Summary: To Kill a Mocking Bird

"To Kill a Mocking Bird", among the most notable books by Haper Lee, features in a May comb, a town situated in the Southern Alabama. The plot gets described being the most bring town the whole America because much rarely happens in that place except for the usual which quite frankly has grown old. You will rarely find a new family moving into the area, and even fewer will move out. This situation has prevailed for years in this small outpost. The perfect example are the Finches, Scout, her brother Jen, and Atticus the widowed father. For as long as they can remember, their family has lived in this particular town.

The plot unfolds at the time of the great depression period - An era marked with significant poverty, misery and lots of suffering. Very few, almost countable families can get by while the rest are wallowing in misery. The main characters, the Finches family isn’t badly off themselves. Atticus has made his mark in society through his exquisite lawyer skills to become an acclaimed lawyer and makes some substantial earnings. It was also an era marked with high racial discrimination and great prejudice. The town favors the majority white people and who are quite racist. As the plot unfolds the issue of color, black and white, play out throughout the novel. Unlike the majority of the racist white society, Atticus whose white himself portrays compassion and even agrees to represent a black person accused of rape despite being innocent.

The main cast includes The Finches – Atticus, a well-known lawyer, widowed man, Scout and Jen father, and their aunt Alexandra. Dill Harris is the kids' friend who just came into the town to spend the summer. Boo (Arthur Radley) is a strange neighbor, they describe as the boogeyman, lives with his brother, Nathan, next-door to the Finches. Miss Maudie's, is the neighbor whose house gets on fire. Tom Robinson, a black, gets represented by Atticus after allegedly raping Bob Ewell's daughter, Mayella Ewell. The sheriff who will help cover up Bob’s death.

Summary of the Plot

The book’s plot unfolds in the great depression era. The Finches are a family that live in the fictional town Maycomb, based upon the real town Monroeville in Alabama. Compared to most of the town residents, they are doing reasonably quite well. It’s due to Papa Finch, Atticus, a prominent Lawyer and who is sadly a widowed man. Scout and Jen Finch are his kids. The two, other than being siblings, are great allies and share quite a lot in common; a good example is their fascination with the local haunted house which is in all rights is quite spooky. They share a similar obsession with Dill Harries, who recently moved into the town for the summer vacation. Thanks these shared interests the trio will become great friends as Dill keeps coming back to town for each summer holiday.

Close to where the Finches’ live, on the same street is the Radley house, owned by a Mr. Nathan Radley. It is the haunted house where Boo, whom many in the town refer to as the boogeyman has resided it for years without going outside. When fall finally comes, Dill leaves town and Scout begins school, which she doesn't fancy. She has to pass by the Radley house to and fro school every single day. Speeds off whenever she's close to the haunted, hunted house. One day, as she passes by the Radley property she comes across a tree with a hole, inside it, are pieces of gum. She tells her brother Jen about her discovery, and soon they start finding other gifts hidden in the hole. Among them are beautifully carved figurines of the two made of soap. Finding treasures would last for a while until sometime in fall when Boo's bother, Mr.Nathan discovers what’s been going on and opts to seal the hole with some cement.

When summer finally comes again, Dill is back in town, and the three are back to their old ways. They are still quite intrigued with the mysterious Radley house. The kids play out Boo Radley’s life which is wrong considering they are doing so based on peoples judgments and opinions. They have no clue about the real story behind Boo's life story their father Atticus will stop the children from doing so. Atticus persuades them to seize from their pranks, teaches them to stop being judgmental, and try being in Boo's shoes for a moment before making an opinion. Before Dill leaves town, the three set out on a mission to go into the haunted house where Mr. Nathan fires at them when he catches them. During the escape, Jen will lose his pants in the ensuing pursuit which he will come to finds hanging over the fence and mended.

During winter a neighbor Miss Maudie's living on the same street as the Finches' has her house burnt down to the ground. Among those who witness the raging flames despite being sleepy and freezing is little Scout. She finds herself covered in a blanket, not knowing who covered her makes her scared. It's later that she figures out it was Boo which freaks her out even more. She did not know of his presence so close to her. It is during this time that Jen reveals to Atticus about everything that has transpired from the gifts, the shooting, the mended pants and finally how they suspect Boo was the one who covered Scout with the blanket.

The Finches have a lack cook whom the children discover has a whole world outside her work. During the same period, Scout’s and Jen’s aunt, Alexandra has come to be with them. Her goal is to instill some manners in the kids, teaching them some family pride and for Scout's case, it includes how to be a lady. The children will discover quite a lot regarding race. Their father Atticus finds himself representing a black man, Tom Robinson who is accused of raping Mayella Ewell, Boob Ewell’s daughter.

As a result of her father’s decision, Scout gets picked on by other kids in school. His decision to represent a black folk doesn’t sit well with the white racist folk in the community. The issue of racism will play out so clearly during the trial. Being a good lawyer, Atticus will prove beyond reasonable doubt that the accusers Bob and her daughter Mayella Ewell, are lying to the court and that the injuries on her are from the beating he got from her father. Despite the truth being evident, the prejudiced judge will rule in favor of the Ewell’s. Tom Robinsons gets convicted for a rape he didn’t commit. Scout and Jen attend the trial and sit in the colored people side. They too are saddened by the verdict as they could see the man was innocent.

Many of the white racist folk, Bob included are not happy with Atticus. To them, he accused the father and daughter of lying and chose the black man's side. A couple of weeks after the trial, tragedy hits as Tom Robinson is fatally shot as he attempts to escape prison. As if that's not enough, Bod harasses Tom's wife and threatens the Finches. One evening as the children are walking from a school Halloween party they are attacked by an unknown assailant wielding a knife. Lucky for them, Boo comes to their rescue, and during the scuffle, Jen gets hurt while the assailant gets fatally stabbed. They discover that it was Bob Ewell. Boo carries Jen home. When Atticus finds out what happened, he is convinced that Jen is responsible and even starts prepping for a defense which some friends assure him is unnecessary. The sheriff sticks to the story that Bob tripped, and that's when he hurt himself. The plot concludes with Scout going back to bed and being tucked in by his father, Atticus.

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