The guide for writing a time management essay

More and more time management essays get assigned to high-school and college students. The reason for this is quite self-explanatory. Not only should you know how to write a specific type of essay on any topic, but also study the topic in question in detail. Indeed, time management has become one of the most widely discussed concepts in the world. One should start studying its principles in pre-school and improve them all the time. The pace of life is not just rapid. Its speed is astronomical, so we can't reach success without managing our time wisely. This is why this topic is essential. Supportive arguments should be apparent in your essay, alongside with the subject matter and the essential ideas. Here, you will find a set of tools that will make your time management essay perfect.

Key tips for creating a time management essay

The main idea of your work may concern the way how different time management tools implemented in different spheres of life can be beneficial if your readers want to:

  • Increase productivity,
  • Live a less stressful life,
  • Make planning and scheduling easier,
  • Complete various tasks with less effort.

Completing a high-quality paper requires you to apply time management techniques as well. Before you start, you should take care of not failing your deadline given your current schedule. Your work should be divided into several stages, which usually include: primary research, brainstorming, creating an outline, drafting, and revising. But note that these stages can in no way be abstract. For example, ‘brainstorming' is too overwhelming and unclear. Subdivide it into

  • search a central idea,
  • create an idea map,
  • select 1-3 arguments for each idea.
  • According to the same pattern, ‘revising' suggests reading, editing, and proofreading.

When you start writing an essay, remember that this process is going to include the stages we have mentioned above and some additional tasks. Obviously, you should have time to complete all of them, so keep in mind the final due date and set deadlines for each stage.

Since we are talking about academic writing, your goal is to get a high grade. To make it happen, you should achieve a set of smaller goals. In case you are to choose a time management topic yourself, take into consideration its relevance, the type of essay you have to write, and your academic level. A college student, for example, should probably choose something more complex than ‘What is time management?' While revealing the importance of time management as a concept, be more specific and try to convey meaningful and fresh information to your readers even if it concerns basic things.

Don’t be shy to clarify whatever you don’t understand before you start working. It will be much harder to start all over when you see that what you were doing was wrong. Besides, there might be no time to correct any inconsistencies. Trust us! Your teachers will be more than willing to help if they see that you want to do an excellent job.

Given that this sphere is closely related to everyday life, some students ignore the fact that this is also research. And, of course, it has to be based on processing information one gets from credible sources in various fields, like psychology, neuroscience, cognitive science, anthropology, sociology, etc. What makes such an essay exciting and, at the same time, complicated is that the ideas and conclusions you come up with should be applicable for people you address.

Your plan of action will include the following tasks:

  • Write a brief introduction that will inspire your readers to keep on reading,
  • Build the body of your essay (usually consisting of three paragraphs and, therefore, three main points) basing on in-depth research,
  • Write a proper conclusion that will finalize your work,
  • Make sure that all the parts of your essay are consistent, and there are no mistakes whatsoever.

How to write an introduction to a time management essay

Pay enough attention to the way you start your essay. Your introduction is arguably the most critical of your essay. Alongside the conclusion, it makes a powerful frame making your essay a piece of academic writing, not just the flow of random thoughts.

In your essay, you touch upon a major area of knowledge which, in this case, is time management (perhaps, in connection with a specific discipline.) And there is also a particular topic. It is vital to make a thesis about the latter, not the importance of time management in general. As for the hook, it may concern either of them. In the case with time management, it is beneficial to make the hook motivational. To do so, you may use some inspiring statistics. As opposed to that, you may say that the students (or a part of any other group which is your target audience) who underestimate the principles discussed below face difficulties in whatever they do. This will show your readers that there is a way out and you reveal it in your paper, - so they should read it to the end.

Build the body of your text

A body paragraph usually starts with a topic sentence that contains the main idea of this passage. Each of them is a separate thought. However, they all should be interrelated to reveal the topic under consideration. All statements you make in the body need thorough substantiation with strong evidence and some relevant examples. Make transitions between paragraphs to make the flow of your writing logical.

Conclude your time management essay

Despite what some inexperienced students think, a conclusion is not some general ideas repeating what you said in the body. It has a clear structure which can't be ignored and becomes the final argument for your teacher to grade your work. That is why you can't take it lightly. First, restate the thesis you made in the introduction. There is no use repeating it in the same words, — no one wants to read it again and again. The point of this part is to show your audience that you were right from the very beginning, so the evidence you use in the paper have to be reflected here.

Define the problem

Though time management is one of the best-known aspects of today's life, you should clarify to your audience what you are going to discuss. Don't explain the obvious. Instead, make an accent on the tools or techniques abut which you will talk.

The time management theories you might examine

Usually, poorly written time management essays can be seen as ‘how-to’s’ because they only deal with tools. These can be a Pomodoro technique, ‘Important/Unimportant — Urgent/Non-urgent’ task scheduler, etc. To avoid such an opinion one might get about your work, you should base on some theoretical insights. It doesn’t matter if you describe these tools or, especially, make it a point that time management is essential, using these time management theories will be advantageous:

How to fill your life with accomplishments: The Pickle Jar Theory

This metaphoric principle is probably the most vivid of all, — that is why so many people know about it. If you are to fill a jar with rocks, pebbles, sand, and water, you have to do is in this very succession. Otherwise, something will be inevitably left out. While the rocks are essential things in your life, water is the least important.

80/20: The Pareto Principle

This principle shows that 20% of your efforts (tasks/time/people working for you, etc.) will produce 80% of results.


When you write an essay about time management, you have to stick to all the rules and regulations of general essay writing, but delivering it on time is somewhat highlighted. If you complete an essay like this after the deadline, it will seem to be a bad joke. So, be consistent and truthful because this is one of the aspects of your success as an academic writer.

In case when you don't have time to do a good job, you can always delegate, which is one of the basics of time management, too. Turn to a professional writing team once you feel that you are not going to make it on your own this time. You can suggest any ideas about the topic, choose the recommended formatting style, and expect to get an excellent tan grade. An essay writing service will help you create a time management essay you can with all honesty call yours.

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