Less Stress In Students’ Life Possible

One of the hardest things that a person has to go through is being a student. Being riddled with several stresses at the same time affects students in a major way. Unfortunately not all of them are able to balance this life easily.

The Hard Work of Being A Student

There is a lot of difficulty in combining life with being a student, especially in college where many of these students come face to face with serious life decisions. These students have to expertly manage their lives, their housing situations, work sometimes, school work and deadlines at the same time. This results in students taking up all sorts of activities that are in no way beneficial to their lives as student. Some students, because of the stress of school, find themselves suffering from insomnia and other deeply rooted mental health issues.

It is said that a great percentage of young people who commit suicides do so because they are dissatisfied with their school life. Saying that they are simply dissatisfied trivializes the issue. The truth is that these students sink into depression because of all the pressure that is on them to have their lives in order and excel in school at the same time. These students come out experiencing severe high blood pressure problems, developing sleep disorders, addictions to hard drugs and a complete inability to function and balance life. This is truly something that happens to students in college everywhere.

There is the insertion by others that many people have gone through these same processes and have excelled, so what is the younger generation talking about ? The answer to that insertion is that since the last few years, there has been such a rise in the influx of information unlike any other. People who were born in the late nineties have grown up to experience a life that has shifted as quickly as a ding dong, from barely having mobile phones to phones being converted into a personal assistant. The influx of information has become so great that the need to be better at every turn haunts these students more than their predecessors. Also, it can be witnessed that these students have been thrown into a world where things have suddenly taken on a higher price. People have to work much harder to be comfortable, students have to work harder to get good grades, life is generally harder and it is this generation of students that have it the worst. Schooling is more expensive, the price of houses has quadrupled over the last ten years, food is more expensive, there are more health issues in the world now than there were twenty years ago, the value of little things has significantly decreased.

Growing up in such a world is undoubtedly more difficult for the young college students to adapt and so they end up living like zombies- sleep deprived and struggling in classes and between classes, with no end in sight. The nightmare does not seem to want to end.

Some Tell Tale Signs Of Stress

Stress manifests in various ways. It can either be physical or mental. Stress manifesting physically can present with a myriad of issues.

  1.  Blinding headaches
  2.  Riding high blood pressures
  3.  Obesity
  4.  Anorexia
  5.  Stomach aches
  6.  Insomnia
  7.  Poor general health
  8.  Weakness in muscles

Mental stress shows forth in even more dangerous ways. Most students tend to neglect their mental health issues because they tend to see them as normal, or short term, when in truth these issues require a visit to a mental health specialist.

  1.  Insomnia
  2.  Depression
  3.  Suicidal thoughts
  4.  Feelings of unworthiness
  5.  Withdrawal
  6.  Lack of motivation
  7.  Substance abuse

Because of the ambiguity of these symptoms, people tend to downplay the effect of stress on their physical and mental health when in truth, their ill health is caused by the physical and mental stress.

There are various ways by which stress can be reduced if the students are able to recognize the factors that contribute to their stress and do away with them. Until then, students will forever be found trying to juggle school life with the stress of life itself.

Living a Relaxed Life as A Student

1. Be a fan of planning

There is no better life than one that is planned. Take time off each week to plan for the coming week. Cross out events that will take out more than they will give you. Organize your calendar in such a way that you can get a little bit of school time and me time each day. Schedule meeting with friends once or twice a week.

2. Maximize resting

Resting does not always mean sleeping. It means a state of complete tranquility. Find places you could go where you could rest without getting stressed. Try your best to allocate time each month to take care of yourself. Try to sleep at the very least 5 hours a night, and opt for 8 full hours when you have less work to do.

3. Do not procrastinate

Procrastinating always puts you in trouble at the end of the day because most of the time the work piles up, leaving you with no time for yourself. Good planning ensures that you spend your time doing things that are productive rather than time wasting. Start assignments as soon as they are given. That way, when things get tough at the end of the semester, there is still space to breathe.

4. Eat well

College students are usually the most badly fed because many of them do not get the opportunity to cook or the time to go out to eat. Most of them feed on fast food and junk food because it’s cheaper. This kind of feeding does not make available the necessary nutrients for good health and vitality. Students who get the opportunity to eat better end up having better school lives because they not only have a better response to stress, they are able to build up capacity to be efficient always.

5. Take time to exercise

Exercising really helps the body and the mind cope with stressful situations. If anything is a stressful situation it is definitely school. Save up time for a run every now and then. Visit the gym or go swimming consistently. You can find cheap avenues to exercise on and off campus. Make special use of these options given by your school.

Once in a while take a walk. It is beneficial to your life as a student. Take the opportunity to go out if doors and breathe fresh air every once in a while.

6. Mental health is important. If things get too bad, see a therapist

Most schools have student counselors that are in the school to help the students cope better with the things that happen to them as students. When the going gets tough, do not hesitate to either see any of the counselors on campus or find a great counselor that can help you to work through all the stress you might be feeling. Take that extra time to care for yourself emotionally and mentally. As much as possible, avoid situations that put a strain on your mental health. Take the time to do things that put your mind at ease more than things that stress you. Take a breather every now and then and take very meaningful holidays.

7. Spend less time on your phone

The phone and other such devices are sources of stress. Spending so much time on your phone each day tends to reduced the dexterity with which you respond to situations that happen on the outside world. Being addicted to social media not only increases the stress you might be facing based on the things you might not have accomplished yet in life, but it affects your ability to sleep. Spend more time out of doors experiencing life and keep the phone where it is meant to be- in your pocket.

Do not take your phone to bed with you. Create situations where you spend more time with people face to face and less time on your phone.

8. Invest in good relationships

Most people attribute their ability to have made it through college to the manner of relationships they had. Get friends who inspire you and teach you how to relax and have a good time. Get friends you can count on when you are having a bad day, have people around you who care about you like they care about themselves. People who are surrounded by meaningful relationships throughout college manage to make it without too much of a hustle, however people who are always alone are the ones who have it rough.

College can be easy if you allow it to be. Try not to let the stressful events get to you. Take time to make time for yourself and your peace of mind, and never procrastinate. These are the tips you need to make it through the stress of school life in one piece.

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