To What Extent Essay

The “agree or disagree” essays normally give learners a hard time. This is mostly because they do not have the right ideas and the right structure at hand. The “to what extent” kind of assignment was made popular IELTS (a worldwide English checking system). This guideline will show students the appropriate format, how points are gotten and how proof is supported.

Examples of “To what extent essays”

See the writing prompts below to get an idea of how the IELTS essays look like.

  1.  Age is the main factor of buying decisions. Do you concur with this? To what extent?
  2.  Since information technology was discovered, libraries have become useless. Discuss.
  3.  The youths make good leaders in the present technology-driven companies. To what extent do you concur or oppose with this?

Picking a stance

Once you understand a “to what extent” question, determine the best point of view. Do you agree with the statement or you are opposing it completely? At times, you might be in agreement with some sections of the question and disagree with others. At this point now, you should begin structuring your essay.

The format of a “to what extent essay”

First paragraph

If you disagree with the question, the first paragraph which is the introduction of the essay should contain the reasons for disagreeing. You must begin with the strongest reason and the weakest one should be the last one to be written on the same paragraph.

State the thesis especially on the 2nd statement of the first paragraph. Never fail to emphasize why the opposite idea is not good close to the end of the first paragraph. In this first paragraph you must also mention your standpoint.


What follows next is the body of the essay. Here a student is required to explain his/her point in 2 paragraphs. If you are partly in agreement with the question or you disagree partially, mention the real points that you agree with and those which you are against. This must be done using related examples and proof.


The next part of the “to what extent” essay is the summary. Here students are expected to write down the extent of their agreement or disagreement. They must use distinctive adverbs unlike in the first paragraph. The essay must be concluded with defending arguments and the stance must be restated also. A single paragraph is enough to conclude the “to what extent” essay.

Below is a breakdown of the sections to make it easy for students to understand

Essay introduction

The first sentence: Here a student is expected to paraphrase what has been asked. Just mention it with another meaning. This sentence will show how well students know how to use synonyms.

The second sentence: This is where a student introduces his/her thesis statement. This simply means the student here will write his/her opinion in one line.

The third sentence: This sentence is an outline that lines up whatever the student will talk about in the body of the essay.

The body: Students require supporting paragraphs to agree or disagree with the idea. 2 paragraphs are enough in this section.

First paragraph

The first paragraph should have the topic and the explanation. It must also contain relevant examples.

The topic line reveals what readers can expect in the whole paragraph. It acts like an outline of the 1st idea. After this, student should determine how they will expand the point more. When writing, one should assume the readers are totally unaware of the subject being discussed. So, students must explain their arguments thoroughly.

The final sentence of this paragraph should contain relevant examples which support a learner’s idea. It is recommended to use current findings and narratives here. However, if students cannot find one, they are allowed to create one for themselves since readers rarely get time to check if it is real or fake.

Second paragraph

The format used in the first paragraph above is the same one that should be used in this second one. Begin with the topic, followed by the explanation and end it by providing related examples.

Summary: As mentioned earlier, a good conclusion should summarize all major points and the student’s judgment. Different ideas are not allowed in this final paragraph. A learner is only expected to mention his/her thesis statement and write a synopsis of his/her supporting proof.


Most students do not know what exactly is required in the “to what extent” essays. But like all other assignments, students must read and understand what they are being asked before they start answering.

The conclusion of the “to what extent” essay needs strong proof and analysis. The essay needs students to explain how a certain aspect is better than another one. This means that they should thoroughly analyze each aspect and provide their judgment with the extent of how right or wrong the question beings asked is. It is recommended to use a variety of sources to get information. This will enhance the usefulness of any information you write down.

If at this point student feel that the “to what extent” essays are the most difficult type of essays that exist, they should avoiding opposing or agreeing partially. This way, you will never end up confusing your essay ideas. When students concur fully to one idea or disagree with it fully, it will be easier to write the essay because they will only require 2 reasons to defend their stand.

Also, students should note that every tutor centers on their ability to explain, plan and defend their ideas. Nobody can judge students’ opinion. You only have to ensure that your opinions are reasonable and understandable.

This is all students require to know about “to what extent” essays. The format described is the one that IELTS has specified. If students exercise writing the “to what extent” essays as described above, they will find them easy to write and they can finish writing them within a short time.

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