Social Media and Education

You have probably wondered about the relevance of social media in education and been interested in finding out whether this tool does more good or harm. Read on to get an understanding of the effects of social media in Oruro education.

Social Media: A Curse or a Blessing

When it comes to social media, there is always this ongoing debate about whether it is of good use to humanity at where it stands currently. There are a group of people who would argue that this new form of expressiveness on the internet has brought forth a group of people who are not only ungrateful about their current conditions, but are also more prone to depression. Others argue, however, that social media is a tool, and that in different hands it could be used for different things. Some of these arguments especially look into social media and it’s role in education.

Most of the time, the things that are seen on social media end up undoing al of the education that children especially have undergone, making it look like a bad tool in the hands of most parents. There are some parents who would not even encourage their wards to have anything to do with social media. Over time, and most unfortunately, these devices have created more havoc than good, by encouraging bullying, undermining privacy and safety and having an ill effect on many of these students today. It is no wonder that people see social media as a curse rather than a blessing.

There have been instances where punishment meted out to students have blown up on social media, creating a ripple effect by allowing strangers in on what happens in people’s every day lives. Students could be punished severely without the use of social media. However, when social media comes in, the whole idea shifts from a teaching and learning experience into one that is almost geared towards ridiculing, attention seeking and mockery of the recipient of the punishment.

Social media also, when uninhibited exposes students to many vices, glorifying them because these impressionable students tend to idolize the lifestyle of other people that they view on social media. In all, it seems as if the advent of social media has rather destroyed what used to be a calm, demure and private life for many students especially.

How Social Media can be Harnessed for Good

A stencil cutter is usually used for art. Using this device, beautiful pieces of art can be made. This same cutter, due to its sharp blade, can be dangerous in the wrong hands. This is exactly what social media is. A tool. And as people of education, it can become the best way to spread the right form of information to the target audience.

Because of how powerful social media is, people can easily turn the tides and use the tool to promote good and positive content, putting to shame all of the negative content around. This is where the role of social media in education comes in.

A teacher who is interested in interacting with students as a class can easily access all these students and gather them in a Facebook group, fostering love, care, and togetherness. Announcements can be put out, accolades can be given, jokes shared and altogether, fun can be had, once the tool is regulated properly.

As people grow up, networking becomes very important. Networking in education takes a different turn by the time the students reach university and are looking people to either endorse their project works or show up for an educational event. This tool has now made all the people who, hitherto were inaccessible, completely accessible. You can tweet at anybody on twitter and cross your fingers in hope that you get a reply. It even gets better. You can get these people’s emails and interact easily without breaking a sweat, all from the comfort of your home using your smartphone or tablet.

Talking about how social media has made education more fun and easy, you cannot overlook how professors have become more down to earth and accessible due to the magic of social media. Good teachers are always ready to answer questions and interact with students concerning their school work and this has been made possible with social media. Many barriers have been broken down leaving everyone as they are: and enthusiastic student and a willing teacher.

Due to this ease of familiarity, people have demystified the things that made made education strange and unreachable and made it more accessible on a relaxed front. This is why people would always opt for social media over the legendary emails.

Teachers have the opportunity to have webinar series, forums, symposia and lectures via social media and can be assured of reaching all of their students at one go. Educational social media pages are set up on Facebook and Instagram every other day, giving quizzes and helping students to prepare for various exams. These pages are run by educational institutions or even students themselves interested in sharing their knowledge with their peers. Social media, for all its issues, could not have come at a better time, when the face of education is changing to allow several different ways of teaching, learning and achieving excellent results.

Good things can be emulated via social media. Students see the lives of successful hard workers and are encouraged via social media. People get to interact with strong business minds and are uplifted, challenged to do better and poised to reach higher in their educational pursuits, all thanks to social media.

Social media is a tool. In the wrong hands, it can cause unimaginable damage. However, in the right hands, the sky is really just the limit for students. The teaching and learning experience has never been easier, all thanks to social media.

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