The Great Gatsby Essay Topics

A wide range of topics such as greed, unfaithfulness, mistrust can be found in the tale of The Great Gatsby which are applicable in today’s life. Ask for assistance when choosing the best theme to analyze.

Of all the novels written, the one by F. Scott Fitzgerald named The Great Gatsby is amongst the most popular books at that period. It talks about various people dwelling in a fictitious town known as the East Egg and West Egg. Jay Gatsby, a rich mogul, was fascinated by Daisy Buchanan and eyed her. Nick Carraway moves to West Egg and later goes on to visit her Cousin Daisy and her spouse Tom at East Egg. He meets people like Jordan, a golfer by profession, who depicts a luxurious life than what Nick is accustomed to. Nick gets summoned by Tom to visit Myrtle Wilson, his concubine, and after a few drinks Tom and Myrtle fight over Daisy, and ends up breaking Daisy’s nose.

Nick gets back home at West Egg and is invited to a party that his neighbor Gatsby is throwing. He is surprised by the invitation because Gatsby does not invite people to his high-end gatherings, they just pop up. He sees Jordan. Jay hardly mingles with the visitors and instead prefers to study interactions. As days go by, Nick and Gatsby develop a good friendship. He later finds out, through Jordan who is familiar with Daisy, that Gatsby is interested in Buchanan. He had been hosting extravagant parties hoping that one day Daisy would show up. Nick organizes the meet up at his place, and later the three move the party to Gatsby’s place. Nick recalls the tale of one James Gatz who was an unsuccessful person and with the help of his mentor, altered his identity to Jay Gatsby, never to be recognized by his former name and history again. Gatsby and Daisy continue their secret affair as Nick keeps guard, while Tom keeps up with his dirty habits. During one hot summer, as Nick, Buchanan, Jordan, Tom, and Gatsby decide to go on a short trip, Daisy openly showed his intents towards Gatsby, and Tom realized. As group travel in separate vehicles with the men in Gatsby’s car and the ladies in Tom’s, the men’s car runs out of gas. They stop over at a fuel station belonging to Tom’s mistress’ husband Wilson, who has also learned of his spouse’s affair with an unknown man. Wilson who is heartbroken, decides that he will go with his mate to another town. Tom sees that he will lose a wife and a concubine and becomes irritable.

They go on to drink at a hotel. Tom becomes unbearable and challenges Gatsby about Buchanan who fails to admit who he loves most. Tom becomes confident that Daisy cannot leave him, a chap of unending privileges and affluence, over someone who has just discovered wealth. They leave the premises and go in separate cars, with Daisy and Gatsby in one. As Tom and the rest follow behind and reach Wilson’s station, they find Myrtle knocked and murdered by a hit-and-run driver who later on happened to be Daisy who was driving Gatsby’s car. Wilson decides to search for the person who hit his lover and is tipped by Tom that Gatsby possessed the car. Wilson went to Gatsby’s and shot him and turned the firearm to himself. None of Gatsby’s friends, even those invited to his lavish parties, showed up to his funeral.

However, the entire narrative does not address their love story only but has several themes plus issues like wickedness, confidence, greed, plus social prejudice which were real emerging issues during the ’20s. Those that have read the novel connect to it and feel like it has some influence in their lives. In as much as the narrative was popular, it never made it to the bestseller list as the author was not well known. Fitzgerald’s book has been used numerously as a literature education material.

Various Great Gatsby Topic Essays to Consider

Below stands a compilation various topics that you can choose from. Check with your professor first to see the best fit.

  1. How Is The U.S. Vision Depicted In The Narrative? Compare It With Yours.
  2. Describe Nick’s Personality And How Bookworms Are Supposed To Understand Him.
  3. Social Class Is A Theme That Has Remained Widely Used In The Tale. With Reference To The Context, Describe How Social Class Was Shown.
  4. Describe How Fitzgerald Has Brought Out Different Themes Throughout The Entire Novel
  5. Can Gatsby Be Described As A Self-Made Man?
  6. According To The Novel, Gatsby Claimed To Love Buchanan Although His Actions Proved Otherwise. Show Evidence From The Story.
  7. Can Jay Be Described To Possess A Great Personality?
  8. How Has The Shade Of White Been Used In The Novel? Does It Show Innocence?
  9. What Does The Shade Of Green Symbolize In The Book?
  10. Explain Differences Concerning The East And The West Egg.
  11. Show The Similarities And Differences Between Gatsby And Wilson.
  12. Who Can Be Held To Account For Gatsby’s Death And Why?
  13. Give Reasons Which Led To Tom And Daisy Staying Together.
  14. With Reference To Gatsby, Prove That Wealth Brings Happiness
  15. What Makes The Plot Actually Inform About The Lives And Personalities Of The American People?
  16. Can The Book Be Seen As A General Illustration Of The Public?
  17. Discuss About An Authentic Character In The Novel.
  18. Does This Novel Address Any Ethical Issues Of Concern?
  19. Explain How Devotion And Betrayal Have Been Captured In Fitzgerald’s Piece.
  20. According To The Book, Explain The Purpose Of Sexual Intercourse. Is It For Warmth, Love Or Comfort?
  21. Why Is This Book Considered As An American Classical Novel?
  22. Analyze The Storyline Of The Tale And Compare It With Other Novels That Were Published At The Same Period.
  23. Explain The Sigmund Freud Theory And Its Relation To The Novel.
  24. Describe The Importance Of Cash And How It Impacts A Culture, According To The Tale.
  25. Assess The Different Traits Of The Females Found In The Narrative.
  26. Assess The Different Traits Of The Males Found In The Narrative.
  27. Describe The Best Character In The Book And Explain Why.
  28. Describe The Least Desired Character In The Narrative.
  29. What Changes Does Nick Carraway Go Through As You Read Through The Narrative?
  30. Describe The Relationship That Nick Carraway And Gatsby Have.
  31. Do You Find The Ending Of The Tale Fair Or Unfair? Explain.
  32. Define The Idea Of Disappointment In The Tale.
  33. Which Character Had The Feeling Of Wrecked Expectations In The Tale?
  34. What Character Well Describes Nick In The Tale?
  35. What Is The Depiction Of The Wealthy As Seen In The Novel?
  36. What Is The Depiction Of The Humble As Seen In The Novel?
  37. The Great Gatsby Has Brought Out The Position Of The Middle Class Very Clearly. Describe It In Detail.
  38. Social Unfairness Has Been Highlighted In The Narrative As One Of The Themes. Explain Its Role In The Novel.
  39. Can You Say That Some Of The People From The Tale Are Happy? Defend Your Answer.
  40. Who Can Best Describe Loneliness In This Book? What Character Went Through Loneliness?
  41. What Role Does Nick Play? Is It The Plush Person, The Unfortunate Person, Or The Middle Class?
  42. What Is The Genuine Significance Of The Word ‘Great’ In The Tale’s Title?
  43. Is The Love Between Gatsby And Daisy True?
  44. Jay Is More Of A Felon Than A Hero. Explain This Statement.
  45. The Wealthy Are Ever Careless. Explain This Notion As Seen In The Narrative.
  46. Buchanan And Jordan Are Good Examples Of Upper Middle-Class Americans. Explain.


The Great Gatsby is a great literature resource book that can be compared not only to the life in the ’20s but also the current. The narrative provides a wide range of themes that makes it an interesting book to pull essays from. However, with these many themes, do not get confused. Always seek assistance from your professor.