobile Internet: How It Works
  14.  Computers Control All Spheres Of Our Lives But How Safe It Is
  15.  Websites, Blogs And Social Media: How People On The Internet Get Popular

Research Paper Topics on Literature

  1.  Your Two Favorite Novels: Common Points And Differences
  2.  The Lord Of The Rings: Can It Be Argued To Be A Story Of Hope And Love?
  3.  The Most Famous Kid’s Books And Why Do Adults Love Them Too
  4.  Is Horror Genre In Literature On The Rise?
  5.  Historical Accuracy In The Books: Is It Necessary At All Times
  6.  Key Factors That Determine A Genre Of Literary Work
  7.  Language Methods Of Your Favorite Author: How They Utilize Tropes?
  8.  Science As Seen In Fantasy Novels
  9.  The Most Popular Tropes In The Words Literature
  10.  Women’s Literature: Should It Be Distinguished Or Not?
  11.  Paper Books Are Dying: Discuss
  12.  Post Modern Literary Space: Significant Elements
  13.  Secondary Literature: Does It Deserve To Be Even Called Literature?

Research Paper Topics on Law

  1.  Laws That Regulate Our Government Work
  2.  Women In Legislature: Outstanding Lawyers And Judges
  3.  How Can A Person Suggest A Law
  4.  European Constitutions: The Oldest And The Newest
  5.  Where The Basic Human Rights Are Stated? Examine The Document
  6.  East-Asian Legal System
  7.  Criminal Law: Compare The Law Of Two Different Countries
  8.  Copyright Issues: Can You Claim The Ownership Of Something You Made Legally?
  9.  International Laws System
  10.  Ecology Laws: What Are They
  11.  Who Is Plaintiff? What Are Their Rights?
  12.  Do Animal Rights Deserve Their Separate Laws
  13.  Legal Procedure Of Taking Your Pet To Another Country
  14.  Should Drugs Be Legalized
  15.  Should Gun Ownership Be Prohibited In The Us
  16.  The Cases When Insanity Plea Can Be Applied
  17.  Serial Murderers And Laws That Are Used To Put Them In Prisons
  18.  Maximum Prison Sentence Ever Issued
  19.  Is There A Need For Prison System Reform
  20.  If You Do Not Know The Law, Will You Be Punished For Breaking It?

Topics for Research Paper That Are Considered Controversial

  1.  Abortion And Arguments For Keeping It Legal
  2.  Is It Ethical To Convert People Into Your Faith?
  3.  Religion And Internet: How Do They Interact
  4.  Sex Education: A Necessity Or Immorality?
  5.  Reading Your Child’s Diary: Reasonable Measure Or Stalking?
  6.  Gay Rights: Why They Should Be Supported
  7.  Organized Religion Is Harmful
  8.  Sex Before Marriage: Is It Okay?
  9.  Homeschooling Children And The Consequences
  10.  Are All Fat People Sick?

Research Paper Topics That Have an Argumentative Angle

  1.  Same Sex Adoption
  2.  Breastfeeding In Public: Should It Be Normalized
  3.  Money Isn’t Evil, People Are
  4.  Too Much Work Impacts Students Negatively
  5.  Should Prostitution Be Criminalized?
  6.  Age Difference In Relationships: Where’s The Healthy Line
  7.  Are Curfews For Children Effective?
  8.  Immigrants: Should They Be Allowed Into The Country

Education Related Research Paper Topics

  1.  Are Schools In Villages Different From City Schools?
  2.  Teach Your Child To Read Early
  3.  Teacher’s Job: Is It Rewarding Or Exhausting?
  4.  What Was Education System Like 100 Years Ago?
  5.  Is Online Learning Effective?
  6.  Should Schools Accommodate Disabled Students?
  7.  Should Grades Be Canceled As A System Of Evaluation
  8.  Canceling Exams As A Whole: Pros And Cons
  9.  Testing And Oral Exams: What Is Better
  10.  Self-Education: Is It Possible Or Do People Need Additional Motivators?
  11.  College And How It Prepares A Person For Adult Life
  12.  Learning A Language By Yourself: Notable Techniques

Research Paper Topics On Human Resource

  1.  Do C.E.Os. Receive An Unfairly Large Salary?
  2.  Should There Be Specific Term Limits For Members Of The Congress?
  3.  Why Are The Business Ethics of A Company Important to a Student Choosing to Work There?
  4.  Feminism And The Negative Influence It Has On The Development Of Modern Employment Culture
  5.  Is It Ethical to Erase an Ex-employee’s Memory to Conceal Company Secrets?
  6.  Diversity in the Workplace Helps in Making the Work Environment Productive

Topics for Research Papers on Dispute

  1. The Consequences of Home Schooling
  2.  The Effects of Plastic Bags on the Health of Present Day Consumers
  3.  Reasons Why White Collar Jobs Are Losing Meaning
  4.  Narcissistic Personality Disorder Treatments
  5.  How Can Sexual Assault Be Dealt With?
  6.  Effects of Child Alcohol and Drug Abuse
  7.  The Consequences of Substance Abuse
  8.  Evidence of Corporations Being Involved In Crime

Research Paper Topics on Health Issues

  1.  How Does Heart Disease Affect A Human Being?
  2.  What Are Most Common Dietary Supplements In The USA?
  3.  What Is Depression?
  4.  Which Is The Most Deadly Cancer?
  5.  What Are The Effects Of Birth Control?
  6.  What Are The Advantages Of Fitness And Exercise?
  7.  What Is the Alzheimer’s Disease?
  8.  What Are Disadvantages Of Taking Fast Foods?
  9.  What Are The Negative Effects Of Smoking?
  10.  What Are The Causes Of Teenage Pregnancies In Different Communities?
  11.  Why Is It So Important to Stay Fit?
  12.  What Is Vegetarianism?
  13.  What Is Involved In Stem Cell Research?
  14.  Benefits of Organic Foods
  15.  Effects of Plastic Surgery

Research Paper Topics on Communications and Media

  1. What Is Copyright Law?
  2.  Effects of Censorship On Media
  3.  What Is Regarded As Freedom Of Speech?
  4.  Is The Media Biased In The US?
  5.  The Impacts of Images in a Presentation.
  6.  What Is Political Correctness?
  7.  How Women Are Portrayed By the Media
  8.  Using Children for Advertisements and Programs.
  9.  What Is Materialism?
  10.  What Qualifies a Show to be Aired on Reality Television?
  11.  What Does Media Do To Stereo Types?
  12.  Effects of Talk Radio on The Society

Research Paper Topics on Social Issues

  1.  Abortion and How the Society Perceives It
  2.  How Do Parent With Kids of their Own View Adoption?
  3.  The Various Birth Control Methods Available Today
  4.  How Gay Parenting Is Viewed In The Society
  5.  Causes of Homelessness in the US
  6.  Poverty in the Society
  7.  How Different Races Interact in the US
  8.  Reverse Discrimination
  9.  Is There Discrimination In Learning Institutions?
  10.  How Did Apartheid Affect The Society?
  11.  How do Youths Become Gang Affiliated?
  12.  Are Employee Rights in the US Any Good?
  13.  How Can Your Identity Be Stolen?
  14.  What Are The Effects Of Interracial Marriages In The US?
  15.  What Are The Causes Of Suicide In The US?
  16.  What Are the Advantages of Genetic Screening
  17.  What Are The Major Causes Of HIV/AIDS In The US?
  18.  Is Discrimination Still Prevalent in Today’s Society?
  19.  What is the Average Family Size in the US?
  20.  Why Are Families Getting Smaller Year After Year?

Research Paper Topics on Gender and Women

  1.  The Effects of Abortion on Women
  2.  What Are The Effects Of Feminism In The Society?
  3.  Do Women Face Discrimination In Their Work Places?
  4.  Do Women Have The Same Right To Education As Men?
  5.  What is the Importance of a Good Body Image?
  6.  What Does The Society Expect From Women?
  7.  What Is the Importance of Birth Control in A Woman’s Life?
  8.  What Does Society Regard As Gay Pride?
  9.  What Are the Effects of Divorce and Marriage in a Woman’s Life?
  10.  What Are Issues That Come With Menstruation And Menopause?
  11.  What Effect Does Female Genital Mutilation Have On Women
  12.  Who Should Spend More Time With The Kids, The Mother or The Father?
  13.  Can Females Be As Active As Men In Sports?
  14.  Who Are Most Affected By Rape and Violence, Men Or Female?


We hope you won’t come across a lot of difficulty when writing your research paper; what, with all these topics provided for you to choose from, you’re all set! However, if you still find it hard or some aspect of writing a research paper puzzles you, you can always count on online help.