Research Summary Writing

Writing a research summary is one of the common tasks that American students get in colleges and universities. This paper is a short overview of a particular scientific work in various industries. No matter what specialty you have, you are likely to face this type of task. It is essential for students to learn how to analyze academic works. The scientific studies are the source of fresh ideas and new theories in the field. Writing a research summary requires preserving the article’s structure. You will have to follow the composition of the chosen article. Here is some information that will help you to write a research summary properly.

A Detailed Guide on Creating a Research Summary

A detailed plan of your work will help you to write a paper effectively avoiding common mistakes. Here are the steps you need to follow during the writing process:

  •  Have a quick look at the article content in order to get the main idea. It will help you to find out what each section is about. Skimming the text will allow you to discover the most important points. You will know where to come back during a thorough analysis of the study.
  •  Get familiar with the article’s topic and learn everything about it. Analyzing and summarizing ideas is impossible without deep knowledge of the material. You need to fully understand the topic of work in order to produce a research paper. Find out about the main concepts, trends, and theories on the subject. You might want to check the literature review as well. Define the author’s goal and point of view. Check whether the hypotheses are supported by the evidence. You need to learn as much as you can in order to prepare for an effective overview.
  •  Write down the main ideas. While reading each part of the article, find the main sentence that summarizes the ideas of the paragraph. Highlight such phrases and write them down in order to create a draft of your paper. The most important thing is not to get carried away. If there will be too many ideas, your work will not be effective. Try to find the key points and note them.
  •  Combine a draft. Summon your notes in order to create a draft of your research. Remember to include the main ideas from every paragraph to fully cover the topic. Support each point with the evidence to make it truthful.
  •  Provide additional information. In case your task requires expressing your personal view or critical opinion, look for additional sources of information to support your statements.

Research Summary Composition

The structure of a research summary should be the same as the composition of a scientific work that you analyze. The key elements of a text are:

  •  Title – it informs what the article is about and what the subject of the study is.
  •  Abstract – is a short description of the article’s content.
  •  Introduction – this essential section includes a literature review and a brief overview of the author’s main ideas. It also explains the significance of the study. This section introduces the research topic to the reader and shows its importance.
  •  Methodology – this paragraph tells about the main methods used for the research. It could be surveys or sampling. There is no need to mention all the methods in your work. Just include the most important ones.
  •  Results – this paragraph is usually the largest one. Try to choose carefully which information should be included in it. This part of the text enlightens the results of the experiments. It should present the main conclusions and observations to the reader.
  •  Discussion – this paragraph is dedicated to the interpretation of the study’s results. The strong sides of the research and its perspectives are discussed here. It is also important to mention the study limitations and its possible future development.
  •  Conclusion – this paragraph may not be included in the text that you analyze. It can either be omitted or be a part of a previous section. However, it is crucial for your paper as it includes the evaluation of the research results. The key points should either be criticized or supported depending on the evidence.
  •  References – the sources that were cited in your paper should be mentioned in this section.

Recommendations on Research Summary Writing

These recommendations will help you during the writing process of your paper:

  •  Do not lose the right direction. When you write a certain paragraph it is easy to immerse in details and get carried away. You should always see the whole picture and stay focused on the main hypotheses and article’s subject.
  •  Plan the Conclusion Carefully. As this section includes different tasks, be sure to plan it in details in order not to forget something. Validation, topic’s significance, study limitations, and future development should be on your list.
  •  Avoid Plagiarism. It could be challenging to summarize the opinions of others without plagiarizing. Try to write everything in your own words or paraphrase. Copy-pasting and long quotes should be avoided.
  •  Write Introduction and Discussion in the End. It may be difficult to write the introduction when you are not done with the main part yet. You will know more about hypotheses, analyses, and experiments after writing the main part. Thus, it is easier to write these two sections later.
  •  Edit Your Paper. Once you finish your work, do not forget to proofread the text. Make sure the number of words matches the requirements. Check grammar, spelling, and writing style. You might even ask someone else to read your paper to have a fresh look at it.

Professional Help with Research Summary Writing

Writing a research summary becomes easier, when you know the paper structure and basic writing tips. It also helps to learn the article topic very well in order to summarize the information effectively. Nevertheless, all this requires a lot of time that most students simply do not have. If you are in a situation like this, ordering a paper online might become a good solution for you.

Writing service provides help with creating different types of documents, including a research summary. All you need to do is give the requirements, choose a writer and wait for your text to be ready. It is possible to communicate with the writer and revise the text if it is needed. You pay only after getting the result that fully satisfies you. Consider this option, if you are out of time but still want your text to be perfect.

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